Imran Khan's Short Interview on BBC News Victoria Live Partition 70 Years On 14.08.2017

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years ago tonight two hundred years of british colonial rule in india came to end and country was partitioned into two independent nation states hindu majority india and muslim majority pakistan that led to one largest mass migrations ever recorded with estimated twelve million people on move muslims jenny to west and east pakistan now known as bangladesh while hindus and sikhs headed in the opposite direction communities that co existed for centuries succumb to sectarian violence hundreds of thousands killed tens thousands women wood ducks it on all sides india and pakistan became independent at same moment at midnight its as old as fourteenth nineteen forty seven gave way to august fifteenth pakistan now celebrates its independence down was fourteenth and india on august fifteenth former cricketer and pakistani politician imran khan space bbcs ins eras shed he says the situation between india and pakistan is worst its ever been partition was five years old when was born so i guess im vividly remember the the trauma of partition trauma suffered by the people around us and you we grew up with this hatred there was this hatred against india cricket is probably the most common thing that that brings two nations together and if we roll back to you to your years of of playing cricket what was it like playing india the crowds would just so passionate about you beating india somehow this the clouds forced players to do really play it almost transcended as if it was it was no longer cricket game it it became more than cricket game when played india and was forced by the by the crowds did ever get to point both of your knowledge that he ever turned violent in any india paxon clashes that but your pots of in nineteen eighty seven the crowds were hostile i still remember in and about you playing dispatch and it was very pleasant because normally you expect rivalry and you you expect passion in crowd but dont expect crowds throwing stones at field as the standing boundary line so i remember there was hostility there and that was surprise took what situation right now and up by exxon and on on borders with india can you tell the people back u k what situation is the current situation is probably the the worst its being between india and pakistan the main reason is because india has prime minister who has not risen above of what be his his community thanking has the association with hindu extremists has background where there was this massacre in in gujarat of muslims when was chief minister somehow we expected that when im not in the mood would become prime minister who would rise about this but i have to say were all so disappointed because narrative morty is not just disappointed pakistanis his disappointed muslims in india if we take situation that is now then and we translate that now its british life this british indians british pakistanis to public hearing stories from both sides how think that affects people back then the british indian bug studies society s has of blood because they have resources they have the other rich then frenchman they are the ones who should force a specially someone like not in the mood move towards peace here feel that the best maybe lack of education the lack of understanding exactly what situation is like even back to nineteen forty seven how that developed in curriculum this should be attempt for before by the british authorities to make people understand what exactly happened nineteen forty seven and if understand that bin then they would understand the genesis of this animosity between two countries and seventy is is celebration at the end the day how much special occasion is this its very special occasion because you know it is and will see that when go out on streets people would come out and celebrate and there is this desire and people that you they want to celebrate a bug stunt it that it should have been and it hasnt been you know and run khan talking about petition