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hey what it is guys this is sonic aware aug here this is your old pal silver the hedgehog and today our wait was laura louise works here background were just gonna stay here for couple minutes i think were kind tired so you know what sonic you go ahead and actually rule over you mean im gonna be the host today sure home my gun im honored anyways yes is on where ill get my friend silver hedgehog and today we are going do our first ever dvd opening that involves something that is totally going make us suffer lot so so over what got store well lucas will show us for first time we doing an actual dvd opening that involves something thats torturous today we going do the dv opening of sesame street elmos world favorite things over two hours of fun two hours who would make a literal episode two hours too many actually theres only it also includes building things birthdays schools i mean like we already know stuff i know this is for kids i get it but know i dont really like elmos world i i didnt think the show good for me even if was little kid anyway lets go ahead and lets get this on and i hope to god we will roast living heck out of this dvd so this is for you burly easy and this is for you jontron and nostalgia critic well make you guys proud alright so start with the fbi warning signs like all ways book simply boring but what the it well over willow we reserve or actually yes i do not know always notes right there well alexis merit in egypt called the egypt version i was in in south i dont what youre doing children in mexico are count shelton and invite our parents faces ngelo german and one hundred twenty because i cant wow im proud okay not gonna roles this sales right back into sesame street here and around world so next time so basically sesame street all over the world your child again youre giving one to children across the globe now i dont our hearts cues sesame street around world okay even so was whites there is game well okay heres the thing theres monster your house the good news is just wants play sesame street once upon monster uniquely directed small while all and it and it has to involve xbox live yummy nextpart connects work to get almost nine hundred okay what kind graphics that production working with trusted educators on sesame street created new one and new model is like spotlights guy because of sars yeah sharing it off today yeah dont like grass isnt is staying flight data for tv it that its it says once upon lot available now held out today xbox three sixty xbox gotta love it yeah i like this all rights you what lets lets lets lets watch the intro lets see what goes on its been long while since we like watched throw about what what kind of dinosaurs that well it aint us okay sesame workshop okay i down hold on what kind of pulling things really nice because why okay why why pause okay i got couple things that want say here first off what kind drawings that look those sites they look extremely weird man well one thing way the way elmos position do think thats looking down saying whats wrong with my life why am i doing this for living i look is goldfish what his name out doors dorsey yeah dorothy i mean dont even was a vise takes oratorical news always at fault and one more thing it actually looks like the fish is just looking at elmo just like what is your problem do need professional help yeah its early all right lets continue whoa okay lets reverse work wake moment okay so were having uses dancing and flies yeah faces the tv now okay no the actual vase on elmo this is like is it over isnt over yet alright lets reverse it more actually when look at television mean look wait hold on okay lets play it think its about the alright lets play it the door why is the door even moving well think its just word that is both stand still okay now is back in wait hold on what are all way okay look store now what was that everything is less gradually through the entire room i mean okay its all pretty i i am not roces this this door i dont know i got to look that no well that would possibly make actual house ray jahn and i was about tell you beginning of intro okay let reverse it all the way to beginning the intro went out most starts dancing from the window and i am going show you how bad this is i dont get started on that painting that painting is horrible no matter what okay just hold up no hes even drawing is actually swore he was like just making the door just luck what like literally all of that it was even written properly what kind paper could easily be compatible just scribble down an entire house i mean look at the edges then i was so if you actually write on proper piece of paper and flat surface it wouldnt even buy clothes look like this i mean what if this look how badly they dont they calling the tires they look if i would actually color house all of this will be covered paid at all this would be covered in perfect brown with no white spots whatsoever whoever drug use i dont know it was kid or an adult was lazy what is not make a house like that i see kids who make birth but houses in this kind crap screw that you know what who was actually low okay sorry about that anyways lets play the entire intro i think kinda roast little bit enough nnamdi a look this look at stop animation its horrible i love the gi how its when nancy what the thats how yeah forces soon and thats the logo well thats the number one thing that i hate cdi horrible and once again have to make sure that when you draw your actual name they get out right and some kind of whats in cyberspace i mean what is that that is definitely an actual name that was written in a wooden surface with scratches in it i mean look how terrible it is okay even though the capital letters actually look pretty good and dont look that bad its just the way it looks kind makes me cringe bit look at sea just look at w how that crayon forms the double you my god it looks so messed up and and look this this reason why did see jokes over look at our if you could see right over there there is like a marriage thats been cut off so that means this crayon this great on it was normal safe and then somebody included this over there and didnt even race that shade over there so basically its like fountain yes all look same crowd i mean everything looks extremely horrible whats and it looks old like the cg i was definitely new never saw that look this look look camera with this with was this film on panavision that kind of holds coloring from nineties or early two thousand s type crap and everything looks exactly the same look at drawer look at dorothy hes still looking in camera saying please get me off of this baseball i dont want be here and look this when he talks to dorothy exactly this is what he says hes like throw now please kill me i want be here and look bowl its dirty look inside the actual boy you cant tell there is particles everywhere i dont think thats even planes in man what what the why whats okay thats enough dinosaurs look horrible you know what that thats enough the intro was horrible the actual siege me the actual like coloring over the camera and picture still looks like from early two thousands and cg i no matter what will always look that horrible so in other words i get system i know this is good program and i know that you know the way you do your stuff is always the same and thats another problem each and every contact is almost the same exact thing over and over over again apples world all way from the beginning all way till now apples world has never changed ever its the same still coloring its the same thing gi its always horrible please you upgraded sesame street with good content why not do the same with elmos world for gods sake man in other words i really hate elmos world mean i like sesame street and know sesame street is good show for kids the only part that didnt like any episode that was elmos world heck no i hope that series doesnt end up as solo series because if it does if they are going do like that been make some changes dont do the same thing well actually i think so stop doing was right click around forty third season they started doing elmo their views dont know hello wait synthetic they literally do skit called how low the musical we klay lake almost both burpo without colonies elmo doing stuff and so mean whats happened oh okay thought it had to do something that was extremely horrible for them not doing albums worldly more okay alright so since you now you know what youre doing actually its about time because was world not only horrible but its starting get old because once again there goes same content and same kind of way theyre filming there still it over and over over again and never made minor updates hush well at least they change that at least well so over what think of this whole entire thing so far actually it doesnt mean ended it doesnt have to have any introduction i know that this actual show was pretty bad i mean i did like elmos world either and now i finally realized thank god they didnt film anymore but im the music all mean i never heard it but really thats the new thing they do that they can think of almost sings everything thats going on and everything that kids learning hes literally singing it with this likely basically all goes down sings what while who they ways of early whenever something exciting happening but one of the something set up on the scene basically its musical motions yet thats why its called animal musical okay so oh my god okay he well i mean i wont roast sesame street for share because like said it or like sonic warehouse said its just show and were adults mean basically im in my know teenage young adult kind of stage really and you know reacting to this i mean every kid should deserve that kind of education and course tv is taking step forward and i and i mean i praise that nick junior dot nickelodeon doesnt junior a i think cartoon network actually made any educational that channels or educational cartoons or cartoons that can actually teach you something pbs does that p b s kids and p b s sprout yeah i i dont think have that yeah but anyways all of those including playhouse disney or did disney junior thats what call it yeah how they actually call it disney junior because so if whales disney but they just went through new name and programs but anyways they do all that stuff i praise that but then same time theres some kid shows that are not even good or you know consider really terrible or kinda creepy for kids like for instance barney the dinosaur i mean who would know who would love to learn something from a big dinosaur mascot that little really looks that creepy doesnt look funny he doesnt look charming it looks like creepy dinosaur toy because barney actually its dinosaur plus that comes back to life what kids are around i mean what why why why and of course then theres the teletubbies one most creepiest but shell child alien that ive ever seen yeah and and they they even airadar nickelodeon yeah theyre actually going reboot on nick junior which is of course the division of nickelodeon news nickelodeon yeah and of course nick nick junior all those were also been owned by viacom so yeah cobalt nickelodeon is owned by my yeah yeah and and ive heard by congress as become problem vote copyrights because because everybody knows that were really everybody knows yeah if you copy any content from nickelodeon or any other channel that actually owned by viacom then straight off the bat viacoms not gonna take lightly at all yeah so theyll juice just copy what you right away right and your video will no longer exist base yeah like like on car vhs opening on so its been pleasure that and course thank god that originally that lucas and maximus did it a vhs opening by themselves of the diva of the vhs opening of deep sea sallys and that didnt got coppery struck for some reason maybe viacom didnt really care about you to back then but then when they truly cared when most people literally like posted scenes clips are vines spongebob or any kind show from nickelodeon they just go ahead and finally give them copyright strike from viacom slash beat thats thats a thats there you know you cuba emoticon for copyright strike a but i have about copyright shaken by common all that but yeah teletubbies nickelodeon new reboot exits it doesnt get better it it simply is not getting better at all and some actual kid shows actually being hated a lot well not like new ones because new ones are okay a but like the ones from barney to teletubbies tat ur to elmos world or any kind very old kid show that never that even some that never made it to television like for instance happy appy it out early it only had couple of episodes until finally got cut off from nick junior because that show was bad it wasnt even interesting and the apple which was an apple on stick whats the creepiest thing ive ever seen nickelodeon show like low key it is the creepiest thing we are all that of then in maximus maximus is channel and explosions will leave the link to the top ten creepiest kid shows in description or least yeah of and youll know what talking about happy at the it actually was nick junior show that aired like around the early two thousands or nineteen ninety nine and that show straight off bat was worse nickelodeon show ever to be aired on live television dont respond couple of episodes and then thats it thats basically it i didnt even like movie i mean i hand with ice and way he talks dont kind creepy when think a yeah have ever heard of whats oh yeah watch mode all man i love their review the ana like they even have top ten couple of top ten lists about kids shows lately make one is top ten kids shows that parents seem to find no one yeah yeah that theres even those thats why theyre here if theyre always annoying and the boeing need teletubbies in movie were on oh my god so we were right to be is like one most annoying and most heated kid shows all time well not all time but know you you you get you get the idea of well anyways or yeah this is the reason why we call it a kid shows now how many ways thats it for me so cycle where are go ahead and take us home alright and by some donalds later after that is just kidding anyways thank for watching this dv opening a special edition dvd opening thats not only the re opening its review to show how bad sesame street has really become back then but now theyre starting get better thank you sesame workshop but anyway thank watching please get leave like comic bears described both lucas gray and an ex productions and dont forget follow annex productions on google plus that would help lot and please describe hes around nineteen subscribers now so thats actually pretty cool so keep the subscribers flowing and if he goes up to at least fifty subscribers then theres going be lot updates ennis chancel chetan chance which sh im dennis channel is gonna lot of dates this channel when he gets at least fifty subscribers so if want see a lot of new content this channel please describe to him but anyway thank watching and we will see you next roasting delay opening and ill make sure i will roast them crisply yes got it from releasing please do not give us call copyright trick we love anyways thanks watching see next time peace cant even do the peace sign dang it