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i sixty seven k and lets drop about five db based on yeah ive about an herbal tea this time of then the technical forty five players you want us a lehrer one year there is the letter q as in hong one if you love jesus blair tune you buys in on letter beam beers and beretta and blair three you buzz in on letter he he is an phyllis very well black dirty still no okay more first one you buzz and first stab the bosnian and then press one two three four depending what you you want dont many will tell you what to do tense and say later by eight you examined not alright were going have its going get hundred and hes like youll never have forensic carol cnblue at what the welcome to jack tv my name is smitty hey listen could do me favor you know the beginning of my three sons with put think could you do that real quick come alright thatll have to do know todays events day thanks for ruining it okay lets go first thing i got it suppose school about those screws question comes up your neighbor over there looks like jethro trying to hook up vcr thats probably good time screw up well thank you i am so sick that stuff what played game player three top and make choice and now climbing up the charts all the way to number one open wide and get ready for two names company three era crowd one thousand dollars at stake on this one forward march given first names the smothers brothers which following clever readings might they have heard zillion times three do it stick the chutes and ladders nnamdi tom the dumb brother with you know your dick is them the one with you know mustache guy i actually think that hillary smothers is actor in those soft porno films they have on showtime quite often thank god showtime a players good coming at you how victor cayennes mind works you get right and put you up two thousand dollars adds up here comes suppose you have victor gaiam over for dinner based on famous remington electric shaver commercials what might he do he has really good time by your house shave your head give you football team or didnt know but think about doing yourself might good look for you player serenade son right plainness is gonna end in tears okay give keys according commercials victor chiam like the remington electric razors so much that kooky guy went and bought company so maybe hell buy your house or at least plates great meatloaf his twenty bucks for the flight but im not done eating wait alone it no no player three category that category nbc and valley of the fat beats two thousand bucks per correct answer know its really sad that not many rappers give their props the old school king former today show host dave garraway because he always close the today show this way what phrase shows the date carraway was down for the real life three dave dear away the original host the today show used close out show the simple piece but not before sending shot out to his main man dj fred my but wanna do player three stock lets have big warm welcome for no way and then no way ins out get right you get two k know if any show is proof nepotism is fly its in living color based number of waves as they were regulars during course of in living color to what might be changed shows name model years player walkie keenan ivory damon kim sean and who could forget little marlin they were all show one point another so its party of five wayanss now the real question is how many wayanss does it take to help one successful post in living color career player one one give me category well what we have here the worlds most dangerous suit get this one right you get three thousand greenbacks but see you handle this one david letterman gave away decks of playing cards with suits based on wackiest suits hes worn out show which following pairs we did not see queen of bacon queen lard king to frat could see that pierre queens dave has never worn suit of bacon nor suit lard yeah think so many some green room just try to write up player two how about category topic six workplace were calling this one claire danes scared alien i got two thousand dollars says you dont know this one they you know the series my so called life you know that thirty something for high school kids will hold on because here comes tricky one which following can you not spelled with letters in my so called life smelly guy my so called life no p you cant spell cop no ever you can spell fails player three one okay stress cut with lime sewer so one gibberish category coming up how did he get motto is questions gonna start out five thousand big ones now heres the deal more time you take blessed cash you get alright heads up buzzin when you can tell me what phrase this rhymes with from the woman he acquired first clue its announcement to parents announcement parents that toys do not come put get but if you start talking one more clue you couldnt wait anyone else out there with the crowd last clue summability free kick your technique thank but some assembly required which for my dad also met plenty of swearing required to drinking i hate him top three players mmhm join us as we explore the fascinating world lets see what we got going seinfeld and impulse shopping were blamed for three thousand dollars this time but cant you just inherited some bumps in their burning hole your five o ones lets say you go not to blow through your inheritance brand new store called just kramer based on kramers product inventions which following items not three no you buy copy table book about coffee tables even has built in coaster for your camera wont pass just kramer would not sell you a muffin top that lanes idea then im sure the boys would be very interested seeing lanes muffin bottom yeah baby i dont know what that means where to take your penknife and our special guest tonight fictional viewer mail from non fictional viewers you get this one pocket to doesnt but shed k imagine this letter taking up david lettermans your mail segment july thirty one nineteen had on set out nearby i finally saw the late shift it does not do you justice i would like to do true documentary about the late night wars if bbs can commit thirty hours to the civil war in baseball theres no telling how much time they would give me for you which these documentarians most likely wrote this letter steve james can burn michael moore he would ever happen that show of his tv nation owl yeah thats right was too good so they canceled it lame to know steve james directed that movie hoop dreams nice shootin shaquille preity sorry performance the guy does all those documentaries where they read actual letters from period is ken burns yeah civil wars like one pbss top rated shows ever as i watch my friends die around me every day i think dave would you need is to throw pencil through fake window that is comedy february nineteen eighty two so all you play it really what you want the following is test question ten this is only test believe this one is called new new economics you give me right answer ill give you three thousand bucks alright you want talk about federal budget cuts but say that new budget is drafted with some seriously shifted priorities regarding military say the military is given weekly special effects budget the adventure show captain video in one itd hardware could pentagon five three no not quite beside the pentagon stands to would have million bucks would even by the in flight magazine well no matter how much they cost these boots are still made for walkin baby and theyre gonna walk all over you boots start walking just wait till your father gets home next time get parents permission play first let nineteen fifties futuristic kids show captain video had weekly special effects budget of drum roll please twenty five blocks so the us military could meet challenges twenty first century with the stealth spic and up the one board with nail through it now this were tv shows where you get up and use the bathroom but im kind hurry so youve heard it around and can send you out there without player pre category todays specialties include first up bob bats palace bore thousand dollars grab you alright listen up in our world there are only two kinds of beings humans which side you really on so youre special agent hired track down and exterminate puppets hiding out in human world on set three have you know puppet sir at long last have you no sense of puppetry sir third rock from the sun has no puppets but yeah what hell theyre close enough player for your category for your enjoyment in butt bob one right answer you got six thousand dollars coming at you flex those fingers here comes which following was not tv game show whos there where one side where to go war going on layer one now was great show whats it like this knows this and plates ndour to predict is never been game show called whered you go think made pilot but if ran away player two forty one slash we interrupt this game to bring you special question alright give up for mama you still doing laundry hardest to thousand dollars sound see what can do with this one because hes loneliest guy in town which these repairmen probably spend the most time leaning against washer during three loneliest guy in town is repairman from maytag but understand this guy is so lonely that when you once the coddled puts the washer on delicate what wanna do play three remember growing up may i introduce when childhood friends cozy up to the man good right answer youre walking away with four grand that looks like got another corporate sellout supposed new person wants the dish jimmy connors and nolan ryan get someone else to pitch their products based on well known new print that new print tagline is little yellow different just like tweety they simply get my agent on phone thought thought seven figure contract whats gonna be player to that this ones called barbara walters is tay sit up straight this ones gonna worth six thousand dollars hey kids its howdy doody fall of nineteen ninety twenty twenty aired controversial interview with former child star who played buckwheat was no im not notate nothing it days people dont care what the other children say youll always be my favorite nnamdi turns out that buckwheat was impostor the real actor had died like ten years earlier while the incident did give twenty twenties research team black guy it also gave time cancel their next exclusive interview with christopher columbus your call player thats the way you do it player to player one player three given arrest player tim was about to embark upon good sport dad category for this issue that question is son father dino tell you how gay am going give you list seven feet characters ever each one want tell me if character is adopted or not you know whats going on x within thirty seconds its showtime danny partridge does not adopt all boy walton bowman time well my friend i gonna hit with thousand dollars richer didnt answer all video store layer three times big choice shake hands with if music be the food of love play me ill give four thousand clams this bad boy get wax out your years in question time if you gathered group of tv workers together play ball suite number two in a minor for cello who wouldnt be included ryker from star trek next ryker plays the trombone so hed probably feel place playing with trio of cellists doable distorted vocal goodness sakes like gun player three pick category you know what playing great ill ill stop bugging it now you what actually just one more question question eighteen this category is known as to the two thousand bucks per correct answer yeah bet you think youre real funny because you pick tootie litigious in their weight like rockets come shoot not your computer get over it supposed to these replaced by the sit com character named tootie who will be the north thirty dead eastland doctor girls school uniform copper says jordan throughout us sexy male supply with pig tailed girl firemen on roller skates wait three sexy male and pigtails well thats redundant sister nda firemen on roller skates well hope doesnt fall he might bend is homeless main characters on that sitcom car fifty four where are you are officers muldoon and charity just so we understand each other this is last sign that officer theory will ever be the correct answer category time players to for your viewing pleasure popes still bed if know this one you didnt four thousand bucks eyes forward were going if you reach for container of low fat yogurt but instead grab some low fat yogurt on who or what would snacking magical lowered as seen on the deck a villain from hawaii five o officer muldoon to grab the archenemy of police on hawaii five o was the criminal wells backed welcome dan and mean danno player to grab category western twenty now concludes its broadcasting category is chased to permanent vacation this one can get six thousand dollars ready gets this considering how long the chevy chase show was on the air what might been better way for you to ups time completing six player one well wanted to to where your own butte for that answer listen to me ukulele is never the right answer await thats ertl dont i feel stupid but not stupid zero and you go yeah that the check each jays show was on the air for six weeks segments and all your worry where to go what looks good welcome to the jack tag oh you already know the attack well dont let me stand in your way im sure youll have lot talk about those guys got beam now its time see what you got yeah player well whats to say yeah yeah very nice work people lets get those commercials gone rollon we doing this again player today on high score board this is exactly the same as it play again make my psychic enemy predicted big broad think psychic enemies enemies know about enemies toby break with welcoming nobel prize and go back what makes get beast one nine hundred and and is likely youll never have forensic your natalie today was our fiercest battle yet as we fought our way to victory i saw something not soon forgotten telly savalas atop dunk tank smiling triumphantly gym shorts flapping in wind he had willed himself not be done the civil war battles of the network stars ken burns film coming this fall to pbs any freaks dont drink that why is pillion hello this message brought you by the united states department condescending paternalism this week on sonora queen of backed but sure name is undertaken come up here to now you must case well have to get out hold on the new know you ever wanted to be profession no television at announcer but thought yourself you just dont have the voice for well now you too can have the place needed enter glamorous career of selling crap on television my real voices like fan but with the civil five thousand boys simple its generator any voice can be an announcer voice