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have gun bros my name is so i ask you press q decimating taught me i am paris saturday but either way depressed fried and here the results nccu are as ugly as donald trump say what want buy down front man have you seen his hair thank eagle came and landed there beautiful thank you now may not share his opinion but know great heroine ac one you wanna dance you want do this you know clark and lois through here slight racism there cnn don last dourado i look like brazilian yeah you got there pd time who are you why did i like this page did i really like this or is this your spam swedish guy who sucks dick for views equals pita pie yeah what think all you to bursting come on kids youre so annoying and you swear lot in your videos thats bad influence for the children you play some games that are so lame i hate you peer for being more fabolous slaps beauty pies but bad pr is that dance sorry parents i really love yes you did get me really hard i really you i really felt that but slack could really hurt your videos use to be good now every other video is sponsored because you suck deck and buff not for advancing well what can say the ads getting smarter eat edgars shit and choke on it mother fokker ham hot sauce make your by your kid off thanks fuck sweden you mean just kidding stop fucking with my emotions theres youre the best thing that happened to my line probably whenever i so bad i just wanna come running to your videos and watched him all you are the man of my dreams well dont know how you dis people in your country bed flirting with them is not a no good if i you rats ass mother fucker i hope you fall in puddle with socks move all no with socks your videos make me want take my eyes out just like miami yeah im what yeah could you say that and does she mean your beard for you because it looks kinda like wolverine but theyre really cd of our what got problem with how my statement where youre thinking that you might play memorable man bros you are you are some cold ass motherfuckers thing mean if i just go hell i dont know how the hell did you get those thirty five million subscribers its actually forty one million yeah but i think im gonna desk million but your dog and your socks i know the fucking worst at least you dont have to live with him god dammit hey are you gay no not you suck decks who you may take longer videos you do three minute crappy videos while better you to perhaps do longer and make less money well do you know that you actually make more money there longer the videos are so i purposely chose to make sure her more quality videos i make less money but more payback up why yeah you look like a pineapple i only hang out with apples race the have you consider pie six surgery by that i mean putting plastic bag over your head youre going and bisexual lesbian and what the fuck is that scary girl mimi faggot spike the by his sex who who you would like abusing me paul im pretty sure thats good thing thank you you look like potato no the the prophecy did not for told theres can we stand my face for potatoes current threats that was all good and fine but dont be mean unless unless you have good reason to be me thats all from me for now thank bus watching as always being awesome and as always it is dear fellow brothers my name is peter pan i search for centuries of ways to perfect rates and