Minecraft is dead

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think this use its within year today im back and im gonna do video and this time its going different because as notice lot people dead youtuber dead because of minecraft im not saying literally dead but their channel is dead like no ones even watching them anymore and i was thinking why is my graph dead well lets talk about the simple way minecraft is dead mostly because mike grabbed his old game and all updates have made it im im not gonna say a swear word because disney channel or family friendly game yeah well mean family friendly chat and all and dont like swearing and in my you tube channel so yeah i notice lot of people dead they dont use minecraft anymore because that game is so is dead yes that game is dead and mostly because the updates they ruined it like seriously your debate youre supposed to expect something good from the update but naw its gone bad the update is really bad now mean seriously not like that pc version dont even yeah played at in single player but the updated version of minecraft and cpe i dont really know era really know what to do with that anymore because that game is so freaking dead no kidding i mean the lag is real and every time load up map itll just go poof dead mate i really hate that updates so came to conclusion that maybe maybe just me i should make other videos instead minecraft anymore but im not going to change your name which is know by my youtube life any and dont want lose my you tube channel yeah i noticed that for the past i dont know how long theyve been gone but i think for past i think there was three days ago earn no it was seven days nolan who know one month ago i uploaded video of me like john as the u we play reducible together hes quite pro actually but told him not to use premium weapons but he did so you already know who wins theres no premium weapons guys nah im just kidding he still pro i mean he still has moves still has the glory for game mean seriously that guys pro thats why decided we should play together so yeah we did but unfortunately didnt make video you didnt really had a clip of me playing so could wait think did yeah think did yeah he did so yeah i just straight out to a just blip blip really thats why its like that so unfortunately didnt add i didnt get to add that seems us playing together but was really fun i mean i got one ten seriously that guys perot gotta commend him for you know killing me lot times in row actually get rampage saw that and basically that guy has you tube channel as well you can search all right now its electron as the you its real good you two were actually i but he needs more subscribers thats what noticed he only has maybe seventy plus something so guys ever see him bleach go and check out his channel mean hes really nice mean hes one that showed me rcf actually and was really happy that he he in this youtube channel i saw an electron as the un he was playing this really nice get a and i said hey dude what kind games that many told means red crucible l was like whats red crucible and explain everything to me its gun game all similar call of duty but this time the guns are upgradeable like no attachments though thats thats the problem but want buy special guns like though three dot its called old but i think its the only clothes premium guns yeah premium guns you really had buy them and its really expensive any gold and mostly can get gold from buying it or know earning achievements or but i gotta tell you guys im real gold spender thats why dont have enough money or enough and gold buy a premium guns but i like game like seriously you can upgrade your guns until what damage it what you want to do it but the downside game its there so many hackers everywhere like seriously this game hacks little but my old channel which they thought was hacking got banned because they thought was really hacking just because i had though what call this the the for guy oh yeah the game game hackers something knowing the every dollar its called but my other account god man so this time media hound and things got pretty well mean unlevel thirty no there mean a maximum level and got all the guns except for actually they updated nows from the u before version unity for mean dig the guns and graphics arent really that cool and now that its youve five unity flies the update is now really kulick seriously you guys should really get that game you five update they added that can unlock tank so like seriously who does that unlocking tanks before wishes unlocking guns but now its unlocking tanks which really got into my you know we believe that i and we would really get this game then yeah i got into that game got addicted to a little while and then they get on planes so now back to my point minecraft is dead guys dont ever get it anymore mean some people had wasted their lives just getting minecraft and their youtube channel is now dead like me i mean didnt get enough subscribers back then so now im planning on making more quality and better videos and a big guys enjoy you know see guys again later psat