Donald Trump - America is Ruined, China is laughing

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i myself where is united states doing well so russia and china now unifying into getting together then you have iraq okay we spend two trillion dollars in iraq two trillion think this number this number is even not even number that you honestly ten years ago you trillion so we spent two trillion and more importantly thousands of lives including lives the other side by the way i mean okay so who cares i care okay destroyed and what we did is we took this country and so weakened it know was always iran and iraq that fight one country go to feed over here the other country to feed then after like ten years it settle in that start all over again you know it was had what weve destroyed country will destroy country but we spent two trillion dollars thousands of lives tens of thousands of wounded warriors all over the streets we cant even call them they wont even return our call because chinas buying their oil china thinks we are truely the dumbest people on earth china now is buying a big portion of their oil theyre being controlled by iran which said a long time ago and one i made statement because it looked me like was going down tubes why we take their oil are at war people set what terrible thing to say now you call iraq they wont even take our phone call think of it take call now interesting thing happened in afghanistan nobody knew that afghanistan has tremendous minerals and tremendous wealth and minerals thought this was a country that didnt have that but have tremendous wealth and minerals well were fighting over here and the other side of the mountain china is brilliantly i dont negatively this morning theyre brilliantly taking all minerals so were fighting here big mountains were fighting here chinas taking minerals other side and myself how possible that we can be so stupid an interesting thing happened other reading front page new york times number one story number that cant make deal with japan for agriculture now think this we cant make deal japan will not allow our farmers to put food and sell food in japan like japanese too i like everybody buys apartments from very do but i i respect my respect people you know the fact that their leaders much smarter than our leaders that doesnt make me dislike them makes me respect them reading this article that japan wont let us even think about putting our food in japan and then im looking boats with millions of cars pouring into this country tax free made in japan and saying who negotiators i was negotiating id say fellas you gonna take our food and youre going love it youre gonna love our food mean the food is peanuts compared what were talking about peanuts you say yourself how is it possible that japan would have the nerve to say were not take small potatoes some farming goods from united states farmers great product everybody admits that its not like its tainted problem great product better than what they can do so they say were not taking your product by the way was selling you millions because size these massive car companies and its because of united states no tax tax free so all you have do youre sitting down guarantee this if was the negotiator for that deal youd be youd have so much food pouring into japan right what do with they know what to do with it so i said myself why arent we smart we used be brilliant we used be brilliant country were not brilliant country any more foolish country were dumb country we have leadership that is either something wrong with them or theyre not intelligent or this something wrong maybe its you hear lobbyists so powerful washington may be its lobbyist maybe to do something about that because maybe japan and maybe the middle eastern states look this heard a number today that since nineteen thirty one we have more oil reserves in this country in terms of storage reserves had since nineteen thirty one think that and yet prices all time high i went wharton greater scope is greatest business school in world okay is a good thing yes the wharton club which great club but went wharton and will tell you that the very basics of that are that prices come tumbling down so here we have were buying from opec and were buying from saudi arabia also great relationships with people saudi arabia they cannot believe by the way because friends mine they cant believe stupid we are they tell me hey donald we getting away with what youre right saudi arabias making think this a billion dollars day a billion day so much money what theyre doing there is unbelievable you look at our airports you look at your airport here you look at your airport laguardia and kennedy and newark and lax in los angeles theyre like third world country airports falling apart they have to floors inside that is so old and when they fix them they dont fix them with terrazza which would terrible should rip map without floor right they fix them with asphalt so you walk thats really tired in main terminal and then put black asphalt from road and exterior and this is our our roads falling apart our bridges falling apart in china the building twenty four bridges most of what youre bigger than the george washington bridge mean just massive bridges massive construction theyre taking our jobs and we dont even know it then president china comes over we have state dinner form honoring him what wonderful guy and hes laughing all way back to china all branding but when you look the things that going on now afghanistan were spending tremendous amounts of money and president karzai as you know our president flew into afghanistan and president karzai whos getting saxon sacks of cash getting fifty million in cash and this is i mean green and who is soldier thats delivering cash thats what can you imagine trust somebody hand the carrying satchels of cash because theyre paying off tribal leaders of the warlords fifty million wonder who these people that doing this but karzai said wont meet with president and wont meet him plane so president country who spent guess were close to trillion dollars there also lands and president doesnt have decency to come and pay his respects even to just shake his hand and say myself thats very bad branding because when you get right down to thats what were talking about thats pretty bad its pretty sad so you look at libya you look at syria the line in sand remember the famous line the sand nothing was done not that it should be done and not that we should involved because shouldnt involved but dont say were this that and dont do and then they do it and then you dont follow up way i dont want them follow but should never made to stay so we are in very very serious trouble and just ask you what positive thing has happened to this country in last ten years includes bush im not bush fan believe me i am no bush fan got us into iraq i think obama should gotten us out faster but bush got us into iraq i am no bush fan and anybody that knows me knows that but whats happened good mean can we say that the economys booming no can we say unemployment mean unemployments totally phony number massive unemployment all over the place stop looking for job they take you off unemployment rolls like youve got the job we have massive unemployment where we dont make our products anymore they made mostly china and other countries mexico is doing phenomenally well thats be the new china as far as making products look whats going on and said yourself isnt that sad isnt that shame now the good news is we have tremendous potential tremendous potential we have power over china that you wouldnt believe china sells their product us no tax no tax and yet theyll manipulate their currency so that our people cannot compete with their products we make better products in them by the way but cant compete because of the manipulation which is in the history of the world there has never been a better or smarter currency manipulation then that done by china well you have to do is have folks going end end now doesnt then were throw little tax on you that every product you sell this country its twenty five percent tax by the way the number should be forty eight percent based on their manipulation want nice start with twenty five you even have to do the tax because everything would stop same thing with japan with cars i mean its same thing so simple we dont have the right people i dont who these people are whether they find these people i assume that diplomats theyre incompetent we havent competent people running the country now obamacare is having a devastating effect country and you know they say whoever becomes president twenty sixteen is going be catastrophic year for the economy because you know all of the problems of obamacare and other things were delayed till twenty sixteen some is have real problem and they better get smart and republicans gets mark because inherit a mess like has never been inherited before ever ever before so the good news is that have tremendous potential with proper leadership tremendous we can turn it around so fast was sitting on energy thats bigger than all them almost were sitting on massive amounts of dollars coming out the ground we dont use that even pipeline keystone pipeline keystone pipeline dont even care that much about it build because its jobs and good and all that but we dont need canadas oil we dont need canadas well guess we dont need anything from anybody but build anyway jobs its environmentally very good and it should be built and its amazing that hasnt been built and having hard time with it and some people that dont to be built people wallstreet i know you wanted be built because theyre invested oil and gas and they dont want bring down price its not that theyre great environment take these people look their right these people crap about the environment theyre invested heavily in oil and gas they dont want competition and our politicians should back and they say oh he gave lot of money to the democratic party in this case democratic party but give lot money to the democratic party we have to be nice him and others so its very very sad thing i would say that im very proud of this country but i would say that if we dont act quickly its going to be very very hard to bring it back were very very far out on limb something has to take place and has to take place quickly our people have to be taken care of in order to take care of people we need we dont want cut social security we dont want cut medicare medicaid and im different from lot republicans keep talking about cutting i keep saying build country enough worry about social security peanuts compared kind numbers youre talking about if we what were doing we have to take our business back from china and other countries we have take it back and you will see said it winning its about winning weve got start winning not one good and searched everything we havent had one good story about this country being great for years and its about time that we started getting good stories and we can do it but need proper leadership and with that i will take some of these killer questions that been viewing and lets go go ahead myron again i didnt flirt people were asking run wanted run things including governor said no no no kept saying no no want run for governor new york i never want do said it would and finally just said not doing it but i didnt flirt people wanted run see what happens in sixteen were going to see what happens see whats going on this country is in serious trouble and im whats going on but didnt flirt think i probably during the speech much i love what im doing i would rather do what im doing then do that but also love more than what i am doing more than virtually anything else other than family which includes my beautifully ivanca whose here i love this country i love this country and hate to see whats happening and dont see the right person i will do something in sixteen i will do it assures you sitting there thank you