Rihanna - Justin Lee Collins Good Times May 17, 2010

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thank you you do too your hair look fluffy what policy is yeah almost two weeks now depends sometimes keep i keep hairstyles for couple months if really like it but sometimes i get really bored and like to try new things switch up just little bit like this one so i probably have it for couple say probably like three months thank you hair blonde really and middle we just wanted keep it soft and straight and edges more more edgy in rocker roll yeah well i could never never pull off the costumes theyre very only gag pull those off is one of kind no but if i were to wear what she was wearing i would probably ask myself that question into lot alike slow music like ballads i listen to like celine dion mariah carey loved whitney houston ellis i really unexpected stuff and when started making music professionally i just had lot fun with it because moved out barbados just so much different music out there hadnt really known about before yes my family barbados yeah i just came along but didnt care i was not looking back love my family and miss them missed them lot but i been dreaming what im moment for my whole life so it was amazing opportunity i grabbed both hands and theyre so supportive so feel better about move but couldnt wait wait to do this yes twenty two just turned twenty two feels weird yeah im so use twenty one now its its party with my friends house and had little strip had lap dance im jealous friends booked for me and bridget no and all saw was this little know wip and her military camel undies so cute so wasnt really much pumping she just kinda no but she got some sneaky feels all my kneecap thank you yes am it was number one here for over ten weeks here yes weeks eleven weeks i more twentieth week is when i i really started thinking twentieth week yeah yeah like the fifty second week is when that okay have to stop this now only if if you are in charge charts yeah r yes different stories each song different place in was really making this album studio i just got get all these emotions out and lot of feelings and song time really wasnt you know communicating lot people i just kind kept myself lot thoughts head so being studio get that out therapy but was fun to do that vannatter