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well ive been to iowa many times ive been to new hampshire many many times love people there and weve had tremendous success weve had tremendous crowds nobody gets as many standing ovations and i spent lot time out i was in south carolina recently and were all over going to this weekend be with clint eastwood in california tremendous group people im going arizona this weekend ill be all over place because im doing television with you and i am up there actually lot and watch them there were walking streets and it didnt mean anything and i was actually getting more news coverage and anybody else by far because im the one that brought up whole situation whole mess with immigration and what the mexican government is doing to sell you know didnt have to be and would have been if wanted me to and just decided that probably wasnt necessary im going up actually next week and be and i were many times over the next number of months and hampshire many many times legal and they didnt show them now if you read that article really doesnt say that in fact the real writer was very surprised that was they were able find anybody we have very strong system i have contractor thats one biggest nation that doing it so far they do very good job have very strong verification system and whole story was about know they took five people were unable find certainly didnt write them down and write their names were very strong on that and know with eleven to thirty one million illegal immigrants and three pretty hard be position where you actually cant find anybody thats going fantastic job that was sitting there for years like thirty years empty vacant and disasters situation i took over going one great hotels of the world very proud of it were also very proud of the building and building because was just totally misquoting if could read mean could give you copy of the speech i could really see was so misquoted that its incredible im talking about mexican government forces many bad people into our country because theyre smart theyre smarter than our leaders and their negotiators far better than what we have link like to degree that wouldnt believe theyre forcing people into our country this guy that killed wonderful young woman from san francisco he went back to mexico face forced him out they force people into our country and they are drug dealers and they are criminals of all kinds we are taking mexicos problems mexico is beating us on trade and theyre beating us border but mexico doesnt want take his people so what they do they send them to are stupid politicians and we have sanctuary cities and we have all of this nonsense ive been saying this for long time katie and its disgrace and if i didnt bring up you wouldnt even talking about immigration right now id been to the border probably three four times over the years and have many people that live around the area im going arizona this weekend where they want have talk to me because arizona is some ways im most popular person in arizona because my stance and be there this time probably three years ago because knew was bad then is worse now it was terrible then and its worse now its worse now than its ever been we dont even have border people just flowing through like water snowboarder right now of dont try and convince me that there no crime that its wonderful that people that being forced in and these are just mexican people the people that being forced mexico doesnt want people theyre forcing them into our country and weve taken were putting in our jails and our hospitals and were paying them money to different sources its disgrace dont tell me about safety you trying to justify safety border dont think its even statistic go check your numbers its wrong it sounds its it sounds good its wrong statistic check your numbers im not noxious i have great relationship with mexican people i have many people working for me can look at job washington many illegal immigrants working with many come from mexico they love me i love them and tell something if i get nomination ill win the latino vote i will win it because im going create jobs hillary clinton is not going able create jobs will tell you right now neither is jeb bush going be able create jobs i will create jobs and latinos will have jobs that they dont have right now and i will win that vote and everyone thinks o. g. trump is going to not do well with that vote ill do better with that vote than anybody and i have thousands of them working for me different places and have all over country i will win that vote well think a well dont you according to you its not true dont know you you know if if you believe that thats fine dont care its old subject im about jobs im about security im about fixing military im about taking care of our vets im about things that you have bring up all subjects whether did not who knows lot people dont agree with you on that by the way but im really about economic development and im about jobs and thats what we have to start talking about and about beating isis militarily and not acting like bunch babies like were acting writing i do have plan and i would not hell out the oil areas because their riches can be theyre building hotel in iraq they took over hotel the renovating hotel in iraq theyre renovating another hotel different location have nothing but money its coming out arrears and theyre getting most their money from oil which if you ran out her excuse me katie you remember number one i said should go into iraq anyway because going destabilize middle east thats exactly what happened then said when when sharon if youre leaving keep the oil wealth isis has the oil and iran has the oil they wouldve listened me that when was very struck the bush people in two thousand and four send people my office because they didnt want to say what was saying and im more into the military by the way than anybody but have know when and where use the military we made tremendous mistake we spent two trillion dollars thousands of lives wounded warriors all over place who i love by the way all over the place and what we have were not even there anymore and iran is taking over iraq effective meeting right now iran is taking over we got nothing for zero and its really sad situation with isis you kill them at head you take the oil thats where they getting their money if you bomb hell out it you bomb hell out youve got stop their im talking about oil im talking about oil areas im not talking about civilian ill give break and go ahead next question we have lot people that killed by god but im big second amendment person when prisoners escaped up new york which was tragedy in itself people that were against gun said thank god we have guns i remember seeing on television woman saying i was always fighting with with my husband he wanted guns he felt so strongly about guns would fight him now we have gun in every draw gun on every table in case these guys broke into the house very interesting on second amendment person there sick people is very very sick people theyll be able get something somewhere im concerned about everything im concerned about country a countrys going hell im concerned about everything okay our country is being beaten in trade deals by china by japan by mexico mexico is new china mexico is killing us and prayed that would being beaten at every front with being beaten militarily we have military that every time we send equipment to our so called allies one bullet is shot the air they we lost two thousand three hundred armor plated humvees not three or four or seven we lost two thousand in one day two thousand three hundred humvees said thats impossible can you lose that many bullet gets fired into the air and people that we giving these humvees to they run like bandits and enemy takes of over the enemy has better equipment than we have because with foolish have the license have gun yes do yes and its nothing business its really not your business i have license have gun what is what youre talking youre going have around yes i have gun and yes have permit have but i once you get into that you start getting into situation the slippery slope where all sudden youre going to really violate second amendment i dont want do anything to violate second amendment me the second amendment is very important charles krauthammer is overrated person who really dislikes me person never met him but mean hes overrated guy doesnt what hes doing he was totally favor war iraq he wanted go into iraq and you wanted to know stay there forever so you these are overrated people see who it is you can mention name if they by way you gonna mention ones do like top you dont do that im film and with fortune built you know center went to best school got which marks everything else i went out made fortune big fortune tremendous fortune be announcing that about week because have file my papers than people even i have book on the art deal i do the apprentice art deal was like number one business book of all time or just about it was and do the apprentice nbcs angry me because they we knew the apprentice wouldnt do it and thats one reasons and nbc so i grab my and then i get called by guy that cant buy pair pants get called names give break yeah would and i think could have long time excuse im allowed forty five day extension and another forty five day extension i dont expect be using and you know on time is really not on time because youre allowed automatically to forty five day extensions dont think im going using i should be filing theyre very complicated you these papers werent meant for me because complexity of and bigness of what have but we should be releasing them ahead of schedule made it old fashioned way in real estate in real estate i made it and a lot money doing everything did i made lot money with apprentice mean lot money in real estate i met lot money everything did ive had great success not it limited which was if it werent for immigration okay union hearing about word immigration wasnt donald trump immigration is word illegal immigration i brought whole subject of infection your friends at fox gave me great credit for that the other day that said wasnt donald trump we wouldnt be talking about illegal immigration or even immigration right now and ive been given and then you had horrible tragedy in san francisco with young woman was shot with person that should have never been here no this is too important yeah im losing some contracts who cares people politically what theyre weak and there they want be politically correct some of them have already apologized me they made mistake and know what thats fine because compared what have first my companys massive company was very rich company but compared what have it as most important even if was up a huge amount money i would still do this now when people run from one present you as as example when these different people running for president dont lose anything politician doesnt lose anything when he she runs for president run they lose they win they dont lose anything when i run as successful person i was tremendous amount mean the kind money that lose or all these deals if youre reading about now lot of blown out proportion like had espn or espn so you know it was was ballroom evening an evening bowl thats already replaced they have nascar left it that was another thing guess espn maybe was little golf tournament nascar was ballroom was banquet but they make it like its this tremendous deal katie religious press is very very dishonest and think people wise to the you because i want make america great again honestly very simple our country is in trouble eighteen trillion dollars going up to twenty one trillion very soon once we had twenty four trillion where greece we grease on steroids well large scale version i want make country great again we have potential have that great spirit that we once had we dont have anymore our country is mess whether its illegal immigration whether its our military whether its the way we take care of our vets our country is mess george will is another one he was at marla go years ago he spoke didnt want listen to him speak hes never forgiven me for fact that didnt show up because find him be very boring guy so what want listen to george will for i listen to the people get biggest crowds get biggest standing ovations and guess you see in poll numbers and i dont even care about look may be wasting my time doing this and cost some money terms of some deals the big money is the opportunity because while im wasting my time talking to you which is you know essentially one sided but thats fine but while im wasting time talking to could be doing and other things thats im losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars nobody else loses when run for office they dont lose politician doesnt lose but i do want make me just answer question im running because want make country great again well on fox they say that did great service because im one that brought up the whole discussion on immigration i think im helping party greatly and i actually think that if you look at mitt romney was great disappointment because ran terrible campaign and especially last month totally collapsed to choke something happened to body joke pure and simple if you look at him many conservative republicans just stayed home they didnt want do anything mean they stayed home they even before if those people got out and voted he wouldve won but you had lot of republicans and conservative republican stay home because werent energized vote i will to know because im going put him to im going be able get jobs i will take jobs back from china ill take jobs back from japan where theyre making so many because mean millions and millions of cars what we get we said very little to japan by comparison ill take jobs back from mexico mexico going become the car capital world way theyre going forward is now building a two and half billion dollar plant dollars in mexico they gonna sell cars in united states and parts and drugs in united states excuse me how does that help us in tennessee they just lost a plant that was going be built in tennessee it went to mexico so mexico is going take care their people because as said before their leaders smarter than our leaders and their negotiators far better and that will never happen if im president how it was those no theres nothing to apologize for theres nothing apologize what read my statement my statement is referring to mexico and theyre pushing lot bad people into our country and were taking care of a lot of criminals that shouldnt be in our country and you saw that the other day in san francisco were taking care these people when people read my quote they say oh you know sort interesting i made my presidential announcement right here in this building i made everybody in the great reviews some great great reviews some good reviews it wasnt until week later the people started criticizing that one statement and im referring to mexico i have great respect for country of mexico i love mexican people this but country of mexico is killings the country of mexico is taking our jobs theyre killing us at border it taken advantage of the fact that we have stupid negotiators with very stupid people in our country negotiating for us and we have leaders of dont know what theyre doing so i respect that im not angry at mexico angry at our leadership for not putting our right people to negotiate when because china so manipulates their currency that its very hard to find companies that can do business in united states is because im businessman let just say something and its very interesting you know bringing up anything acting like youre great report up up up up you know bring up i every speech make talk about i always hate that have have my ties made in china and made in china because china manipulates their currency to such degree they just manipulated it again two weeks ago i never thought id see it so fast again and again theyre taking our jobs they take know manufacturing that did destroying us and whether we rebuilding china and then you know what they do they loan us back money we owe one point four trillion dollars to china so they take our jobs they take manufacturing and then they give us money and have pay them interest jobs back from china you take the jobs back from japan you charge saudi arabia saudi arabia makes a billion dollars a day every time this right and if you think these people were after yemen tentatively yemen there after the oil in saudi arabia you take look that border this was the the country that barack obama said all well we had great victory in yemen great victory its all of great victory right a week later it totally blew up his face that border is long border right along saudi arabia you look at what happens that just like i predicted what was going happen in iraq and all these other candidates im running they you look at somebody like jeb bush it took him five days five days to give proper answer iraq he was changing his answer every day how is somebody like that going to negotiate the and your change word you you youre allowed use that word television so i will tell you this ive made lot money against china i made lot of money in all these countries have great relationships with these countries if you take look at whats going on in terms of relationship with united states everybody hates us hillary clinton was the worst secretary state in history united states hillary was the worst in history of the united states theres never been a secretary of state so bad is hillary the world blew up around us we lost everything including all relationships there wasnt one good thing that came out of that administration her being secretary of state i have great relationships if you look at business week magazine they did story on the ten things that china most one of the ten things anything trump anything trump and im toughest critic there is on china people have to respect you china mexico we have good relationship with mexico look at sergeant tamari see he goes over there and they put him in jail we couldnt we any our people that know talk to finally came out long after he should been it was disgrace think terrible person she was the worst secretary of state in the history of our nation why would you be good president think should be terrible president hillary is weak on immigration i may be divisive on immigration but shes weak immigration which is far worse hillary would let everybody come in killers criminals drug dealers everybody if you listen hillary everybody is going be flying through the nation they are sort of now anyway but you listen to hillary she is so can immigration we will have crime wave like youve never seen immigrations a big topic take look all the crime thats been committed go take look at the night youre very person try getting it out try getting it mean dont put this on television but dont even what talking about try getting it out know what number one i i disagree with that number two whether its true not illegal immigrants im talking about illegal immigrants im not talk about him im talking about illegal im immigrant urine but were all immigrants gottlieb talking about illegal immigrants causing tremendous tremendous and nobody wants talk about and thats why fox at least and then you wont leave this perhaps but least foxes being honest because they now talking about it bigley and if i didnt bring up the subject number of weeks ago we wouldnt even be talking about illegal immigration right i think that would cheat then probably get i have to tell him have go back you know i would probably telling you have to go back mean theyre illegal immigrants probably say you have go back like doing that no im nice person believe not mean i have think would probably tell them you have to go back look we have anywhere from eleven to thirty one million country does even can believe statistics are from eleven thirty one million illegal immigrants in country we dont even know okay we dont even know nobodys able tell me the number used eleven now they think its thirty one million nobody even knows what the very sad situation but you have to create strong border and if i didnt bring this up we wouldnt even be talking it wouldnt even subject mexico only have a president because mexico is making fortune off united states i would get them pay for wall believe me they will pay for lives and watch all these pundits that dont have you know that dont have brains i watch old zillow your truck cant get them i built great empire through negotiation have able negotiate mexico is making fortune off united states fortune in addition to sending lot people here that forcing forcing and im talking about theyre bad people again i love mexican people love their spirit many of work for me right now i respect mexico but their leaders and their negotiators too smart for our leaders and our negotiators i will make that wall in both gay impenetrable you dont worry about how high itll be and mexico will pay for that wall thank very much on okay its its its too bad that you mentioned only the negative you one imagine all about that you way you put it everything so negative im not saying not saying im going youre saying im going well im actually number one and huffington post and some others and havent even come because they tell the truth i say whats happened made tremendous fortune and thats kind mentality we need in this country jeb bush will never take us promised land doesnt have hillary will never take us to the hillary will be disaster as present jeb will be very poor as no energy we need somebody that can make great deals with china with japan with mexico we need somebody that really understands cherishes the military i actually think be the jobs president but i actually think be actually even better in terms military i will create military when nobodys going mess around with united no think its the fact that say things that people agree with people like what say they agree with what say i have had tremendous success but have the success think it wouldnt be the same thing ive had tremendous success they understand ive had tremendous success and respect me and and what im telling i dont need this dont need this what im doing is for country want make america great again we have last shot admit if we keep going the way its going america is going be permanently thank watching