Conor McGregor says he'll KO Nate Diaz within two rounds

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and you have seen two oh two goes this weekend in vegas the headliner conor mcgregor nate dee as in conor mcgregor joins us from vegas i you had your on news conference today and and ended with the u innate trying share water bottles what happened am dont always involves come my way and acted in self defense and true balls back but but you said it was the biggest traffic that major late press conference this is legitimate were you like at winter something because for training for like wind t mobile connor takes like two hours cab exactly they though thats my excuse im sticking to it out what data say after of the incident at end news conference im i dont know we didnt it was things going crazy so ive just got shit out how how would you characterize your relationship with dana at this point connor great we have great relationship good business and just mama and they great relationship and hes businessman met like you so he must know you showing up late that gets people talking and then what happened at end news conference that gets even more people talking and then that all translates into more paper view dollars and im that sounds about right and today you are mentioned before that as opposed the previous fight with nate you had more structured camp can you describe that hamels transitions settled we had a start time and finish time before we never really had that and that was wanting used his role the gym trying all day long and thats not really specific what we down need be on one moment off next thats these five minute rounds of high paced am action so you must prepared that so that thats thats one of things and then and im also weve been focusing on cardiovascular training as well so of them lots of rounds and lots of cardio and everythings structured followed my nutrition pump have it i am ready for war now you implied earlier week carter that nate is over the one seventy pound limit and that hell use that to his advantage nate says youre making excuses your response to that am i feel feel has a way could ahead him but it is what it is prepared ive been spying middleweights this entire camp i have had that weight been put on me and that pressure we put on me this entire come like said its been war zone every single day find heavy im on and so we ready is your eye is your frame more customer it to carry that weight as opposed before certainly allow a lot more used but i wanted things if stuck to intrusion pound focus on energy focus performance and ive responded to really well also i have not over train this time you know like said when you showed him train eight nine hours with no real start finish you you going that overtraining mode so weve been very careful that so my body has responded very well this new structure and i look for the shown that on saturday night well color its funny because last time talked before ufc one ninety six we asked you how you would change your preparations when found out your fighting nate dee as and responded with this take listen this the only approach i changes i told grave little bit wider little bit longer for nate skinny fat long body thats the only difference i made but i still send their ready but now but now that nate had full camp you expect them do expect him to bring something different that he brought your first fight now he will be heavy bag with eyeballs hope when i point out same way the last night that is all he will be able to deal so the only difference is will not borne out this time ill be still there came off on his soft skin but i was speaking of two hundred you said that ufc two hundred that car bomb to because you were not on it looking back do you regret the fact that you werent able to be on that on that card and yet because was there ringside would like be on card was car that i was was built around me in this just this much so and of course would like on it dont remember seeing car bomb there mean was very successful car the gate was phenomenal that that paper view done done well not not macgregor well both its still dangled and the fights where little bit numbing fight went best but that that maybe that is what meant by bomb but the event itself was pretty spectacular event was great that believe was like one last ones before sail happened so had like a monumental kind feeling too and i was like damn whos going be there and searing side family who would create this on and then had this land sold it for four billion in almost very motivating and inspiring having so much all youre watching with justin timberlake where yeah yeah justin timberlake was days this guy and he was so upon and fights on yeah area we got shot enjoyed it mean you went watching you at that fight connor out what was going through your mind watching shows day and and frankie because it looked like you were just on the edge your seat theyre ready get back into octagon my man la hedging my seed fallen asleep mean it wasnt great contest jose was on room frank couldnt head of i was just looking at my division you know was looking people who speaking my name in vain are you bored of your division studied art what are you looking these guys think that im im know sandy ring so i was saying i was sent mailings that seal frankie had over mean this whole team he was talking so long about this about that and the momentum seemed be in his favor lead into fights always interested comes it is as though it or jose can dominate them and and and buildings that bill my interest in in that again but i saw safety performance runnin and fighting if a vase of leader was not there was no want in it so the last twenty seconds of screaming at both to fight so but mean but whatever it is what it is i connor finally i we want fill blank on saturday night conor mcgregor will okay onate inside two rounds thank conor thank you cant up carrot top tonight best deal on strip at lecture in chelsea they killed it i like hurt but