SML Short: Jeffy's Tantrum!

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what great car number put my credit card number yeah or is that what want know your day there is no game on the app store guy really one new game on the upper deck just bought you gave up after last week but god im already bored our no one well how much new one on tour doll actually do ninety nine dont want to i know i did that im not looking for job now we gotta do what want my three double blade that onenote went down with the well which one ball were not gonna get spun dry said no because did well you one last week knowing damn well be got it cost money just me and i dont want buy right now said no just wait till christmas jeffrey debbie didnt do you work day then what does all that money well okay all around you know welcome she ends up but you know but oil blown away gently all day well guess different way hello excuse me sharp i dont like the friend card numbers for spinefarm game on the app store is going to dollars nine nine cent now is wondering if youre interested yeah know its you know not just stupidest gods not pulling make sure i dont know what talking about do think this guys a bit stupid and that i who dan joe on your interest earned author dominick dunne zero three nine are going to get jeff who was the door dont know and i or anyone you want us but not gay debate going down home record number plate jagannath bugs gain weight i think with run away and never come one guy i cant run we will gain will not luggage up a white guy if youre firing on hold my breath until dawn do it better its to brief brief job i grew you game i dont njit hes being so annoying about that game what your daddy no one getting back would say swear god if you throw that tv your crowd youre done youre done right now i am not going to be different we but i dont want your goddamn yeah again now were about get alright jeff you we offered them whats going on jeff youve been like this two weeks more why what my util game two ninety nine that what job just over to stupid game nor day dont want live anymore jb stop being stupid ridicule myself jeffrey stop it beat me gary im not a big you always punishing you because your dog on block in your big crazy you beat life out me down and now dont jeff youre get over soon nine cup myself jedi but not down no are going to turn to talk dont know about you but just about like this good or bad if youre not doing day all day i really want you not doing game w big dude all this stupid game things that you brought up your dog in game to be not yeah kill myself yeah just you you doing behavior from trying kill myself why because my dying one by me to ninety nine came from cow store judy nine does nothing i know right might die asshole yeah im latching on nightly nothing about what you said i call this like i tunes called like ten dollars on if you want can you get by yeah wrote yeah mean im not gonna use it juror no nine think duffy who went through this if we want yes looks really nice thank sir i what what that i got or you more and i know why youre here defining game store who gave that you just dont do nearly coming down as ten whole dollars a those are now i dont need your credit card joe homework climb back up year ive heard of but i sold just had get get this new couch are you yeah