Object Madness!! - Episode #1 "Worthless Change"

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i wonder how how point home home yeah you can definitely say that youve never even been in competition me myself and i though have been in both inanimate insanity and be if the i a your couldnt stand chance who are tennis im back what level are you on while its kind of hard play considering the fact that we dont have our yeah ill i lost again how awful al yeah nickel penny going at man whats why do i always while its your day and number two im playing this game sold like i dont make me go get mail when can do with his own two feet are so lets see other male either male or female tennis balls males here but its lot stuff i doubt the invitations here yet posada house waiting for invitation morrow now my gosh would you shut up yeah you guys really need stop fighting for once and look at this mess all in all whats this only she cant lads what came you are invited to insanity over there you will wait whos the invitation for tennis ball yeah you out of every bottled up youll be competing look i found another one but it says completely different stop here we not responsible for the damage that you do to yourself ill love lashes grades what youre not planning to die are you buses here uhhuh out can guys and says i can bring others along with me thats so cool i its lamitan though anyway get onto the backs this place is filthy they really did not think what kind place you okay im your boss travel for today youll be driven to insanity i if have problem get all im also not only to bus driver and ive only had three months of training so make up your decision right now yeah im really okay would that as long we dont tire anything yeah we so what we supposed do on here for three hours get thing about my laptop bag surely look some use in the us on you whoa what yeah run bus here he had no special ever whats sending password please stay student all the boss well god hes mean oh my god im so bored yeahs and got solution to our board problem really what is it while i was thinking want and neck on pennyworth get next each other well whats so thats great idea not while its either that were going to die from foreign aid so come on dont think youre being bit dramatic plus all i hear is that it would make portal to money thats really going change my mind from saying no even though i never said no to begin come on michael please weve been on this thing but still i have wasted sorry cup youre failing to understand me i have this bubble and theres limit on how close second plus i am not ready to nnova its somebody in there hello whats sir obviously what numbers warrants seven sarahs ball pick ax its great to see you are these your friends yet basis cop bubble puffball nickel and penny mumun why yeah its a long story who wrote this great then i mean i just simply come up with the solution right now so now that we have teams we can get that salads earned t o yeah are gone urine seems plus two pope if you must you may switch seems want to guy might be here help out team and id like to be the team leader if you guys are sure but i have feeling know what this isnt going to be about you guys want help with that sanity mounts its its nickel penny or dead team is gonna have to carry one of their dead bodies the top so they can be recovered and you win however if you do not have all of your team members along with your voice youll lose any questions so ready set go out to you im gonna take best that i can you came up with this idea were going rag on top of the anti wanna as long as its okay with you pop pop i mean okay lets go so how we going to do this well we have get whole tree so youre always well i think that coming other team is well yeah but not he was asked possible what do we do all you hear possible piece you went to high joe looked which gives grow i dont know i dont know hey guys i came up with perfect solution whoa look safe one of team members thats ahead how well know are you kidding me well id see which fall off theres enough room up here know somebody keeps throwing sticks yeah its thats better well only no i think were all here i dont recall anybody pulling all well im sorry but the other team like deserves it you know throwing sticks is only gonna waste time writes what time is there waste it all depends on how far you know well yeah its double whammy for your brother gets passes yeah you obviously saddam falah directed labia whoo boy like blood see you only have trouble finding you yeah i think that walking up the mountain myself might help us win challenge well tomorrow and we dont have time to waste well why you stopping now shes just tired on he looked so we get all you will be me clubs skis flood rest way we just leave alone sherry okay renewable its youre looking drawn worse the way jerry why do do that look we need we should growing what most anyway well cut is kind of big given up you can runs your life thats what you think and and ha ha well its my time you show up we looked few of the other teams here what is fast you can go right yeah i why this is ridiculous i am the fastest out of all of you in thats what we want well i guess team be a cable loser team is up for elimination do votes its marks