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how does start killing rubies then low boy really my knowing do with this julia lou i got about the model and and this is what millennial men are clean if there are reviews really saying that when their brains were permeable and spike is like that dionne regulation of port auger feet there access there unlimited access pornography and their consumption of that unlimited access has caused them to well have to repeat it yeah that must really suck be in your twenties and have the deep problems i mean seriously thats typically something that only while thirty fifty forty six year old men end up having thats why they have the d pills yeah like fire grows cialis how women even uses to undergo really seems have view point all you want also about remy give me what you think about online porn on regulation being problem needy always you do do you have that problem know youve seen lot busy a lot board use you should and that no kidding well hes very opinionated about topic there now wanting gavel laws passed because its because im a generational epidemic mean literally we have bunch of viral men who are having problems with connectivity because the amount of online pornography that they have consumed and theyre having hard time getting their penis hard because well of real life to life sex just doesnt do it for them anymore well i guess you just have wait till virtual porn happens mean would that do it for you i just wonder because if only seeing unrealistic expectations of sexual cobbling is what gets you going then what you wait for because pornography online isnt working anymore either mean a lot it is bad it doesnt work for me much i dont use that much because of that reason i tried use my brain my fantasies my imagination but i dont have an issue in connective deal with human being in sexual means either i think its something that obviously the millennials havent been able to learn its something that hasnt been encouraged in their generation in order to have sex theyve been stuck in this digital era where there is no human can activity bad thing and now were starting to see the problems with that they now have porn addictions and only understand that sucked so half time of not more is an aggressive sometimes violent did bila dating and demeaning form of sax and when they have girl friends when they get mode and theyre so excited and they look like this girl theyve really want have sex with this girl they have this problem yeah and girls stuck wondering whats wrong with them because thats natural human response turn it inward like very the problem they arent sexy enough their body isnt slim enough they dont look like super models arent are cover magazines but the reality is is there has been an abuse of in a system of online pornography and that is really the problem so teach your kids how to handle online porn in the access of sexual world i read your fingertips in a healthy means encourage communication person person and not through tax store online its all about creating those interpersonal skills of communication and dealing and connecting with the real life human being because i see only way its going to get facts and in the meantime the millennials are stuck in this quandary of im not good enough then why doesnt this person who i love and excites me get my dick go well unfortunately these are the negative repercussions of over use of any instrument its not just online pornography in the long regulation or the lack of regulation of it it happens with alcohol it happens with drug abuse this system and pornography online has been abused by an entire generation and theyre demanding for regulation to be put on the system when the real problem is is lack of self control by the individual and lack of education with the parents regulation needs happen now home and parents each is the get over yourselves because this is the day and time that were living in your kids are looking at porn they are and theyre sexually experimental at very early age actually they say their earliest as five on up so get over it accepted this isnt religious political debate its just matter of human life its happening and theyve got access to all kinds pornography so get over it start taking control over it and help educate them about what is appropriate and sexual behavior body what you allow them to see in pornography i mean its really that simple now the people who were in their twenties and thirties in millennial generation and dad already are suffering from these conditions well im certain that modern medicine is probably going to end up coming was something other than e d pills in order to help you because theres tons of yall already starting nonprofit organizations help you deal with your porn addiction hello we all have addiction so there is hope for you never fear day overcome me to serve the de but lets not over react i may come seriously lets change the way that were thinking about this and start being proactive about human nature activities we all like i know wed dale give this video thumbs up and tell me your comments about this topic i win then did know but dont forget you need subscribe so you dont miss another burning question about sex relationships or life challenges because you never know you need to span the answer right here ruby day tv actually youre gonna find the answer right here right here suspect that by the time hitting it yeah