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you know ive seen a tease prior parts on four separate occasions not to mention ninja turtles cock plus whatever enough fire this thing is but i must say this time they have gone too far because while you may have seen sasquatch plowing his way through camper girls nothing will prepare you for donald trump having sex and besides we already had spinoff of ghosts cant do it with two thousand five made for tv movie trump unauthorized in political porno spoof donald tramp he has very large penis drop would probably authorize this marys running for president or something idle now but im sure both sides the aisle can agree none of us want see his calm face and yes this is once again from wood rocket continuing to give your computer termites at e s is thank you for telling me donald tramp is the triple x parity you know as opposed to the rio donald tramp you dont need specify that its parody win the title is already a hell movies starring guy named dick shambles that hell thats not name thats what warts on italian batmans balls called mauboy does this intro mean that they got up billman the actual white house leroy myers director stroking mine took five minutes out his day to write but directing duties go ten mate lecturer who have made is well hes already drunk in this movie donald tramp is answering questions from debate moderator and then they have sex and thats it thats the entire movie its only twenty two minutes longer so lets see if this guy hit the lease does good trump impression or america or hello miss moderator not even talking trying the only way that impression would be funny is if all his other impression sounded like that but then at the very end he does us brought on elvis presley impression apparently donald tramp is the offspring of dennis quaid and sam worthington but with robert redfords hair maybe they hire dick cheese balls because hes used being scary images of porn he was literally in movie called clown porn and she wont be in clown porn dick chip bowls was credited as half pounder and in case you ask neither are his real name which is in fact christopher farkas well was gonna ask also that ellery air i am actual ly i provide context and explanations for things that arent needed nor were they even asked about flock sort other words youre wasting my guy damn time and surely i am not only wasting your time time wasting the time of your viewers as well if i didnt speak up then you wouldnt know that i know things nmo already well aware of everything youre talking about now im doing my job time actual levy year it anyway trinity st clair plays the debate moderator the hell kinda debate is this lets get right down to it my debate with nobody because if someone argues with donald tramp in debate that clearly means they are biased against donald tramp no traveling needs three point me myself and me now you cant debate yourself if youre anything like real donald trump your opinion on things will change every year to bear its core each currumbin proposed to system frequently change their minds about different topics especially when the catering towards certain pace during an election year yeah i know politicians are supporting you telling me this beat because these deeper meaning you shouldnt need me you trust their third even yeah its an unnecessary changing their routes that you know as it thank you and youre youre supposed be tony affair actual e his name is toby fair we watch the same videos together and our contributions are always pre actually i dont think thats true sue where youre not being objective because you cant maybe do this conversation wanted to hate us yeah i should know that doing political movie would break out all of the to be bears an actual lease maybe now tramples say something that i wont make a time viggo reference critics have said that you are a success anorexic what think about that what stupid bitch told you that actual troop quote at albeit a via merlin that means im just fat slob who was bleeding out the ears or wherever where is this being filmed welcome to one my many homes built on poor peoples torn down homes and bull does the church the opening showed the white house so the white house is yours and you built it which leads us into our next sick way just how rich is donald tramp i am worth a cocked billion dollars kaka billion judging by donalds hands probably tie cock billion that explains the bullying theres something i always wanted to see discussed in porno its donalds thoughts on breastfeeding breast feeding is private moment between billion that in his diaper and woman calls mark okay you believe david vitter out of this hello is this college well i hear what you said about david vitter just like the liberal hosts now to ignore all the democrats six scandals insurance say and whats your name justins say n hardly ugs one according to stretch your sewing though i dont even care about while take break from stopping a rubies of your sisters also what you read me the yeah bastard phil bernie but movie isnt just about making fun of trump he also take shots at his republican opponents i mean series if your name is jack youre not pain then youre wrong hey go easy on name jab a jabber wrote die hard he also has his thoughts on his democratic opponents to bernie sanders looks like elderly brick moran hes like the richard dreyfuss garbage pail kids call who here that thats the sound thousand bernie burroughs ana thousand keyboards calling the filmmakers sheep and promoting third party candidate is that you know nothing about in hillary gets brought up as well all three qual you know hillary is ball busting okay give him some voices the first chinese mentioned hillary without word crooked but why is he getting all these name calling for family game night the seventies your morale ball buster a great new game for week ago it it crap that im sorry while i cut away to that to live i think may have said something sexist no i love when they sift through fat and ugly one we should shipping those pigs off mexico how the hell can we do that with your giant golden vibrating wall we find out what would happen if trample on white house but they dont need explain that to me i already know whats going happen the we all get to watch doctor strange look for free but heres where he really starts losing me terminal they make great service plus theyd always be welcome and leading cities new terminator android future hotel like this yeah yeah know bucket stroke even confuses jewish stereotypes with latin stereotypes and you can clearly see the moderator laughing and cant believe im saying this now but he starts getting weird going to buy well i was expecting someone named donald tramp to get rabies starts seducing error way that makes all the viewers cox shrivel up like prune or his ski and first im going tell you that america is really lost and that i am one to find and then you will be drawn i hate say it but john holmes is dick man was sexier now all you can think about our tongues thousands of hot corny tongues and tongues making you so crazy all you can think about is what warm moist if they got it now my dick is im shriveled and earned she abels cant believe this seduction is actually working on moderator i fight that hard to believe especially when he says there s no lets have sex while whisper racist comments career reminds me when i got hit on by marge schott mike ya its like watching sun dried tomato make out with someone who is above making out with old vegetables here really doesnt matter if youre hearing or seeing this itll still be disturbing who are need our man i really wanted to see of shit himself it was that was that you want know what it sounds like when hes getting blown through it all up and down like big giant gold bouillon you dont want me to stop there youll want to hear a little bit more you know what billion as cartoon if you still dont know what billionaires cock tastes like at one point he puts his tie around his head like hes fucking rambo and i do notice one thing bigger than train dick and thats his love handles donald sharia is for everyone who prefers their beer bellies debbie is big is their balls sure well e donald trump would not be drinking beer because he is on record as saying that he is not partakers of alcoholic beverages sue is there booths movie is about to go on old school rap and no i dont want to slow up so on news me its possible that door no rare is a u drinker ill stop take your sears the day you wont serve you right here on clinton porn hours move near us say all i got stopped taking me so literally you made me miss the rest movie now all i have left to see is the final couple lines vote thats not funny joke real job would have been after all of that he asks her if shes voting forum and she still replies with fuck now so this the donald trump pouring her a movie so cynical and cheap they shot it in afternoon so they could complete it before the elections michael gets over iraq never mind the election and this movie was shot in completed before an average erections but i guess it is appropriate that man who directed donald tramp also directed movie thats just straight up called sexual harasser that makes more sense than title his other movies my first four geet hero a second my first orgy there what hell was first movie about this movie should been ninety minutes long and featured three way with two corinthians a sex scene with megan can ten minutes of piers morgan sucking his dick and asked as seen with vladimir putin a scene where he builds all wall around his cock to keep out mexican born star lana lopez and it should been called dot older homes the art of the d p what im saying is make poor impair eddies great again mmhm i got so much money its coming out my ads