【 UnderTale Animation Movie #101】Epic Undertale Comic dubs Compilation

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you will one i love most police took over disappear and wont let them dont worry you stole my hairstyle bitch beauties i make it work i begin feel bad for being the torah you do something anything yeah he will initially what i kind for you finally pushed me far enough show me special attack now get ready florence get ready bc my trail power o sure okay alright every turn well give my all see twinkle toes can handle i remember think got to be kidding me while theres thats amazing gone im so glad you could come along to work with me press now you can see all the fun things your mom has to do as please press pass kelly are you could meet some hard working people here to stay our favorite no way so like totally full with filing right now first want effect you smack breakroom we hear me good alright so tell me you want explain how we found this year bag of ten lakes your car please coffee still i wish you salad informer flight could see what had out and meets right put factor you know are you new recruits for the canine unit one world he nine units already has so many members do they really need anymore ive got an idea lets make demo new rookie yeah now well have the privilege being trained by the greats detectives papyrus and im dying thanks must truly be the most exciting moment of your life alright lets take newbie figure right along with us on case well he wears friends youre lucky rookie big case that sheepskin and i think that big hot dog stand off distance gave up after first explosion settled weenies but not aware enough to meet that format chorus when traveling with that great detective i else wed travel bender neutralizing show wait custom custom rainn and our custom planes that could only seven not very rocky so where exactly we meet uses informants of yours papyrus my environment just under cover gathering intel on the city the underbelly that he requested meet outside one of the ends up in rear view three c go easy you know if you you got be kidding virus release early gives it could go for glad could make it take seat and i need information on who is trying to squash the spiders vindicate not slapstick yeah wireless to people know and read up on i really jams shari i mean we yeah well okay okay theres some revealing photos yeah why do i think its yeah then proto copying your bounty side again well looks like my work here is done to wire so im gonna go back cover syria dont you dare just me high draft east let out between panels looks like my lazy bones brother wasnt any help now where will we look for clues may be all you know were you be such bother would moustache bearded gentleman said i should show you what i found you see i was there the nine month its safe green burned down i was sitting at my favorite room lot enjoying nice night feeling like garbage someone burned the sky kin one suddenly the whole building goal maybe im dying was giving taking classes im no one was hurt but mostly it was pretty upset shaw a filet meow hot spend spock wait did you just pick said als or and no matter spooky booby or no we still have our first piece of hard evidence great mistake this similac mostly what how fees makes of it who well yeah you got good the love the thats new year well after careful scientific scrutiny i can say with one hundred percent confidence at its definitely perk of matches we got that is there anything else can tell us all you sure no problem i can run trace analysis on it see what i can find there be cool blue lightning rod music like concerts crying documentaries earned actually he has machine that can do more back now really what mrs on time you really not everything off my counter to do that crosses helen do you think this will result take russell we none now this suspect didnt leave any fingerprints so they i therefore claus dont have fingers or alright telekinetic yeah scan did pickups in three settlements of what this match that came in contact with there traces of nitrogen potassium and phosphorus all ingredients commonly found in fertilizer which could be found where there are also traces of wrestling grafo sell maybe someplace industrial theres fertilizer actually on the edge of town theres a good chance here arsonist came from there alpheus yeah brilliance this could be huge great is case youre the best quick cut alright this is the place time to catch dark rock because mean well i dont know if your appendages some yeah so i sooner no ones buying it wed youre coming with us to the station we have few questions for you about smut that speaker well just get the light sent me no need to bring me in officer ross i burn hillman purpose is to found lava flow she was being so clever trying to play for way onto my turn i have about this on grounds lessons you learned at customer overpriced tycho right factory listen to you idiots not change anything since youre about to get lots we also set wins reversed it was jerry constant sense come on sis ice know what to do one thirty miles tags that something on the smiley trash bags to yeah put me on hold right roots and his son it is not coming swat date dont didnt have full awesome but there is no rookie knew how drive stick shifts they mustve found our dear lord here yeah for riding lawn mower we thought the austin for rigatoni now should jump rookie you stayed up bacon and cook cook and you know what we do when we catch credit all we we we come back at me yes away and i would like to give special recognition to these officers whose outstanding team work and determination but dangerous criminal behind bars thank you offices will now take questions from press you said yes higher question for doctor office how long have you been french canadian with certain guild officer who shall go and your fancy pants were put now what did finally kick you out the lash mmhm or some other sexy robot now wasnt i stopped her i not great iris will give statement to that and some reports are all the other case was fraught with peril no grip could withstand undying strength thats right whose name i just assumed but actually rocky address that parking skills and my ennahda something germ wages oddly like that burning sensation right now movie three harness and let you recruit the bus surprise me if he but you know its time to make some sense mean you look what found its mine now say we should turn everything upside down yeah but cant figure out is we turn table upside down but keep anything on top there way way up or that might need hey eat your dinner no i oh no my dinner is cruelty a