MINORITY REPORT - The Murder of Anne Lively

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we saw the first murder in the six years of program expands sadly enough this failure was human production team simply didnt get there in time to stop the murder but murder itself happened exactly as the pretax predicted would i think that todays available human beings on pre crime system anyway some shows that even says its important i remind you however npr what something terribly wrong were chasing wrong man quote dont say or phone meet and we cover that live close until i remember when gave this in baltimore please tell me what have this murder woman named and lively john told about this you got this from containment yes from twins arthur daschle streams miss now this one from cyber parlor and it and downloaded this directly from act and refuse reilly recorded its the same provision not quite the surface when across water watch the rebels moving away from shore now second which one for containment is what our dash because water the winds changed the ripples moving other way this one is taking place two different times according century and was watching this contained right before was tagged but know you came to me told me about the was concerned that might find how is right i did find was inside bag of all time the question is why would someone thats raised data file nothing tell me what thinking im thinking someone got away with murder how but had told that sometimes precogs same murder more than once called nickel jack called pre calc deja vu well teach the text to identify them disregard it but what technician only thought he was looking an echo what what was really looking at was completely different matter altogether i i dont all youd have to do is hire someone kill and lively someone like drifter neuroanatomy someones nothing to lose pre crime stocks murder from taking place halo killer takes him away but that someone else having reviewed previous and dressed same clothes commits murder in exactly the same way technician takes look thinks is looking at echo rice course it would have someone with access provisions first place someone fairly high up what hear except no hovercraft out window and intricately completely spiders you why cant you see because right now precocious kids you see