Donald Trump - Liberty University Convocation

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one thats you wow what a place what place know jerry took my speech but said we dont really need that stuff anyway this is an amazing school its an amazing university and ill tell you something all over world that talking about it liberty university what theyve done and in such short time so you can be very very proud yourself and your leaders amazing job you know your founder jerry farwell was great man and i was saying before that met him on number of occasions so oppressive so smart so tough when you had be tough but man with big beautiful heart tremendous heart and have to tell you that chancellor jerry farwell junior is incredible guy now i am real estate business you dont know this but for about twenty years jerry falwell junior wasnt central virginia as real estate developer a friend of mine from the area said man was he tough and smart and good you believe this and now look what hes doing sold all sort works but he was that tough smart guy and i want just tell you im glad he sort of left the real estate business because trump would be distant number two can tell you that its true you know when got call from liberty i said you know i was confirmed at first presbyterian church jamaica queens you dont where queens is its in new york first president and said you have that certificate and you have that picture are they going put it up because actually it but i was was terrible actually but you love going to sunday school people dont know this about trump that they go to rob you know trump but the truth is i went to sunday school and i love going to sunday school and did three years and first presbyterian church which is one of the oldest country was just great place and i learned lot and learned about god and that was probably the greatest thing ive ever learned to get all business stuff when i was asked speak i said you want to speak know these are in many cases young people that are going and want conquer the world and do well or you want to talk politics and said well maybe you talk about success but you could mention a little bit about politics well lets start by saying that our country is in serious trouble well its in serious trouble we have seventeen trillion in debt we have real unemployment twenty one percent to get the eight point two percent nonsense the real number is twenty one percent you know the numbers are such that you cant read anymore when youre looking for job and then you give up they take you off unemployed anya number doesnt show up so where anywhere from sixteen to twenty one percent the world is laughing at us were like bunch patsys china is taking advantage of us like nobody has ever done before china i sold apartment recently for fifty three million dollars building in new york and great building or my buildings equipped to chinese gentleman who in all fairness i dont im not knocking chinese leadership get away with that get away with but he said how do we get away with this he actually is asking me how we get away with it our leaders dont get let give little example the olympics we wanted to get olympics in chicago now president of united states makes trip to europe on airforce one trip because probably ten million dollars if know what these planes cost with all the security he goes there to make case that the olympics should come to the united states this is called amateur hour he gets an audience and he leaves so i say myself weve got olympics its done because no president united states would have ever gone to europe and made such big deal unless got or had a wink and nod meaning you come here youre getting not only did we get we came fourth place think at this this is way our country is run we are losing our jobs and manufacturing to other places you know we talk about apple everyones talking about apple and apples wonderful but they dont make their product here they make it mostly in china so what we gaining you without gaining they make the product why cant we make computers why cant we make cell phones why cant we make the iphone in this country we should be doing it here we just seem to have lost our edge and now were position that unless things take place and take place fast we are going to be for many many years to come in serious trouble to point that i dont know that you can really come back opec take look at opec you go to their airports you see where they live you see the way they live believable then you come in to laguardia kennedy to lax and its horrible its like third world country were spending money that we dont have were borrowing money from china to fight in libya so they go out and kill our ambassador and other americans and then guess where johnny gets lot its oil from libya we dont get the oil from libya china does and see that and made statement people said alright so controversial that so controversial we get called by the libyans there were being routed if you remember they were being routed by qaddafi was over so the rebels you know like gone with wind nice romantic term rebels most them came from iran were fighting us iraq but the rebels convinced us to spend billions of dollars on helping them now when they come just like olympic story what president would do that unless you know you can win same story here they come theyre about over its two days from the end and they say we need help now if jerry were in this position if i were in this position or of somebody that had some brain power were in the position and i will disagree with us and dont maybe you people will disagree i woulda said very simply we will help you but we want fifty percent of your oil and they would have said absolutely and the only reason would never ask for seventy five percent is because want nice person okay like you and would said absolutely now if you said it horrible same thing iraq we go into iraq know what iran in order get to syria is flying the planes directly over iraq because its much much shorter trip so iraq has the second largest oil reserves in world we go into iraq we spent one point five trillion dollars they hate us and get nothing you know the old days when you had war it was to the victor belong to spoils today we get nothing we go to war we decimate country and then we come out and what we do its horrible the way this country is being run is horrible we have such unbelievable potential such incredible now we could have said at certain point during iraqi war listen were going stay were going help you out little further but we want lot your oil we want pay at least give us back one point five trillion which sounds like lot money its peanuts have nine trillion dollars worth of oil give us some money back so its now the opposite i heard the other day where an iraqi probably potential killer said we want the united states to pay for all the destruction theyve done to country and one of these idiot politicians will probably say you know what thats the only fair thing to do so what were doing with our country is oblivion i just said and michelles heard me say it and hope she does great inner its going tough one right points up tough but you can you better but i just said that in of this country we dont need we have so much oil probably with your lecture you probably havent read and hear i dont you want touch it but you you have right under him but we have so much oil and so much energy that all fairness four years ago we didnt know existed between the natural gas and actual oil and its pure beautiful oil we dont need arent we shouldve approve the pipeline from canada but we dont need we dont need anybody no left new york and new york is being flooded flooded with presidents from and dictators and everybody got some dictators got some president sort combination both they call themselves president but theyre actually dictator but got hundreds of their in new york we have president is to new york know i how many meetings hes going to ask not one hes not meeting with one foreign leader now they talk about our country and talk about how barack obama has done so well in foreign relations and his foreign policy so brilliant what sprint everythings terrible you know he gets the greatest press of anybody that think ive ever seen you talk about teflon ive never seen anything like heard somebody saying the other day that hes an expert on foreign policy he went over cairo egypt made speech mubarak was overthrown and now they hate us and we give them billions of dollars and we continue give them and want more money but they still hate us its inconceivable whats going on so heres story if this country doesnt shape up and shape up quickly can be very very hard to recover number one number two we have election coming up that outside of the biggies you know george washington abraham lincoln we couple big right and maybe more important than them this is i think going to be the most important election that weve ever had theres never been time in our countrys history where a presidential election was more important because country is going in wrong direction add our dollar is being devalued the world is laughing at us they think were stupid and i see the way liberty university has been run ive seen where you came from and how was struggle and how brilliant it is right now our country has the same potential if we ever wanted do something about it as example the trillions of dollars that we give on energy if we took it for ourselves and actually took it whatever we dont need we exported we can take care of our deficits we can take care of our steen trillion dollars which will turn out to be peanuts by comparison to the kind of numbers youre talking about so the potential is enormous hopefully the right things happen in month and half and we get back on track because the next subject that were going discuss just briefly is success do you guys see all these handsome young men in front and see all these beautiful young women you guys want be successful it dont you care you better believe so lets talk about okay all right what is he ever stand up stand up i love this guy guys you have great people i love them because i was no different when i was twenty years old believe me i wanted to be successful i wanted get out brooklyn said pop i love you but want get out brooklyn love brooklyn but want get out and love those buildings what you look from queens and brooklyn and id see those big buildings as big skyscrapers in manhattan said pop thats what want do thats what wanted to do and lots of things can happen mean give you one story about eight years ago was approached by nbc and mark burnett do show that they had entitled the apprentice now i had an agent a big big big agent and he was great agent but i shook mark burnetts hand and nbc was dying to do it and said would only do it if you do trump youre the only one we want nobody else so was honored by such you know okay im going do knew nothing about television nothing so my agent calls me i heard you accepted during apprentice wont let you do it i said said youre fired hes worse than me i did say that but waited little while tell you its up so jim said donald in history of television theres never been primetime show about business or what youre trying to do that succeeded i said wish you told me that then he said and only three percent of the shows to go on television make it so know what youre probably gonna have failure anyway but youll definitely have failure im your agent i do not want you to do the show so said you know jim have problem i shook the hand of nbc and shook the hand of mark burnett who also is known for having done survivor which is another great one i think apprentices better but these minor details said should finish it doesnt matter you cant do said have to do it anyway time goes by we do the show it goes on it started number ten it goes to it goes to five and four it then goes to number two following week its the number one show on television and knew it was good because i dont know what word rating meant that it knows good bad but i know is good because chairman of nbc called me was my birthday it was seven morning and called should donald just wanted wish you happy birthday now to me is instinctive businessmen that means were doing okay right my wife said who was that said was chairman of nbc he want wish me happy she said darling its like stirred in morning so we went out and get call from the agent and he calls me also but his clothes like at eight hes donald congradulations id like to see you as gym what want see me about said will you show just hit number one and if you dont mind i think im entitled to very substantial commission hes worse than real estate broker jerry so said how much do think youre entitled to well how about two three million dollars said jim youre fired and that was it was but remember this okayed story is long but the point is number one want honor my hand check i would have had not hand would have really listen to jim so thats important number two is sometimes in life to be successful oftentimes most the time you have to follow your instincts you have to follow your gut you have to your parents they say wrong your whoever may say wrong but have to do it now speaking of that youve gotta love what you do and ive seen so many instances where people with great talent when into things that they didnt love and failed ive seen other instances where people with far less went to wharton school finance i used to say until coming here its great school in world greatest business world may have to revise my speeches put it at number two soon i probably will the way youre going think going have to do that pretty soon but i i would always say to people and id see people and id say you gotta love what do because know you love what do you work harder its not work i love i just for on jerry just put your eight hundred acres middle miami gorgeous tub soaks dont want fix it up its sort of not so nice now got big tournaments got everything but was run by wall street people wall street people arent good for fixing things take good for moving paper thats not good thats not what we want country i want do sort version what you did here but have many many jobs like that i love taking things and fixing taking things and building i love building i almost like fixing better because if youre smart if youre really smart you can save lot money when building is there the foundations built the steel is up walls are up then here have people say renovation costs you more money those people that are smart people i know the perfect you renovated couple buildings here did very well that you could never ever do if you had build new if you build new i love that too do i do both ways but theres something great about the vent renovation priced self youve gotta love what do youve gotta work hard never ever quit never ever give up because thats the other thing i seen people that are super genius but they dont have that gut feeling they dont have that stick to that never quit and ive seen people that almost made it and failed because they couldnt go that extra mile couldnt do it so you get something you never ever quit never ever give up you know theres another one as was coming down and just wrote it and very rarely spoken about it and frankly i dont like to talk negative but sometimes people better off knowing should tell you what it is or not yes i had feeling youre going say you know when people ask about success just started thinking about it over last couple years because ive seen lot of you have to have an ability to handle pressure because you dont know how successful you are have many many friends and enemies lot enemies to dont care but the smart i have lot of enemies and ive watched people and ive seen it and people that can handle pressure can be entrepreneurs can be successful now i have some friends really really smart but cant handle pressure in which case they should work for somebody to great and have good life theres nothing wrong with because i almost think thats an instinctive thing the ability handle pressure one of things tell people about pressure is you know what they said how handle pressure whos had more pressure than me ie a have i add pressure over the years and you know mean get criticized my hair but not so bad and its mine you know is my real hair i mean i get killed i had an article recently that was so good it was such great article and that had one line but wears the worst hairpiece ive ever seen couldnt show the article to anybody and its not even true but you have to have the ability to handle pressure and if you cant handle pressure you have to know that about yourself you have know that about yourself so handle pressure if you cant thats okay but one of the things tell people about handling pressure is remember because he has for question how you handle the stress and somebody actually said donald youre so handsome believe this love this person youre so handsome how have you stayed so handsome under all this pressure and actually thought of it to myself you have to remember it doesnt matter god matters your family matters does it matter and if you say its i have some people dish ive got successful ive got be done that would be success which too crazy they they cant think straight does that make sense does that make sense to you that was going crazy standing up about your success right so got of now is little bit more low key very good like we condom down so youve got be able got be able still save yourself nothing matters that much other than the real big deals with family with your faith except okay always have passion youve gotta have passion for your family life your church for whatever is youve gotta have that passion youve gotta just love it okay now there couple things at given speeches and hes right get millions dollars to speak he gave me nothing this guys tough i actually said well you know to representative trumpets millions of dollars to speak and they look at me like excuse me millions you get nothing i said okay but im presbyterian someone be there because they wont even pay for my plane fare you know not even my but honestly i have to tell you i love you too the well thats mail that said that was male thats but love him too ok but you know i really wanted to be here because ive heard so much about liberty university especially being and being a christian and very proud christian and real question people who say gee wonder what meant by that but ive heard so much about liberty university and the job thats been done that this was really really my honor i always finish off by saying two things but im not going say them to you because you people dont have this problem one is in business get even if somebody hurts you use much different word in other speeches that id but wont use because becky said please dont use bad language some he is so im going say should use it now want you i promised you did it in front the rough rough group of teamsters in las vegas they were great and did it use really foul language i got killed by that would cause that was broadcast all over place but wouldnt do it but i always say dont let people take advantage goes for country to by the way dont let people take advantage and know if nothing else other people will see that and theyre going say you know im going let jim smith or sarah malone im going let him alone because theyre tough customers so always say it but wont say it you because its different audience you dont want get even do you yeah i think it is ok the other thing tell people because in new york its like total catastrophe its epidemic i always say always have prenuptial agreement but wont say have because you people dont get divorced right nobody gets divorced okay so i will not say have prenuptial agreement anybody in this room i just want to end who else would say that but right say i said i should say here but wont say it i will get my point across without saying right but to be winner and youre all winners youve got think like winner and you are just thinking like lot beautiful winners and love you all lets take couple questions because they were asking can we do some questions lets do it go ahead go ahead jack well my father was developer of real estate man in brooklyn and queens and so my first real ventures were when was wharton school finance did some little deals around philadelphia word by little houses philadelphia philadelphia and some and them and had but my best thing was around and checking real estate with my father loved it i wish you were around today he died at ninety four he loved what did and looked great and was great but just loved what did it kept him young and happy whos happy guy knowledge knowledge but if its one word one word very hard for that but the word is knowledge but you get knowledge through experience one of things people talk about is luck and do believe that people lucky and some people luckier than others do believe that but theres also expression harder you work luckier you get and can tell you ten instances where i didnt quit one it was nineteen ninety the world was coming down debt markets would everybody all my friends and enemies were going bankrupt never did and the but try i mean the times were actually just terrible and even today you look at times and you see what happens have learn but the word luck is very interesting but if i didnt work really hard i probably would not almost definitely would not be here and unless you had me up as man who at one point was successful but lets see what loser looks like so you have to work hard because it is true you can develop lot through hard work well i always love dom arose do we love omarosa by the way was shooting starting tomorrow we start shooting the celebrity apprentice sort of same thing osthoff shoot and im is candidate we brought back on ross we have great cast fourteen people all the best so weve taken the best from every season and will be sure to but i think my my best day on apprentice was really because again i as said before jury knew nothing about ratings but when i found out that was number one show on television i can you believe think my father think what hed my father passed away before that said im movie star im television this was not supposed be in my agenda so that was probably the coolest moment is when found out well we were doing highly competitive student have no comment jerry i will tell you before we came out went she looked took one look can it so out thats true but we have one more i think the best question i have so many young people coming to my office where theyre friends of you know daughters and sons and all and want know you sit could you sit down with my daughter my son and give them little advice i would always say study something that can help you after you get out of college mean see so many students studying things want say anything about which because give ten different names things that will never ever let them lead life where they can support family where they can support their children and their education and healthcare and all those things and i want tell them dont do it but at same time if they love it i always say you have to do what you love but i would always say you want teacher you study certain courses where you want teach those particular courses if you want be business person should absolutely go business school and whether its marketing accounting or any of if you want be scientist that you think you got have to study that so always study something but when you study it dont do it just because its of interest do it because remember youll be graduating in two years or four years or whatever it may be and you want use that as base for great life for you your family and you want proud yourself and your family wants be proud you so dont waste that college time to my way of thinking college time is so precious such an important time probably in way the most important time of your lives dont waste that period of time things that just wont help you have to do it you have to do it but i would recommend you study something thats going help you future you are great great group of people and im honored to have been here and hope to come back someday jerry