President Donald Trump ATTACKS MEDIA AND THE PRESS HARD The level of dishonesty is out of control

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very much i just wanted to begin by mentioning that the nominee for secretary of department of labor will be missed alex acosta he has law degree from harvard law school great student former clerk for justice samuel alito and that he has had a tremendous career hes member and has been member national labor relations board and has been through senate can confirmation three times confirmed did very very well and so alex will have wished him the best we just spoke and hes going be i think youll be tremendous secretary of labor and also as you probably heard just little while ago mick mulvaney former congressman has just been approved weeks late i have to say that weeks weeks late office of management budget and he will be i think a fantastic addition paul singer just left as you paul was very much involved with the anti trump or as they say never trump and well paul just left and hes given us his total support and its all about unification will unifying the party and hopefully were gonna able unify the country very important to me ive been talking about that for long time but very very important to me so want thank paul singer for being here and for coming up to the office he was very strong opponent and now hes very strong ally and appreciate that i think say few words and then well take some questions and i had this time we were weve been negotiating lot different transactions to save money on contracts that were terrible excluding airplane contracts that were control in late terrible just absolutely catastrophic in terms of what was happening and weve done some really good work very proud of that and then right after that you prepare yourselves will just some questions unless have no questions thats always possibility im here today to update the american people on the incredible progress that has been made last four weeks since my inauguration we have made incredible progress i dont think theres ever been president elected to this short period of time has done what weve done a new rasmussen poll in fact because people get it and much of media doesnt get it whom they actually get it but then ill write it lets put that way but i do rasmussen poll just came out just after short while ago and has our approval rating at fifty five percent and going up the stock market has hit record numbers you know and did there has been a tremendous surge of optimism in business world which is to me means something much different than used reduce demand all thats good now means thats good for jobs very different plants and factories are already starting to move back into the united states and big league ford general motors so many of my making this presentation directly to the american people with media present which is an honor have you this morning because many our nations reporters and folks will not tell you the truth and will not treat wonderful people of our country with the respect that they deserve and hope going forward we can be little bit a little bit different and maybe get along little bit better if thats possible maybe its not thats okay too unfortunately much of media and washington dc along with new york los angeles in particular speaks not for the people but for the special interests and for those profiting off very very obviously broken system the press has become so dishonest that we dont talk about it we are doing a tremendous disservice to the american people tremendous disservice we have to talk up find whats going on because press honestly is out control level of dishonesty is out control i ran for president to represent the citizens of our country i am here to change the broken system so it serves their families and their communities well i am talking and and really talking on this very entrenched power structure and what were doing is were talking about power structure talking about its entrenchment as result you know the medias going through what they have to go through two oftentimes distort not all time and some medias fantastic have say theyre honest but much of it is not day the distortion and well talk about youll be able ask questions but were not gonna let it happen because im here again take my message straight to people as you know our administration heritage many problems across government and across the economy to be honest i inherited a mess its mess at home and abroad a mess jobs pouring out country see whats going on with all of companys leaving our country going to mexico other places low pay low wages mass instability overseas matter where you look middle east disaster north korea well take care of it folks willing take care of all i just wanna let you know and harry did mass beginning on day one our administration went to work tackle these challenges one foreign affairs weve already begun enormously productive talks with many foreign leaders much of it youve covered to move forward toward stability security and peace in most troubled regions of the world there many weve had great conversations with united kingdom and meetings israel mexico japan china and canada really really productive conversations would say far more productive than you would understand weve even developed a new council with canada to promote womens business leaders and entrepreneurs very important me very important my daughter ivanka i have directed our defense committee headed by how great general now secretary mattis hes over there now working very hard to submit plan for the defeat of isis a group that celebrates the murder and torture of innocent people a large sections of the world used be small group now its large sections of world theyve spread like cancer isis has spread like cancer another mass i inherited and we have imposed new sanctions on the nation of iran is totally taken advantage of our previous administration and the worlds top sponsor of terrorism and were not going stop until that problem is properly self and its not properly were worst agreements ive ever seen drawn by anybody ive ordered plans to begin for the massive rebuilding of united states military had great support from senate ive had great support from congress generally weve pursued this rebuilding in hopes that we will never have to use this military and i will tell you that is my i would so happy if we never had use but our country will never have had a military like military were about build and rebuild we greatest people on earth our military but they dont have the right equipment and their equipment is old i used it i talked about it at every stop depleted depleted wont be depleted for long and think one reasons im standing here instead of other people is that frankly talked about we have have strong military have have strong law enforcement roles so we do not go abroad into search of war we really searching for peace but its peace through strength at home we have begun monumental task returning the government back to the people scale not seen in many many years in each of these actions im keeping my promises to american people these campaign promise some people so surprised at were having strong borders will thats what been talking about for year half strong the so surprised he having strong borders with thats what been talking about to the press and everybody else one promise after another after years politicians lying to you to get elected they lied the american people order get elected some things im doing probably arent popular but theyre necessary for security and for other reasons and then coming washington and pursuing their own interests which is more important to many politicians im here following through what pledged to do doing put it out before the american people got three hundred and six electoral college votes i wasnt supposed get to twenty two they said theres no way get two hundred twenty two two hundred thirty is impossible two hundred seventy which you need that was laughable we got three hundred six because people came out and voted like theyve never seen before so thats way goes i guess was biggest electoral college wind since ronald reagan in other words the medias try to attack our administration because they know we are following through one pledges that we made and then im happy about it for whatever reason and but lot people happy about it fact ill be in melbourne florida five oclock on saturday i heard just heard that crowds massive that want be there i turn tv open newspapers and see stories of chaos chaos yet it is the exact opposite this administration is running like fine tuned machine despite the fact that can get my cabinet approved and rest standing people like senator dan coats whos there one most respected men descend cant get approved how you not approve him hes been colleague highly respected brilliant guy great guy everybody knows it were waiting for proof so we have a wonderful group people thats working very hard thats being very much miss represented about and we cant let that happen so if democrats who have we have do is look where they are right now the only thing they can do is delay because theyve screwed things up royally believe me let me list you some of things that weve done and just short period time just got here i got here with no cabinet again each of these actions is promise i made the american people so go over just some of them have lot happening next week and weeks and weeks coming weve withdrawn from the job killing disaster notice trans pacific partnership were gonna make trade deals but were gonna have one on one deals bilateral were gonna have one on one deals weve directed elimination of regulations that undermine manufacturing and called for expedited approval of the permits needed for america an american infrastructure and that means plant equipment roads bridges factories people take ten fifteen twenty years to get disapproved refractory they go for permit its many many years and then at the end process is spend tens of millions of dollars on nonsense and the end process get rejected now they may be rejected with me but its going be quick rejection going take years but mostly its going be acceptance we want plants built that we want factories built and we want the jobs we dont want jobs going other countries weve imposed hiring freeze on non essential federal workers weve imposed a temporary moratorium on new federal regulations weve issued game changing new rule that saves for each one new regulation two old regulations must eliminated sense nobodys ever seen regulations like we have you go other countries and you look at industries they have and you say let see your regulations and their fraction just tiny fraction of what we have and want regulations because want safety want environmental wall environmental situations be taken properly care of its very important to me but you dont need four or five or six regulations to take care of the same we stood up men and women law enforcement directing federal agencies to ensure they are protected from crimes of violence weve directed the creation of task force for reducing violent crime america including the horrendous situation take look at chicago and others taking place right now our inner cities horrible we ordered department homeland security and justice to coordinate plan to destroy criminal cartels coming into the united states with drugs were becoming a drug infested nation drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars were not gonna let happen any longer weve undertaken most substantial border security measures generation keep our nation on our tax dollar safe and now the process beginning to build a promised wall on southern border met with general now secretary kelly yesterday and were starting that process and wall is going to be a great wall and its gonna be awhile negotiated by me price is going come down just like has on everything else ive negotiated for government and would have it would have wall that works when can have wall like have now which is either nonexistent or joke weve ordered crackdown on sanctuary cities that refused comply with federal law that harbor criminal aliens and weve ordered an end to the policy of catch and release on border no more release matter your release weve begun nationwide effort to remove criminal aliens gang members drug dealers and others who pose a threat public safety we saving american lives every single day court system has not made easy for us and even create new office in homeland security dedicated to the forgotten american victims of legal immigrant violence of which there are many weve taken decisive action keep radical islamic terrorists out of our country the parts are necessary and constitutional actions were blocked by judges in my opinion incorrect and unsafe rolling administration is working night and day keep you safe putting reporters save and as vigorously defending this lawful order i will not back down from defending our country got elected on defense of our country i keep my campaign promises and our citizens will be very happy when see the result they already are can tell you that stream vetting will be put in place that are already is in place in many places track we had go quicker than we thought because of the bad decision we received from a circuit that has been overturned at record number ive heard eighty percent find that hard believe that just number i heard that theyre overturned eighty percent time think that circuit is that circuit is in chaos and that circuit is frankly in turmoil but we are appealing that and we going further were issuing new executive action next week that will comprehensively protect our country so well be going along the one pass and hopefully winning that at same time we will be issuing a new and very comprehensive order protect people and thatll be done sometime next week toward beginning middle have delayed spark weve also taken steps to begin construction of keystone pipeline and dakota access pipelines thousands and thousands of jobs and put new by american measures in place to require american steel for american pipelines now the words build pipeline in this country and we use powers of government that pipeline happen we want them to use american steel and theyre willing to do that but nobody ever asked before came along even this order was drawn and they say that and im reading the autopsy we using american steel and said thats good idea we put there to drain the swamp of corruption washington dc ive started by imposing five year lobbying ban on white house officials in lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign government weve begun preparing repeal and replace obama car obamacare is a disaster disaster now you can say oh obamacare i mean they have they fill up our rallies with people that you wonder how they get there but the not republican people that representatives representing so weve begun preparing to repeal and replace obamacare and our deep in midst of negotiations on very historic tax reform to bring our jobs back jobs back to this country big its already happening big i also work to install cabinet over the delays an obstruction of senate democrats you see what theyve done over last long number of years that will be one great cabinets ever assembled in american history you look at rex to listen its out there negotiating right now general mad as mentioned before general kelley we have great great people is with us now we great people among their responsibilities will be ending the bleeding of jobs from our country and negotiating fair trade deals for our cities now let me go sharing fair trade deal actually fair for our cities country lets take of us we can let that happen anymore and every country takes advantage of us almost i may be able find couple dont for most part that would be very tough job for me to do jobs have already started to search since my election ford announced will abandon its plans to build new factory in mexico and will instead invest seven hundred million dollars in michigan creating many many japs fiat chrysler announced it will invest one billion dollars ohio and michigan creating two thousand new american jobs were with me a week ago you know you hear general motors likewise committed to invest billions of dollars its american manufacturing operation keeping many jobs here that were going to leave inviting get elected believe me they would left and these jobs and these things that announcing would never have come here intel just announced that will move ahead with new plant arizona that probably was never going move ahead with and that will result in at least ten thousand american jobs walmart announced will create ten thousand jobs in united states just this year because of our are various plans and initiatives theyll be many many more many what these are few that were name other countries have been taken advantage of us for decades decades and decades and decades folks and were not gonna let that happen anymore not let happen one more thing have kept my promise to american people by nominating justice united states supreme judge neil gorsuch who is from my list of twenty and will be true defender of our laws and our constitution highly respected should get votes for the democrats you may not see that but get there one way the other we should get there the old fashioned way and should get those votes this last month has represented an unprecedented degree of action behalf of the great citizens of our country again i say it theres never been presidency thats done so much in such short period of time and we havent even started big work that starts early next week some very big things gonna be announced next week so just getting started we will be giving speech as i said in melbourne florida five pm hope to see you there and with that i just say god bless america and lets take some questions mara maragos