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should trazer o shit bulldozer you guys moving your asses are grass wait but doesnt quite work in plural flock bulldozer its fuckin terrys herb im up to here with these people slowdown already okay i dont see how child you are with this barrel in your mouth yes tightest crew aber you move you die okay you do i fucking tell you feel like talking are you feel like hes changed few words my john right here little im fuckin saying hey you you want find out what cool piece steel feels like between your teeth ive had about enough for you already stay around for fucks sake dry your cellphone reagan was then by britain you guys in deep shit you make your move i dare ya i think that down fucking ground you move as much muscle and your ass is grass dont trust my patients on the fucking ground you son bitch is mother fucking bull dozer youve got fucking death wish they won war theyll get war bulldozer taken care of yeah no fog down pulled her son of bitch ive just about had with this mother fucker although todays me bro dantes me you got someone say yeah i didnt think so i ask see these guys they never sleep and theyre watching you make no mistake about it we call the shots around here dont even breed yeah im serious hold your breath flock all flock make no mistake we are in charge dont risk your life dont try and be a hero you seek the time nor the place i can tell you that youre not fooling me youre up to something cedars gone this means i get to tell you what to do no talkin know mumbling no breathing no thinkin it was up to me you just cease to exist that cell phone got their hands off you making move i got bully here with your name on it youre all gonna get through this just dont fucking provoke me you people keep staring at ground low groan read my lips do not move they give your loved ones dont try and be a hero ill tell you what youre gonna do you gonna lie down and got shot up its not quiet enough its not quite enough around here keeps still wear tie you up like fucking mommy held me over there come with me okay got rid cuffs sounds like one drills is jammed thanks my friend i dying this way break me out here how ma and comune cmon we need get fixed well over there you hear what im saying yeah what im saying look out we got police assault coming any second now dont move bulldozer okay that was my last trip mine over here chains were you my hero ammo bag get down get moving were gonna make it break me out let me out these cuffs parumala trip mines weve got shield just few minutes left now keep going up put your fucking hands up look you get yourself killed stay down follow my lead gray work my friends great work get out these cuffs down on your knees any second pager means got to drill hey hoxton you hear that you saw is jammed full of your ammo guys drooling place hey whoa gun pick these cups is trying fix up saw again only couple minutes left now here we go again saw stock and im bona fide escape artist dealer for undone im gonna get out these cuffs now motherfucker tasered taking care of come with me hey austin you gotta break me out let me out these cuffs you hear that noise one of the songs must be jammed i you know you do what i say dont make me say again anybody got them back to share oh shit shields flared around a common for yeah so many got take look at that saw im not gonna say again hey guys so stay away pick these costs for me no fox me okay lets roll its bulldozer now put your console on tone with me a comment for yeah any second now and put your cuffs on batch this is that put your hands in the air time make use those old lock picking skills down on ground so we got restart it dont you even breeze you gotta help me get me out these cuffs guys inside you gonna make it all make sure that break me out everybody down but your fucking hands up hands in the air bulldozer hoxton fantastic just fantastic spread out people tag along the cops are on scene anyone got medic bag purely out here down all of you know cough yourself paha were in the clear saw seems to jammed again pick these cuffs for me one thirty one drills is jammed again two minutes we have to fix it look like youve been through meat grinder buddy lets rock and roll greasy targets here youll be up sack keep drilling you pieces jet you all too good chains he chains all help you up you hang in there poker right now motherfucker handcuff yourself medic bag here anyone need patching up right you get movin yeah down here double time on ground hoxton hear that noise drill must be jammed flock over the fire anybody got medic bags offer alright lets do this slowdown all of you yeah you hear that drill is jammed come with me move it helped lay cops arrived run it down ground help me im almost out of ammo down on the ground run run shoot him in head these jobs will move now im all at cable ties we gotta get out stood him up tasers history let me on these cuffs make you for those cable ties now drills jammed again i need medic bag punch then you look absolutely horrible well they wont you gotta break me out here takeover im wait them out stay where you are and who i can see that help me help any one you want share medic bag any second now looking get yourself killed taser right now fucking cloak youre one of songs squeaking again at auction youre kinda roughed up my friend and stay there you down again youre going straight into custody as among flock got down on the ground change my friend rid me out here drop your weapon change my friend out of way follow me gonna break me out hold fort dont have much ammo left now held me check your ammo this golf saw get out here dont cross my line fire jump down we got get out pulled out we have to restart it nobody move that bag come get patched up somebody got take look at that drill keep going put up one drill squeaking again theories that are looking get yourself killed only few minutes left get me out here were you fucking hero theres medic bag over here greasy targets this place is no good thanks buddy whats that im going be the saw squeaking drooling brace you heard what i just said down on your knees bulldozer down come with me ammo bag anyone closure move taser down the second follow me hoxton blow shit wont cure drop this place is filled with them john break me out cloak your drop your weapon hey you move it dont move down on ground slowdown i need a medic bag saw stock can hear it follow me quickly no chains somebody hurt wall follow me lets do this they just keep comin gonna pick these handcuffs pass im bona fide escape artist you gotta help me shields history go get down ground get out way come on you gotta break me out put your clothes on you hear that noise basalmost to jam only couple minutes left now remember cameras alright that was my last trip mine time go down here this way its fuck you taser on the ground all of you you guys got enamel back to share move it go and me second hurry hurry hey somebody you gotta help me up how i say get down ground shit down on your knees somebody drop medic bag weve got shield over here dutch job dont try be a hero hey i didnt stay down anyone got medic bag to share bulldozer taking care of poker come on guys keep together handcuff yourself down on ground people gun is now handcuff yourself you gotta bring me out here come fill up help me out held me up distro is joke break me out here hey haunts them outlaw fuckin way and stay put everybody stay down throw up and running medic bag right here cmon distros fucking worthless you fucking move it stand around bulldozer eliminated wall hands up thanks my friend hoxton that all move on chacha get these cuffs off alright im free hey you get the fuck up they ought send tom and what kind these cops jiffy saw stuck again held me up here down began its bye bye were close fall my lead shield eliminated put up get movin now people break me out stood him up i drool squeaking again worry hey guys okay almost there almost there stay away hey whoa im running out ammo got medic bag over here yeah now im gonna go back over here janes may come down to our own tom break me out be right there come get some ammo run over here not this way no go go go one of us has to fix it anybody got some extra ammo spare thanks put your hand cuffs on medical bag right here you dont look too good runs oh shit taser drains okay komplett these cuffs you hear the saw i think its stock give me out these cuffs you hang in there ill ride lets rock roll lets get you back up and running were easy targets this place is no good i said get thrown how nice of cops coming keep us company on ground dont test my patients get down on ground dont move it sounds like saws jammed i got much level left now hey you get movin check your six give me out here no borderline follow me quickly now handcuff yourself on double stay down third wall off thanks guys you got death wish somebody you gotta help me up said get down follow me dont you dare move i do help moon somebody got take look at one those songs to what i dont know im alive drop dead be right there all shit now theyre everywhere im not saying that again stand back and pick them off one by one as they come through cloak card down alright lets roll you know britney out get down who shits matthew rich were getting there okay i picked cuffs drama help me out guys talks to my friend i need help to go as fast as i can dont even believe that on your knees hey whoa hey im shooting here you got all me and stay put razor okay lets do this put your hands up shell taking care of well denim drill stuck again keep going down alright that was my last trip mine got shot go stay alone follow me bring out here somebody wanna live until tomorrow then stay still locura lemonade it down fucking clone kirk time re start the song again dont fucking get up ammo bag over here there instant taser spotted no wall hang in there my friend come help me out over here police just arrived hayes janes still either way guys taser cable ties usm hey come with me were on right track alright men youre falling apart sounds like the drill is jammed medical bag over here somebody ammo bag as fast i can come with me down ground to left shield down come on guys alright lets get it on i dont you get up right drills in place somebody got fix it taser down slope corner a thirty seconds were halfway through hey you looking catch bullet and stay there them into position pay somebody thanks for him straight ahead isnt loker drool stock i can hear it razor half way were half way small i dont have much jamel laughed thirty seconds hey janes ill pick these cuffs no time a wall hurt your own needs hey chains willow shields down you heard what said let down just couple more seconds anybody stay down were almost done time fix one those songs again watch your back not this way dont fucking move thanks up the stairs i dont price people when im away you yeah get down stay still put your cuffs on come break me out hurry up okay i picked cuffs medic bag up for grabs go whoa drill squeaking again but hes rising drill stock i can hear it hurry up stay around people dont move tasers history yeah let down ammo over here everybody down ground standalone everybody im comin okay lets rock and roll pay anybody put your hands the air follow me tag along somebody say this place about to get whole lot you gotta help me taser way for it way for it dont think for second i cant see you downstairs reach for the sky smoker taking care of you guys got memo bag come on ill get out these cuffs in jiffy where the drill stuck again you hear that one drills is jammed on your knees smoke grenade on the ground ammo bag right here you know oxen stairway straight ahead we got solder fakes i damn saw squeaking again had slowed down stem away now bulldozers history move it thanks man out of line of fire stain tober hey im fucking shooting here send those homeless flying dont try be a hero dont back down fire fire whats that thats going be the drill squeaking all im hurt i never tried to thirty shoot him careful now im on it gee im getting lightheaded i dont know im comment youre pushing it yeah we pull that off fantastic keep defending jump down everybody down and my florins i said get down gotta get out here this is the wrong way ill help you out you listening banks everybody down come with me shield history im comin for ya everybody stay down careful i dropped enamel bag over here okay lets get it on to write you yet moving saws jammed again move right keep in mind no civilians and joe move this is place now put your cops on hey you got up there everywhere its taser watch out yarram shell whoa dantes me bro go steady now hold it keep going down here the drill i think his stock they got me good wolf left slowdown pull those down no civilian casualties now id stay there one of songs is jammed again alright that was the last cable tie stay down go go shield down i sat down on the ground and stay there time restart another saw drop the gun get in the saws squeak him again on the ground hold month trazer theyre pulling back go wrong lookers history caught yourself own flock stay down everybody everybody on ground let out these cuffs everybody get down ground shell taking care of drop it home with me smelled a funky way keep your guns running follow me hang in there okay its on bulldozer chains out a fucking lot fire stay still come with me movement i spotted taser look no other way i spotted bulldozer hang in there everybody all get move on okay police are here now come on keep it up dont get up tomorrow guys keep together tasered down how long fire anybody ill get back up slip away any moment now here we go again the drill stock down on ground everybody down out of the fucking line of fire got extra ammo over here get over here need medic bag look like youve been through meat grinder body youre pushing it i got much jamel laughed i cant ceased yet alright it sounds like one songs is jammed down to thirty the saw stock can hear it thanks up stairs slid around everybody hey guys move it slowly low rodney gun this is it bulldozer down watch out i got no ammo saw squeaking again ammo bag somebody you fuck you hear me handcuff yourself i just sure use medic bag anyone got one lets go lookers down guns up and need second longer on the ground people keep moving comment careful now lets get rich shield down one thirty im all out of ammo you look absolutely horrible one minute hear that noise where the drills must be jammed trillin place to the right on the ground people about half way through now on the ground make sure theyre not fly get us i am in charge you do what i say everybody stay down i dont fucking move slowdown what know bulldozers history just couple more seconds down on ground put those hands in the air put your trabzon you that drill i think its stock its fucking bulldozer hear that song i think its stuck move it again get ready for the storm nobody moves somebody hot thanks you hear that one songs is jammed im not saying it again legislator get down on your knees stay where you are taser taking care of we gotta get out here lets get it on anybody anybody here go again the saw stock shoe watch no i dont get up everybody stay down lets roll hey guys little people now that was last trip mine shit turns up drawn pat yourselves up you know you guys remember no civilians keep going up dont move fucking stay down pushed him back somebody watch out because most covering their advance stay out way move down all of you careful now knockoff yourself this please is flooded with clocks hog the im i said get down on the ground slim down wall down down ground all of you down on the ground hands up there retrieving pulled off yet on the way put your hands up were on right track month faster shoot him no civilians lone parents up tall men hey anybody monster bottom up down ground get down all thanks lot my friend cops everywhere drool seems to jab again will my friend thanks paul down all of you come on guys keep up smokers history straight on on the ground go go go go use a smokescreen cover their attack trust yourself whats that thats going be drill squeaking put your hands up drills employees i spotted clunker down stairs dont stop shootin she adds on your fucking knees you hang in there and jump up on the ground everybody lets go stay put ill pick these cops no time shields eliminated still stay low theyre all over the place follow me down on ground under ground motherfucker record like havent picked pair of these before remember staying cover its shield i sat down on ground look alive come on come line remember take out cameras smoker down anybody got medic bag watson flanks prominent the hogs learn many bad anyone ill get you up just couple minutes left go go ill help you out down on ground anybody got ammo bag now twelve yourself a drill seems to jab again alright im free man youre falling apart everybody get down down on ground janes ill get you up know hey put your head down cops are here somebody come philip your ammo supplies drop your weapon hang in there ill patch you up you hear me get the fuck down saw seems to jammed again somebody dropping ammo bag yeah means keep running were half way through i love fucking way i sit down ground floor kirk taser eliminated a little the fire chief defended hey everybody down police pulling back steady now hold it theres ammo bag over here time to go dont stop shooting alright the cuffs are off cloak or eliminated get down low ground people handcuff yourself i light fire under way pick good spot to defend now if you back in business i need help now put your hand cuffs on soccer smoke bomb hurry hurry thanks send those helmets flyin thanks placed medic bag over here you move it i let stay down tell us this is wrong way extra ammo up for grabs i spotted shield alright lets get rich loans they still is fucking shield keep your guns runnin for her who cabin picked pair these before reach for the sky just couple minutes left medical bag come get patched up are you in there hurry up dont you dare move come on now as guys down on your fucking knees two minutes come get some fire fire we gotta fix that song again i think that they all the fucking ground stay though mon im comin bulldozer they taught me a lot turned trees are eliminated thats why concealed check your ammo medical bag guys i love fucking way im coming down you piece shit youll up sack stay down people one of the songs stuck again im running low on ammo thanks friend here we go again a drill stock go shield and stay down stay clear keep him away only few minutes left make sure theyre not flank nice and slow you down nobody move on that ground be ball hats on the son bitch release have arrived looker taking care out get down anyone need ammo im not feeling too well i almost cant believe we did it take out cameras alright shell get on your knees rocket that all on your knees dot job no chains come on come on come on come on im comin yard like fuckin said hey whoa open fire shoe hey oxton lets fuck shit up split you up we want to hurt no one hey chains drill mounted thats last them it down on ground stayed out all of you pleasing ammo bag over here okay lets get rich should halfway through by now we were you are remember watch your back hang in there everybody they thought these cuts could hold me keep your hands where i can see him let them know youre really bad shape my friend extra ammo over here stay out the way stone harbor you get move on medical bag up for grabs and stay down and jump down down downstairs we got police assault coming any second curry come on keep it up down everybody does you mother fucking hands up you heard what i just said omogu me face down on the ground you piece of shit alright we got visitors the cops are here get out few minutes left still any you guys got enamel bag upstairs drop dead tom philip your ammo hands up you hear what say tough yourself stay where you are drop it down may come count should be about half way by now stay low get down on ground up up stay put move it we should doing half way by now stay away down down hang in there im gonna get out these cuffs any second now shoot them were about halfway through now i got it hood they thought these cops could hold me dont feel too good they just keep comin ill be there flash cuban nothin it down ground all of you pay somebody wait for it way for it i high you hang in there my friend everybody stay down figure families dont try anything stupid and stared down what know bulldozer no sudden movements drown even down time up wolf my friend all im hurt bad shell grenades smoke bomb ill get back up if you go down again youre going straight into custody inside okay keep up guys no ammo the cops retreating dont you get up that was last my cable ties that was my last cable tie nobody moves watch your back on double to move away drone place we got police storming in any second now were almost done go use your cable ties guys pulled out time make use those old lock pick skills dont even agree check your six weve still got few more minutes to go alright its on there im coming alright i must got no animal laughed okay got rid cuffs and fuck hed stayed there down on ground get on your knees eyes on price people thats last them inside deep down all of you karen okay weve got company the police are here all there mall on trip mines fuckin still down now her can of yourself youre quite bad man alright that was my last cable tie now handcuff yourself get out ill there flash but dont you get up this is the place you dont look too well up the stairs street on any second now ive heard any moment now dropped medic bag over here halfway now lets get you back up and running come replenish your health stayed out people stay where you are drop it or ill shoot smoke bomb guys keep up guys okay that was last trip mine were easy targets here come on come on smoke neil you get fuck up bulldozer eliminated weve got clunker over here james just few minutes left now youre ready now i got drill no sudden movements down stairs come on guys keep up taser down and stay down it down ground everybody tough yourself let him come through then take him out stop talkin okay slick youre ready for action sat down on ground keep your heads down bulldozer down stay still and stay alive down you son bitch hey you get move on over there on your fucking knees hey you head down were gonna make it keep your cool and well make it through drill mounted stairway okay that was the last my cable ties youre really bad shape my friend bulldozer dont look too well laughed okay that was last cable tie i had ability to fly on your knees get all the way come on smoke im gonna pick these handcuffs one minute we should half way through by now all go out way get down on your knees right walk you know stayed out everybody floods common everybody down keep your head down lets get you back in business up up wall now because youre so i got you corner of my eye gone faster i got the drill come on stay where you are you go down again youre beyond help we got police storming in any second only seconds away police are on the scene you do what i tell you stay where you are down everybody now im all out cable ties loker down i dont fucking get up if youre down again its over man that was last cable tie had remember check your six where youre quite bad man hands where can see him shields stay still hey guys were cops are pulling back dont you fucking got up can feel the heat coming around corner talks to my friend anybody on ground hey somebody now that was last my trip mines go down again youre beyond help if you drown began its bye bye im still here harem yatom watch out no fuck ups now him that was the last my cable ties dont back down police originating off thanks lot stay low alright to cuff serov youre kinda roughed up my friend cops pulling back get ready for action