Troye Sivan's Full Acceptance Speech l 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

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for two thousand seven seen recipient of that stephen and close that door thank so much ive been immense all my already so hope can make through this firstly thank so much justin holly im such big fan you guys motion is like perfect pop song as is sorry and yet just thank so much thank doing that i would like thank glad course firstly this enormous ana of all work that i am lucky enough to get to do my work in lgbtq plus space is the work that im most passionate about and to be honest here tonight with this award is a privilege and encouragement beyond comprehension im going up literal opposite end welding lessen strain yeah i was a small slightly like under develops closeted jewish boy and so i would like daydream lot understandably i think and i would daydream of this admittedly very very far fetched life where would come to la which to twelve year me was like this fantastical land where michael jackson lives and bots can to thrive and most importantly australian football came to die i i would dream of world where was possible for me make my love of music my korea and silently and most often i would dream of well where i had confronted the monster that lives in back mind it was one that id run from my entire life was months the thought that like view line the boys get into the board so it was like really really cool and it was fun wanted be very close friends with boys and summaries and maybe even god forbid keeps them was money with which i plan to take them once my grave i thought was never ever going come and so im sure you can understand standing here right now accepting this award just few years later up in la days can be well her now like a world renowned pop swing its absolutely serials thank so much thank you but this award is so much larger than me when is about visibility and about representation what and who we see in media defines apps section world around us so to see ourselves in this picture what is normal and what is acceptable and what is beautiful is absolutely vital and saying that so much work that has contributed to our progress as community is far less glamorous than work that im being for tonight about year two ago i watched documentary called how survive play i highly recommend to anyone hasnt seen adult is about on the early years the aids epidemic and efforts of organizations like act up and treatment action group within characters dock i saw myself and saw my friends and saw my colleagues and saw my boyfriend and these kids were young smock active vices i so that we annexed humor and that resilience that ive grown to love so much about community they just like friends and i i know im being super humble like the smile and everything just like me but im i saw myself these characters and difference was that these people were attending friends funeral on weekly basis this is in new york city not even forty years ago they fighting for medical treatment fighting for visibility and fighting for their lives it was life or death situation in documentary see these kids taking the ashes the loved ones who had fallen victim to the aids epidemic and throwing them across the white house lawn just be recognized needless say documentary shook me to call it was this kind activism and sacrifice the paper away for all of us to be here tonight and so while im so thankful and fortunate have this award i would like share with warriors who made possible but maybe didnt get one for themselves so this award is for peter staley one featured activists and how survive plague he was one driving forces behind act up founder treatment action group and personal hero of mine this philosophy johnson and sylvia rivera no no this this going in riots also founded transgender rights group nineteen seventies this is for keep going and teleprompter this is byod rustin byod was openly gay civil rights leader who worked alongside martin luther king junior and was largely written out of history as result of homophobia for gilbert baker the creator the rainbow flag symbol pride we sadly lost just like for the et windsors and james baldwins on freight companies world and list goes on good times never and now needs may have changed this e thousand spirit still remain persists our community today even just yesterday blood rising style engine im at sea mandla see is a non binary trend student at pod college in upstate new york and runs diy music venue was safe space for all also my mom is here tonight to see if mistrial and and my mom just got hand in organizing largest in straight in history with over two hundred ninety thousand signatures petition was to abolish the in a panic as defense on murder charge basically can put guy in stay in australia and then claim made posse you can get us your sentence downgraded from mans from matter to manslaughter and my mom just help abolish that like last week thank you so much and my dad has connected with myself and community in ways that could have never even imagined here is i wasnt even then dislike went for fun time literally went by this is the every volunteered an hiv clinic around world this is stop and lgbtq plus homeless shelters around world working all hours get home as you thought safe spaces its been every glad valentia its for all you in this room and every parent truly loves and supports that kid whoever they are thats where real glory lies phone so i know they were most terrifying climate right now twenty sixteen was out deadliest youre on record twenty seven transgender people killed u s learn the vast majority victims being trans woman of color right transgender people have been murdered hate crimes this yeah old transgender women of color was the only the stats have reported so far and its barely a pro impulse nightclub orlando we the targets deadliest mass shooting american history forty percent of homeless youth in this country identifies lgbtq plus we have administration power eager to strip us of most fundamental rights clearly we have very very long way go but we must persist as we always have im lucky enough play shows and see young faces about community when enter and let me tell you our future is so sore bright please dont let anyone strip you of your truth and your love because those the foundations who we are as community in time where might be tempting to retreat into the shadows i ask please be loud on keep holding hands keep finding pride your identity keep standing up for those community who most vulnerable keep love in your hot and dont forget to share with world because that love is something be so proud of and something that no one can ever take from us thank so much again glad incredible record doing thank this enormous on