BFDI 20: Gardening Hero

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now looks like i will again have oddly he we have to play again i have to win this title i dont know why hadnt been id like to talk to us only three times today come on leave he please actually l lets do it pulling out but just threw up you might sick if you help them now heat wave rethink how that leann have only boys only goes very worried weightless well gee read because of budget cuts least you look its the big dipper this story is for you holdover habit big dipper and when will i see playing catch be quiet and that we are in space everything is still same so we will still have cake at stake points gone we are free an online now but we look on to them moments that we see the nag slice of cake a step closer to the prize brought on by k could stay well i learned that normal cake would explode vacuum of space so instead i got an ice cream cake yom wait how would that make any difference rush get cake you are safe otherwise you are eliminated bubble rocky fiery and leafy had immunity so they get cake i know you love voicestream capable so im giving you my cake thanks now its down to david spongy and ice cube five hundred forty five people voted this time seventy two of them voted for ice cubes she is safe so its either spongy or david to leave game both entered game late lets show the votes p christmas drop well it was too annoying can only play on yeah wned sits spongy gets kick em and david is eliminated who nagao was yes it was our double laser powered teleportation device wait we already played that did bentley well yeah you did but lets play again you know for good measure mmhm nda well if i read such relief davids eliminated definitely he was weird now he liked lot of healing whatever that its you know fiery i think should friends you mean like forming alliances no friends to just friends friends would do that lets do it i want to be friends to get away why you excluding me i just want to be friends sorry only get people get friends who anyway im giving all you immunity however it is possible for you to lose your immune know ill get that happen so you roy go literally what did it well cant get a by any yeah they fall i read a little bit spongy rule yeah you really it was me how much energy at least you have be what you probably mean leave me well what you might moving all my gosh whats not falling into that black hole will also cause you lose your immunity or dont know or burned we where to go we had to sell because of budget cuts years where my speaks of ghetto same thing all well laced up wally and level winds really okay now lets recover the lost contestants but as another award you get to choose another person to also have immunity ole ole collie leafy prove to her that i person after all or goes twice row thats quite nice school juli ploy dollars is lot better than what got going telling you will it is better but not much you still got seventy three more levels to go but we reach milo nice this all along doubling the fee have in the while excuse rocky spongy and fiery are up for elimination and guess what fifteen eliminated contestants will get to choose who to eliminate and they will have one month to decide ndou you hear that voters that means you will vote on something else and what was this something else speed you see and eliminated contestants going to rejoin game for the last time and bft i ever and voters will decide it is oh be quiet you gasp birds so anyway voters i really want you to vote can choose flowers our our lucky too long ago is a really deserve third chance woody pen that write me and ill make improvements that they sell at that dont like a painting needing we need needing teardrop golf ball things like six six any percent chance of joining game think ive joined lot sixteen point six six six to be present tense up what meant that from this moment i have one plea what one might repeating present yes away g mylink winning feelers all you people out there you i love you guys youre all my friends think for moment doesnt really make sense that someone as stupid as fiery its in the game get someone someone like me is not just just think about that for moment and answer will come to you the person that you think should win snowball google we want who really deserves zero the rest all week closers match l and t vote for like me and plus i dye my hair like blue eraser this re join button isnt working you vote for me i will give you five hundred million rigid deleted dollars bad clumsy tennis ball you now announcer i would say that if our you ive got magnet and i candy magnets eyes you know yikes that for me yeah yeah type my name yeah yeah no i can rejoin kind so i can they tell you they cannot cast and david all say something else now cast vote by commenting on this video i was wondering how we in space get able to tok panel brief and not explode budget cuts