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hey you two time for me complain about you too again i didnt i didnt think i know can someone just stop you tube from their south feel like you to bits like toddler playing with knives and you take knife away from that paper stopped stopped doing stop now if you dont know what talking about you probably dont know what talking about because doesnt affect you any way possible so you take away the video right now mean no it matters damnit i dont you noticed this this is been problem for very long time number one youtube unsettling you from chat and though you did number two videos not appearing for the person you subscribe team member member the sub feed member when i was thing this is what we get now we get the recommended wheres the fucking sub feet of whats there no one clicks on it now i use subscribed nature you through a street and i i was like why am not seeing their videos well im unsubscribe for some reason why have channel that am ive actually watched like regularly why would i be unsubscribe and then channels i havent touching fucking years im still subscribe to how does that make any fucking sense now you may have noticed that my channel is dying okay now lets lets just get that thought out of way okay my channel is its going down its going down hard if youre if youre still here you need get fuck out because its not gonna be pretty for my one im using reverse psychology police state i clearly fucking need your well basically went when was that during daily blogs notice how really poorly they perform was really surprised by this is generally blogs do really well in my fear did then and that were fine but noticed like some videos giving may get two million yes i know that need get to million but thats really bad for me thats unheard of for me for the last for years probably three four years so for that happen i yeah i must really doing badly i to my standards theyre pretty high so im like well i guess people dont like blocks but was weird because all the comments really supportive and and really appreciate how the people just one clicking on them so i you know we started doing this click bay joke just kinda drop people and i found found all day but i got no i got no interesting because got hit by my own car was hit by my own car gotta get good frame it and thats how you make you tube video and honestly like reason why i made this video where i said am quitting blogs part of it was because i thought no one like them i thought that people didnt enjoy them and thats why in its already adding all the stress i was like well its not worth it if you bought it you know people dont like content and the were putting all this effort into its and and were too stressed out into busy and that it was really hard rough time for me now i figured out its because you to change they change how you view videos i asked you to respectful wrote really nice polite team subside paul we dont know whats happening im can someone stop you took from them self please all i want is that people that subscribe me get to watch my video i dont give shit about whatever else you you okay that seems like core foundation of pretty much this most simple fucking thing that you need do following dont unsub me from channels that im watching now what can do you can double subscribe now hey what great idea lets make subscription fucking you spoke us now they got double subscribe so at hey forty nine million people that collected overs over six years hard work hey could do me another favor that we integrate just click that old nobel there and then just be like saved not only trees channel on my on my channel well me bro welcome i hope you enjoyed video dry well if you like is that what im gonna have to do know so what theyre doing instead is that theyre recommending videos about people that you dont give shit about you get recommended whatever fuck its on trending sorry the well i but dont care whats in your back okay and your subscribers do i am sure but keep that shit away from okay as far away as possible thank you i feel like want work and you too and just tell them how do shit i want just a hey everyone stop stop just can go home hey i i got crazy idea how about we how about we just put back subscriber feet how about that thing that we have since beginning of fucking thing that seems to working just fine what i think really is and why you should so great is their relationship or like you watch someone on more personal level dont think you guys come back just wash them swedish retired for few midnight maybe you care about me and you care by wouldnt do think thats what like that that happening at least but it seems that you too much promote all these random ass fucking videos that you dont give shit about thats what they want from one is that instead of you getting videos of these person that you choose to subscribe to and you really enjoy entertainment that really enjoy consuming and really what this does this change thats is that it makes problem of you tim having too much click bait even get even more quickly because top five videos top ten video these fucking retarded ass video mike videos that are have nothing to do with personality has nothing to do with content just has really great title and really great time ten million uses six days ago it is really upsetting how they did this change they want explained what happened properly to anyone its not just me but lot youtubers are noting this and fact that id eat it added just huge amount stress when i was already like filming show for you to its really talking saddened and really discouraging find that a lot people that work with you to almost anyone have no idea what its like to work on you to as content creator i was someone whos built this for years and really cared about it its it feels like kick the face when make changes and dont tell anyone about because this site means so much to you to burst like me and everyone else its not just me and it means world to us its something that weve worked really really hard on the night i dont think they understand i dont think they will ever get it if you say why why this is such big problem they never made youtube video they i dont know i i imagine like lot people that i work with and you too they think were just fuckin records for fifteen minutes and thats it you know its lot of work i know its like mean that you to is in a job whatever and and in lot waste now it fucking hits in i used work nightclub working night shifts and fuck and was pretty fun action button regardless like know what its like have shitty job in you too by far by far is the hardest job ive ever had and i have i have ever had in part will guarantee we ever have because every successful you to bear put their heart and soul into this and we know our channels we know if something is wrong and something this change i i check my videos every single day when i wake up and something is different and off i would know about it the only reason didnt know about was because was so busy when was in la that couldnt even have time to do anything i couldnt check sort thing so i thought it was my fault and like said this is not just affecting me its affecting other youtubers and creators that you care about your service trying kill my channel it happening its clear if you watch my analytics thats its all its all going down there and i think my videos better i think theyre really funny seems you guys enjoy them as well so its shame that its going this direction im not gonna let you tube when i see how it is its because i have so many subscribers theyre trying kill my channel this is all conspiracy you too wants to kill my chat because im always complaining to them i dont have family friendly content click bait too much how exciting at all makes you too once my channel gun they want someone else on time someone really extremely cancer clearly saying im white can make that comment but i do think thats problem and im not gonna let you to win im not gonna let you to defeat me side decided the only way stop my channel from day know youre gonna think im joking right now but gonna delete my town swear you i fifty million subs when we hit fifty million huge slam are coming in huge deal now but never been down before no one segment i am deleting much and meanwhile remember bring that done bring it bring them dont putting it i hope this video out enough purpose im sorry was all around the us position i will delete my channel once pita pie hits fifty million i think its gonna be pretty fun im im excited to delete my channel start fresh within you cherish channel probably i wont quit you too ill just delete channel we like enjoyed bell me hard and ill fuck like ncac