Donald Trump is "really good at war" (Episode 3)

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its whats the tough guys lot times tough guys theyre the weak ones you know know lot of tough guys but this stupid we dont need tough stupid people those worst actually the worst guys tough stupid people and people im tougher than all them believe me but im going war federal awards my own im really good at what love worn certain way but only when we went i know more about isis then the generals do believe people think itll itll never play it yesterday you actually told us little bit about your plan in your speech you said this quote were going convene my top generals and they will have thirty days to submit plan for soundly and quickly defeating isis so is the plan youve been hiding this whole time asking someone else for their plan no but when i do come up with plan that i like and that perhaps agrees with my or maybe doesnt i may love what the generals come back with know going convene panel of judges of generals and youve already said you know more about isis than those generals with probably be different generals to be honest with you im gonna find general who smoke show who so mean and so smart and you have your own plan i have plan i dont want broadcast the enemy exactly what my plan is i want be unpredictable im not gonna tell you right now what im gonna do first thing do is get everybody together because we dont want do this by ourselves on this is problem is worldwide problem i get everybody together that includes russia and not blast hell out them they wouldnt be there long believe me i would blast the hell out of them isis is making tremendous amount money because they have certain oil camps right i would bomb the shit out of him im going bomb the shit out them dont care i dont care i would use bomb those suckers and thats right i blow up the pipes i blew up the rifat blow up every single edge there would be nothing left and you know what youll get exxon come in there in two months yet see these guys how good they are the great oil companies theyll rebuild that sucker brand new to be beautiful and agree get and think youre so you would you would rule with possibility using right nuclear weapons because said well im never gonna rule anything out right and wouldnt want say even if felt it wasnt going would want tell you that because at minimum want them think maybe we would use okay when i hear obama get up and say the biggest threat to world today is global warming see is this guy kidding the only global warming is the only global warming im word about his nuclear global warming because thats the single biggest threat clock nuclear should be off table but would there be time when could be is possibly the trouble is when you said that whole world heard david canada britain heard japanese were we bomb them forty five and theyre hearing guy running for president states talk it may be using nuclear weapons nobody wants to hear that lot of arguments that we make and what we make of a foreign policy experts on international level went to advise donald trump and three times he asked about the use nuclear weapons three times he asked at one point if we have them why cant we use them even if he were to use nuclear weapons ice as well where where does ice where does country vices exit course theres no need there is no islamic state right now and thats important keep mind with us im talking about radical islamic terrorism i will solve it far better than anybody else running cut the bad the ugly i like them right to elect remember the bad boom from the bathtub shoot first guy was doing too much talking up there right shoot first talk later right you first talk about it later really civilian casualties would would about fact that were targeting them and people very concerned about collateral damage would do my best absolute best you have to take out their families when you get these terrorist you have to take out their families they they care about their lives dont kid yourself what can say they dont care about less you have to take out their families general michael hayden former ci director and as a director and other experts have said that when you ask us military carry out some your campaign promises specifically targeting terrorists families and also the use interrogation methods more extreme than waterboarding the military will refuse because theyve been trained to turn down and refused illegal orders so what would you do as commander in chief of the u s military refused carry out those orders there wont refuse that are gonna refuse violent sex what you think of waterboarding i said its absolutely fi you said your times said you worried about rode their proliferation nuclear weapons by most you also said though that you might support japan and south korea developing nuclear weapons their own is not completely contradict one another look you have north korea has nuclear weapons and he does have carrier yet but hes got nuclear weapons he soon will have a at some point we have to say you know what would better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea would better off frankly if south korea is going start protected saudi arabia iraq and saudi arabia absolutely you may follow them having nuclear weapons no not nightly weapons but have protect themselves or they have pay if hate proliferation i hate nuclear more than any my uncle was professor mit used tell me about nuclear used tell that after they are in about ten dont south korea at some point how many countries have it but if you said japan yes its fine you get nuclear weapons after you as well saudi arabia says we want them to be honest with its gonna happen anyway gonna happen anyway so its only question time so youre saying you dont want more nuclear weapons world but youre okay with japan and south korea have one more nuclear less i would rather see japan having some form of defense and maybe even offense against north korea because were not pulling the trigger its been u s policy though for decades to prevent japan and from getting on my web policy but loudly as you can be honest with you maybe its going have be time to change do worry that the odds terrorist groups than getting access to nuclear arms is greatly enhanced unless we state we prevent south korea japan fee nuclear well aware about that anyway and best thing you can do is knock hell out ice is really fast and really furious and get rid of it the idea is not have nuclear arms race in ready again that northern suffolk on the a on korean peninsula you you want throw that all why so north koreas nukes japan has problem with that mean have big problem with it maybe they would in fact be better off if they defend themselves from equipment when know what the better off including with nukes yes including would know and south korea witness south korea is right next door just and state will you s tells us to give up our nuclear program is from carrying nuclear attack against us and other hand would tell its allies have nuclear weapons is this double standard one papers called the other day and they said would you speak to the leader of north korea shouldnt you look look what ive why not who knows theres ten percent or twenty percent chance but i can talk him out of those damned nukes because order hell lots of that nukes and theres chance im only going make good deal for us but theres chance i would go there that can tell you if he came here id accept him but wouldnt give state dinner like we do for china all these other people that ripas awful we give these big steak dinners we give them state dinners like youve never seen what would you do to deal with that reclusive country i would get china to make that guy disappear one form another very quickly and let tell you before you make all this apparent sattler just for worse things franklin i would force the chinese to do i would know economically challenged and guess what we are we them one point seven trillion dollars okay but we have lot power which i dont underestimate so youre saying north question you would leave it up to the china you know would leave up to my t forgot do what you gotta do and think well you know you have been very tough with them when they said no why would do i would very strongly stopped them from ripping im gonna stop them anyway to certain extent but maybe do little bit more forcefully we give them state dinners like youve never seen we should not dinners at all we should be eating hamburger on conference table how we should make better deals with china and others and forget the state dinners if get the state dinners believe me i understand stakes my favorite food