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hello everybody on it is time for the fifth part of my queue in a series its actually the second to last part drone bom bom all talk about that at in the video but start with some questions all rights hope first question from to to they asked you have any plans your for saint patricks day arm im not irish at all so usually dont do that much on super tuesday but grew up parade now in my town versus patricks day every year and their second question is what think about home cones fun to voice act but generally done much show yet i wanna developer more the series on charlie budding are asked what is my plans of old five and what like latte lifeless rolled five under really understand we mean by plans but gonna start lot changes series such as new assets stuff so i guess outlook on earth latte hes just really funny character and like him cool alex canine asks what inspired you fire extinguisher i just want come better host and sticky and wanted this west distance myself were mode so came up with au lac first actually website youd be better off as co host so how mean spirited she was so thought we should have nice host to combat the median this and first was rumored be a hero because fire extinguishers take out fires and save lives gloria home with make sense bro one one is three questions first question is what character you focus the veldt paying most all i want know characters doesnt see much show like diving team bonding can in future episodes arm the second question was who was first new contestant object lockdown came up with no no sir all none old characters or new they have all been made like twenty twelve so probably newest wont fire extinguisher and the third question is have you watching upset of old and darla scores have arm hj asked my least favorite video game slash game overall im obviously animal crossing me both us with games ducked and yes i have it and horrible armonk makes kirby eight extreme asks can have own characters be recommended logic like that would if the i theyll be awesome possibly in future right now must say does recommend characters because our own surely this years already have so much characters anyway hope maybe later on shall see from acid spitting alarma lamma hello the peseta lamas la right whatever by sticking gonna appear in few shops of object locked probably not since i dont really like him bomb sparked flame asked how he observes you plan out get this year and what think old finish ill try get for reabsorbed out this year five six and seven and what schedule that i made up the security too redundant wordy troides through the aim tom pen are asked what is the best duo of best friends in old probably died teapot just because theyre theyre cool friends yeah bob pixel dont animations asked you ever plan doing character development on fire extinguisher i never really thought about that maybe because id rather focus on the contests in the show then to develop fire extinguisher but maybe maybe up so be on the far future knows our next game asks whats whats your video game soundtrack thats a hard question probably either pokemon diamond pearl or black and white soundtracks for the rhythm heaven contrary the great asks well what think what objects show shipping depends on ship im fine shipping in general with some ships find really weird and just dont fit characters arm also guys little channel last what is my fear computer video game dont really play any pc games because microsoft is my craft often the next boring user two to three asks all the three questions whats the worst object show ever seen others lot bad ones but i only know what my lee silver one is because theres theres theres someone bad ones that like couldnt put worse how long you plan on doing these secure days wall buyers of earlier that lap next episode can last episode of humanity series more that later and what worst nearby life probably twenty fourteen because i did bad school ever since then ive been doing really good school so yeah arm dengan rob offend lady a asks hey while jack was my favorite character around the clock i guess this question lot but whatever on grassy people stop sign circle promo if youve kind best qb ethics asks the first observe object lock them bottled eyelashes whatevers it but in absolute three should not what happened basically when move flash over to leisure mcnew eyelashes but it old five every female contestant has eyelashes so theyre easier to distinguish what gender each character ideas bella asks are there two questions but can have can voice like for object lockdown among holy voice auditions right now sorry maybe the future will open up and the second question was what was first super to battle smudge reynolds who were old character that ever made and that is envelope who i kinda wanna bring back old some luke was cool well let me asks which daniel romper execution would you want to die bomb ive only watched first season sort all executions looking through the entire series but probably naive use because he doesnt die wink the griptight first man asks do you think voicing far arjun biscuit for advocare was good idea and yes lego is cool i used not like him very much but now i dont think hes about guide you and asked how go with name object lockdown i created name after working bit with the idea keep eliminate contestants in the show after their elimination and are always just like all they should locked down to that team and locked down it just stuck as name so kept it up sheet eight to one oh five ask what think of the very first objects show related video emails governments tend sob beta was pretty bad public trust bfd i boring boeing town asks whos who your favorite inanimate sanity character and that is nickel because hes cool next trickster asks do you play any instruments like for bad and yes play trombone trombone the best some random player asks faced him at home no im occurred to fish will perform for privacy reasons stressful because im only fifteen years old maybe when get older onto face fiat uno oh my cooper warrior asks all they have for questions what is what we should if i absolute probably at bft i a one because was really boring and like theres minute how whether favorite screens and that was really stupid and challenge like two seconds long so that really all that wasnt good episode arm sudden question who is worse they pulled mongo kid oh three be good or mr enter well i dont know three be good so probably me shows worsens next question you accept cameo voice auditions about rick locked down not yet and the last question is is there not jack dead yet and probably the median isnt really that funny anymore so yeah dead auto gm announced ps four xbox one the nintendo switches my answer ding dang and winner pokemon o o one o two five eight asks who when the server object terror contested and that would be wallet because he stupid do not like him sylvia prototype asks will noki ever get personality will not only ask will bookie ever actually have one yes i mean i wrote that scene in like december of last year of twenty fifteen there really was not funny how you know i kept out show but yes milky will get developed she will be yeah are j r j milholland tash hand to us asks if three questions are as eminem chocolate flavored and yes eminem is chocolate like on the what pokemon is using post once mood of my first funeral used was primary no vehicle hold munsell salahs be where if you and then ever since i caught two shinees which were serena and brianza producing them lot well and do watched allowed house nickelodeon no ive not that old but ive heard good things about show so may go watch it soon jake stuffs jake does stuff to to ask if you to pick character join object locked on who would it be are probably envelope from supposed battle as said earlier when he took good care erica hicks asks if made movie will be called probably object lockdown move and second question how old the objects well i only think objects shouldve ages so they dont have ages because i will know how agents who work aesthetics is always asks why is dragon underpinning object lockdown and were of a short answer just did not like him i didnt see film show although may have overreacted kicked him out show mean just like should of like hallam actually eliminates them but whatever the past past gone all the insane animator asks are two questions when can see you again well i wish both of you so but im not about to face revealed so i guess for awhile and am gonna make non object related video on this channel no or other channels maybe i made me stuff on who knows we quake arm be miserable gumball fan to observe team has three questions do we want poland ball no when will all five of this year or a parole and do i have road blocks yes have it but do not play to i played it once so now on night when asked hey will go jack who looked more charter pumpkin i like pumpkins voice better but like anime cherry better so guess cherry of super mario bros two seven to ask questions people how sunny funny doesnt ever necks eminem xp palette im sorry all you could shut you can ship whoever you want out of mind about that but not sure going any cat in ships on the show still thinking if want actually have relationship short on and am i sorry for the double switch heck yeah i wanna have one and it is great objects your fat ass do think bill keys bland and no do nothing rookies plant maybe out thirteen year old me thought she was but i do not but you frame rodent back bass watch my favorite mario character thats probably bowser junior you submit every mario kart game im happy isnt the locks as journalist i like for alex oh five to three ask do i work for few terror yes river object terror im writer and voice three characters and obviously only read has lego fix everything that makes bad so i yeah right now hello throws that whatever on eggs a yeah how dare so rooms suffering so i probably but you that really awfully whatever of from one to ten how good think all five will be well im not sure of reading my own video is fair but ill probably give it eight or nine to honest thought was pretty good but its not her fate its not its not super story ask like all old like all old up suits that we focus story so i guess people may not mean if they dont like that the public would want for showing what whatever yeah eight or nine oh techno wizards to questions about first question is what for mario game im guessing or what means heres games in this province sun shines on childhood loved it second question was whatever pokemon twice for cool and one thoughts switches launch games of launch zelda is amazing and super clubs also goodbye hourly im not really if a not fan but like im not really interested most of them want games but what to switch arm so the launch lineup was and but zelda kinda made up for all that because although is so good on my god bombs michelle mag newsome ask do play super smash bros yes do although mom her good idea much better at other did bob acts blueberry asks theyve two questions who inspired start making object videos that was jack and jill iffy and what will you be using this channel for the future of this whole remain a animation channel forever to produce animation where the b objects or whatever jace asked doyle like that member superman i have not lost yet youve core reviews although may watch of animated now as to whats the hardest object animate probably dollar george because two people in one is really annoying to animate and last question from fly was kyle if super ultra battle three was created was that of object locked out what would it be like im object like dont technically is a saab three it reproducible army with same cast but without sea from danger to so yeah all nasa said earlier this unacceptable beetle last q an episode as i said at beginning series ill making this in order to bridge gap between because theres no old content on channel right now because old find still being made and can show off so the reason why made cuny sears was to talk you guys and have some flow content throughout these months so since old five going out in the pool it makes sense finish it the series april so the last year episode be out three weeks part six last one so ask whatever questions one is last time can sides my streams and see you three weeks for part six of qnx goodbye