Payday 2 - Rust Voice Lines (Biker Packs)

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yeah found god does their hands up thats it was fucking easy careful for fuck sake just get it done for fuck sake damn that was loud avoid camera got fix this shit fuck it stuck blow your head caprices punk barry im almost out of ammo go up said get fuck down you bitching about this get the fuck up sorry control just came think how easy is to break someones neck snap says just kidding how else should i know right dont bitch out marcus is getting some burgers you want some a dragon now cuff yourself close your eyes and shut up fuck me im hit your spent thats mark right there found key card watch out this is it faster faster a wealth get fuck up usage thrash cloakroom demonstrating im ready if things turn ugly fuck me youre badly hurt if die you die i got the taste flock of fuckin smash you if you move yeah yeah im gonna break your fucking neck asshole ob bunny down yes yeah come on get up i said down clover somethings fucked got crowbar done moveon another wrong so dont fucking bored out my mind shits about blow killed that sniper i might be fucking dying over here office yup sons bitches use flash bang guard your stand theyll bitch they cherry ames profit taking our bags okay get down jump back to fucking work swat van coming in so called fuckin founded that fuckin smell funny pakistan upstairs we fuck and run the show zero giving fuck up i got you fuck i think left the oven on home down bitch ass club is history pay dragon yo you got nuts over there you know those honey roasted ones fucking love those jacket good tags your fuckin marana stay fucking quiet we gotta cloak your keep up dallas chains cheryl then coming dragon down the fuck sick this your last chance fucking bulldozer im hurt bad men hang in there a dragon wealth holy shit round now thats all them security cam over there it fuck down witness may stay away from camera motherfuckin dozer bactris everywhere a sydney nail i can take it for fuck sake is said burns dallas austin wealth pump gas cloakroom scary this shit out here there years and hurts as fuck but im still breathing on ground we fuckin did it climb fix it alright watch out chains tell all sorry controller must press the wrong button by accident sorry control something just got thinking of man who died my arms after i choked his scrawny little throat a can give your ears and shut your mouth you ravers imagine punks i found key guy where is that bitch as manager wont be able save your ass next time men back on your feet yeah myotis it this bitch a bunny got it got one okay block the jimmy right stay the fuck back surprise bitch pleaded ekstrom oh i got covered up and fight drills jam tie yourself up bitch base so go we got it digest snipers history lets get out here did you ran down fuck my keeps getting shit i dont if can fix cfo can pray or somethin yeah yeah whats next week my god damn buys them all over fucking weapon hey banning this years okay lets get back to work where on it medic bag place what fuck did they do you dragon take notes pitches this is how we roll i think i get used this sneaky shit saturday get ready to die you fucking cock sucker us put him up punk gas does are killed talk second merkys here process still our shit lets get this shit movement well lets do this the other day wherein up the stairs arrived down get down fuck me here is good as dead i gotta talk and smoke everywhere the fuck do now i think youre going hell to be honest straight to help get the fuck down i cooling you live to preach glover is more my style fuck me meds here for anyone needs it bitch ass cloak your bitch ass cloak killed fuckin died over here whats out tear gas so go and dont move feeling better and better barry body bag case deployed moves ill make these asshole suffer hit the fucking ground next sydney i got medic bag over here you know get this shit off me nope everythings good over here fucking hate machines sure its broken fucks sake man dont be bitch and get up my as burden gonna fuck can move on a houston go down how much goes work like this down straight years then lay down stay back let him come pans out punk computers done fuck him up okay got it as fucked up this is the way said a so called we got it im never tired this shit lets go get the fuck up finished fuck yeah keycard time leave motherfucking taser ammo bag place motherfucker a dragon did down on ground whats that fuckin shooter down podcast bridges of pulling back a jacket piece of trash dozer sydney lets go mother fucker whos at a wake take these cuffs rock pumps applauded me we got helicopter inbound get up fuck this shit its jammed whats that fuckin noise think its stuck by big case right here downstairs on my way to fuck was that got it all about them get my pay day i got some extra snack pudding if any wants them down what you called me of sun and play some drugs over here we gotta get it fixed day hoxton fuck you pump taser taser history grenade on your fucking knees bizarre ride p says see at page zero swatch operant coming a sledge fucking throat motherfucker fucking cop to take our bags fuck off plugger on fucking ground i got you man down down watch out camera turret stay back im over here a sydney it off your fucking ass coming over go away here dont die drag and that one hurt this place shit that enough keep fucking looking wake this is the wrong way dont make kick your teeth you hear me we got swat van cumin paul died ed barons get it done hurry tear gas was my god damn protection bow that time to celebrate with couple cold ones we got taser jagged run break your fucking face you hear make faster this is the way talk yeah im back in business well take care of it forget how you yeah but we have got suck his cock thought you look at them look away aaron said nay yeah thats good thats good up we need go up piece trash taser down stairs you guys are alright fucking bitch ass treeless duck pond gas shield fuck your ass up pompeii bodhi step back camera watch god we dont need fucking door ammo right here yeah im with you down here will fine fuck off punk dozer block off sniper punk security im to ride home would done podcast cloak good down turret fuck me no its open stay nice and calm okay thats message here fuck that went through the vest what she does next these bitches dont know whats comments overhead move those fucking legs jimmy desisted computer isnt working get your ass at a fucking punk look away punk sorry control just contemplating invited jason pussy tonight just go home its mango instead what think dallas found cheap car dragon lay the fuck still punk day think drill is stuck incoming time to leave i got medic bag place austin austin okay whats fuckin next well im back here houston debt down bad here tear gas suad band coming and skip bulls should use in this day boating security chem one thought your professionals you wanna quit on my way stay the fuck down found key card shoppers we can secure the peace got tacked on they help me right through the fucking wall bitch ass does it down keep going motherfuckers you might want give me last words somethin found it let fuck income pay wick bridge jumping cock sucker is dead i need medic bag put cuffs on clover dont move talk then a good dragon and stay down lets fucking do this son bitch bulldozer you fucking piece trash how yourself up bitch lisa trash does there barry hurry we got we came for time to ride home careful day so go down stairs down tough yourself that shit was fucking exciting whats next drop good cock sucker alright swat turret dont fuckin die on me time to blow shit up damn thanks will go drop it bitch drills finished fucking cloak of fuck get move on wrong way sydney gonna bitch ass turret dont make me kill you as fucking air up stairs gero suck my dick sniper sake it good a wick what fuckin now pigs still our bags didnt tire that sneaky shit must do this the real way smoke grenade fuck you sniper bitch whats out sniper theyll plunk drop cock sucker all jump in things fuck up fuck me got key card to fucking medic bag thats what im talking about trying stupid shit you die was fucking go faster guys thats right lay still and shut your mouth thats how we fuck and do it over have restaurant no its fine that target these assholes seem to have had enough this piece trash is jammed is bridges cant keep up with us stay still yeah yeah right here medic bag here dont fucking move on get these fucking cuffs off me fuck your cloak karass spotted fucking shield air recovery proctor stay tuned to see you then dozers dead podcast taser get your ass out here punk rock cage zero shit im hit houston got it stayed out smoke this way fuck me that was smooth you all know what youre doing thats for damn sure straight ahead you want some this goes there to get the information we it save rust sprang from the over kill limbs left here digest days responded to sit as pulling back if the ground bitch what do get involved it bullshit i thought was too for sure kente expected agrippa klauss suddenly see my ass nnova truck to escape choice came during thats how we do it punks suck my fucking dick ive put up trailer for shit clear got pump gas does a here follow me now does it killed smile got us they want you pull towards the jacket thought fuck you don fuckers bonnie straight on suck my dick does flock find him is burned like fuck downstairs we got one digest taser is dead finder look out demand among punks open this door got it these assholes still our bags barry sydney lets go down grenade ranma had chance concert user vents and get people like white chocolate more than milk chocolate mean what fuck make bad hair faster ekstrom over here got the drill up fucking easy what hell people want me you proceed out is that it and dont move get me three times make the city has regret their career choices shooting at bullshit did you sounds pants down here its just sit together were inside play dead wait for its real place today punk ass ninja see the mark turret watch out hopelessly out get up yeah im comin wherein what booty fuck off pump gas days there day chains me go move but to move this is what i live for open the shitty door pump gas cloak keep their sit colin alright alright got what needed to be back truck so can finish this up up up up it fuck me look at guard dog shit i heard about you guys but im dying thirst would any you be sweetheart and grab coke from vending machine lets you know okay that should do whats next motherfucker inside talks to create that car or your wheat you can any disproportionate inside you got it do it quick fuck pain hate things cant fix with wrench move your ass to fuck good turret right fucking now without the goddam smoke dont get lazy punks stay our guy day took care plugins sealed there was made some pot roast few boys hungry come and get tempo cock sucker buddy tell us what we need god dammit flash bang get down die bitch lets open this mother fucker up bitch ass cloak a day if you go down again its good night motherfucker ill get it done we got one day dallas you got fucked good yeah you fucking die and smoke grenade something right fucking computer whats out guard we gotta go fuck we got company come follow me its time lets go on your fucking knees remarkably dont fucking give up one down move on to next one you dont want to make one virginia sniper dead now smoke smoke they get up toxic is god but we still have job finish how you still breathe in man alright were gonna need an engine get this baby going im almost positive saw them store some inside clubhouse chiles punks straight on background hurry up get me any of look you want security drews done sucking taser find them or have become chains fuck that aint good opened less than minute mechanics dot get it now otherwise right out their lives hell i got myself into the right need tomorrow god damn bullets dont hear people you got it computers finished careful god move it ready not the right way bodhi pay club are fucking hell that was close run forrest run camera watch it one got helicopter inbound lets go i got you a dragon one down heres another stay with me sarah fuckin smoke fucking hurts areas thats how its fuckin done i got the best chance shell stay back guard jack get fucking bitch get more like this fucking sniper careful now down take this asshole bunny piece of fucking shit podcast sniper out its stuck out damn man youre almost dead just fucking ground podcast cloak my fucking eyes on her bed you motherfuckers one data tasers dead