Andrew Marr interviews Imran Khan

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thanks pakistan is a deeply troubled country currently suffering again from terrible flooding its also of course not great deal for great political instability and violence once hailed as partner of the west so called war on terror but its now distrusted by americans onto some bin laden was discovered that stoney creek that turned politician enron because published personal histories which is skating but government and about american policy in region joins me now welcome this is a this is book which says in it in essence that pakistan has become pretty much most corrupt political system in world thats pretty high claim well this is going to happen and drew because up in two thousand eight elections an amnesty was given to eight thousand of the biggest criminals in country and it and not only were given amnesty theyre allowed contest elections and most of them went by alright so when you have criminals running country of corruption goes through the roof and its not even corruption its blunder right now now you and famously created a council hospital free cancel school and done lot of that that kind of a philanthropic work and you hope that youll political parties time might have come but you starting from very small base if can put it politely and youre up against people with huge amounts of money and kind old system of summer barons puzzling out buddy seats well under the last elections big contests but was nine years back since nine years the other parties have gone down in pakistan because of corruption all the parties and bar in different provinces and as corruption rises as discontent rises theres insurgency throughout western borders this dog getting in karachi the floods so theres total disillusionment a boat off people from these old political bodies and so going to all the polls my body is now the number one party and bugs that i im confident that that this would be the biggest upset in pakistan because the young people want change you know was sitting in in birmingham a lot of pakistani people in britain in particular the in midlands and so on is it important politician like you come over britain and untold pakistanis here well part of the the campaign yes it is because the six billion overseas bugs bunnys their gdp you be surprises equal two hundred and eighteen million pakistanis a bit too far and not only us political bodies but whenever you want when you fix the system that government system the biggest investment will come from overseas bugs that is just like in china and in india it was the expects bridget community the overseas chinese and indians who helped the development the hope lies in future in the overseas bugs bunnys who went when the when you fight corruption fix the system thats whether and when hes going come lets talk about the the austin most of their the death of some bin laden in pakistan when we talk program to president obama he was pretty withering and angry about pakistani governments involvement all this with the suspicions about that of whats the feeling now in pakistan because very bruising moment for both countries humiliating for bugs than these humiliating that country has lost thirty five thousand people dead in a country that had nothing do with nine eleven there no bugs studies involved lot guy that was in afghanistan and that its the economy has lost seventy billion dollars total us aid is about twenty billion dollars and at three and half million refugees into really does displaced people so country that has given such sacrifices in the end for us bugs bunnys whatever the government role we dont know but to be called by but not the cia chief other bugs thawne was incompetent oh oh there were that there complicit i mean that was i think that was most humiliating thing fault for us but its not as david cameron here said that that pakistan is facing both ways on terrorism what exactly and thats why people like us believe that this was the wrong war we should not have gone into it it has devastated our country were teaching on collapse its an unwinnable war not in any bugs than enough understands same and as the as the as western forces pull back in afghanistan doesnt not simply push the fight against the remaining part of al qaeda into pakistan for the boycott these drone attacks and so level we have drone attacks but theyre totally counterproductive all they do is they killed suspected militants and their families but it but these quickly replaced by more people so every year the violence has grown at so at these have failed to appease failed policies friend of honest on the failing and by august on the on supplies in political settlement there is no military sentiment im your critics say that you know that you come across very very well all rest but youll become quite tough islamist yourself anyone who just does not go along with the us policy as i dont with us or against us you go become either right wing or hardline i mean i objected to the said this insane war on terror you dont fight war on terror with bombs and f sixties and helicopter gunship drones in villages where innocent people getting can assess exacerbating the situation so anyone oppose this policy it becomes an islamist sites this is ridiculous thing mean or its of the issue is never going be settled militarily all of any expert non knows that anyone your w ex ambassador yeah sure odd group please is exactly the same thing alright imran khan thank very much indeed for joining us