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where was this bono boulder holder owned all you took it for more videos before we start pick up people enjoy my content on now hit with videos randomly being deep one tallest its almost what you choose to twisted game of jumanji one move you make for which you get pushed five moves back recently couple about that does have been demona tallest originally they werent just didnt show dollar sign so i guess it was among toys and then i attempted to go settings mess with monitors ation uns all the options were gone and then come back next day and videos now marked is not eligible for mona toys i should know this is point im supposed to say i love doing you chief videos for you because dont do it for free book ought net nigger all of money film was going stand is some these videos are animations of previous videos on those videos among the tallest but completely fallen so making videos on videos is fine but making videos on videos on videos for hamas and im also tried contacting you chip supports a hopefully troy kids for so poetic yet you championship support i yeah i now dont the only person talk about this allow you choose this horrible reliving me ive also been having videos demona tauzin holy shit that been beban hit billion thoughts on the now ill go you boy hates three three in saying that all his videos from vague nation to thank you three million bit demona toys less and then you go jenna marbles replied the tweet also saying shes heard videos de mon tallest jenna marbles again yeah im sorry think having the greatest time of my videos are really fun to me and im just been lucky go though that she is female i think of all the treats so so one worst ones was chris ray gun what some videos claimed and he actually went to appeal those videos yuchi responded by saying sorry our mistake wanna put one up again so that morning tea and gave him back monetize ation rights on video and then they took away again i am really confused as to why this is happening i know theres lot controversy the moment going around with your cube saying how theyve been boycotted buttons accompanies because are fucking mns found out that the video was minecraft lets play you cheered them making the group decision to take monetization away from peoples videos that doesnt that doesnt make sense that that copy link i dont i dont see any correlation that onslaught me sure in someone no its not problem is that this goes back to pretty much every single year she run that everyones going fucking planet and its that you choose needs more open support at moment theres only three real ways to contact you to bobby eva making coming out day video being black oh oh im not doing that one can you stop asking because more because it sounds im happy that only couple videos hit the title itself to this video was probably some fair mongering count so bonus befor if were told this video the way it out you should toiled it would give shit mean who gives shit anyway well all honesty it is quite spooky seeing your out driven you very slowly go down shaft because couple your videos have been de monetize joe most viewed videos month others still lot into the story because you chip went ahead on swear saying how they know theres problem with peeling demona toys videos and that looking to fix it so you can pale them know be valued shoop effort you never dimana toss them fucking first place mean identify myself as a pretty humble person you know theres been lot problems much know that ive never really address for example how crazies foreman sounds will not get the fuck out of my recommended videos not thing thought video hits million views well hopefully this problem could be resolved again myod revenue has gone down im sure its happened to lot of u cubas is well shame that this happened to my most recent videos i went through my old videos they could if any them got hit but none them did and problem is as well which is very misleading when these videos the molotov east google you chip they do not send you confirmation email i check my emails looking some kind knows there was nothing but also the section video manager review two copyright notices if click on that i thought video to come up there but they dont so there is no way you are able to know if youll videos have been demoted tallest unless you go through or your videos every single day or you wait week could you see a fucking drop enough referred you when have no idea why overrule the situation is mess really nice to see that you cheap about so we acknowledge it though that actually you know i i love to show you to your book recently there have been responding to you lot more problems and a knowledge in them least doesnt whether they carry them out but acknowledgement no baby steps are out not were not baby drop fucking call yeah i think you need give yourself pat on back any content cry is all people that have complained about it because you know its got response and you should looking into it are again its nice that we can appeal videos that were falsely di monito is bull avoiding them being falsely tomatoes first place thatll be great and you chip im be honest heard you couldve been shit at moment with money and feel that youre going around falsely you demona tauzin videos you counted to cover should itself foot back and we talking about that little pellet gun shots foot now we we took problem or a are hollowpoint rounds know quite recently i had a mid life crisis and if so how going fix this and i went ahead and made its i or a drug and so not because im a im complete five im not sure what call him im gonna have place holder name moment are cordoba tyrone magnus tara madness gay men please feel free to submit all your are how i want watch him grow we gonna go from tara magnus to mac sciences overnight anyways boys girls home death dogs thank you so much watching really appreciate it more videos coming soon take care goes to furry can