THE 4 FORBIDDEN KNIVES (Roblox Assassin)

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rainn one my name is joe and welcome back to another roadblocks did did a week yachts and other fun filled episode may know man do i live assassin were over here with make sure why make sure why now thats name like make someone the loose known film pundits say make sure why and hes freaking out little bit better you are you ranked yeah and but then date guys we always want be getting new knives but so does it were going go back to fan classic will really not fan classic up if anyones got classic acts only they won favorite either they were really trying to acquire more ice lords okay we need two more not too many more but its still lot more than it seems im not sure how many guys have been with the series since the beginning but now weve had some painstaking episodes honestly we employed by i would say close to i dont like thirty thousand coins episode and we would open leak cases and sometimes we would even get one exotic like im serious like hes me that bad but it worked a little desperate because we need to get the ice ancient so we can get that perot was then toward the pros in christendom or the the freaky because sendo whatever you wanna call it dont know where its making maid that is over aiming for is so difficult maam but i think where it started off with just see you know bit about motivation here okay you no joke youre strong guy at heart youre a good guy supposedly you know you seem like a pretty nice guy im i mean i know myself so mean i dont why im saying this supposedly but you should be able to open and lead case here and get so here we got give me that exotic baby maybe not who or spy fighters are he is not going be anything good its gonna be legendary i stained legendary which is that not very beautiful all ice it didnt want talk about this very briefly is that there is a new knives that are not available in boxes anymore that are x okay there is actually few other ones theres comments believe not that are like bring credibly rare theyre worth like two or three exotics which pretty weird like yeah theyre supposedly that i dont even know theyre around okay like this is la rumor of these like hidden eyes okay we dont even know if exist not well at least i dont know they exist not but theyre called earth fire water and air and believe its just obvious reference to the elements but it could be bunch other things but i think theyre just straight up color knives and dont look very interesting from the serbs oppose it bodoh of them but theyre worth a ton and the the status of them on value list is considered unobtainable but then again ive never seen a single person with it so i i think its more than unobtainable i i think its on sealable alley with i think it is sense omit at this point because ive never seen single person have those nice but then again i dont know you guys seem have some pretty broad inventories mean if you got this you know what know comments down below very curious i i heard about that ive been interested ever since and i have been able see anyone whos had it you know good anyway ill lead based on way its like car its driver not bother the rounds over blast with music i am gonna get legendary thats not what i want its really its never what i want its not what want renderings of last episode so i might as well bring it up ten days the end of crypt as giveaway is here and that means we gotta pick someone to be the winner and ive picked someone out of your many many many comments guys there was twelve thousand and three the odds of that says guys long lead that lot of injuries that thats literally one thousands to get knife and that this winner well hes got pretty lucky so i how do this is randomly generate a number in school down and find number and this person got really lucky because it rolls really recently so he got pretty lucky but the winner of the giveaway isnt ronnie acts one eight seven so rowdy come out on stage and you know to like your knives id been turned on ronnies not actually here with me and id send him traitor request so were going hope that he is accepting it here only thing with some these giveaways this appeal goes dont add me back in that just cant give away to them so we dont even know if this gonna leave inventory just yet ive sent him request so if you does that mean back then will leave but was the same with murder mystery you we just did people is dont at back in like what my supposed do like that just end up holding on for like years i held under three eternal lives for good only four months in people never out back so that i dont give away again so that begs the question what is the next night that we give away okayed this huge question that lot of knives that we can give away so what what got to do is leave comment down below what ive yummy give away okay we can give away anything it can be as far away from microcenter out to nice thing to do whatever it is because what do is i just go and buy it from a trader whatever and then thats one use for giveaways at all back stuff so that way it doesnt affect really argh our game inventory that makes sense but seriously i do just want give quick shout out to all of you guys seriously guys you guys are so so supportive twelve thousand entries on a on cussing contest man mean thats like knots that unbelievable guys way too supportive and on august as well give big shout out to all the guys are watching all time because that is crazy but anyway that doesnt really have anything do with video that was just kind side thing so think next episode will given away something but today we got up and not around the case because coins theyre not theyre meant be spent okay dont need them dont need them at all please just exotics up would be so nice do it this is garbage this is straight up trash weve gotten through already bad knives row like legally please say this gonna be my life right now do because now what want where israeli whatever percent of them get some bonus tokens here so we can open another of the case top this but honestly this better be a good opening do because all want is nice lord in that beautiful just now a do bring all who one day its resting i dont even know if i really want that do we have yeah know we did it okie thats the freedom i thought we might treated them all in my accident so not bad because we need get that back still there we dont never match that was good case will box but yeah we are just open another one i mean because sitting here might my mr many me here hes like joe just open up another case you know you want to dont why you sound like detective something like hello locker im self yeah umass been me with detective that would be really really weird what what spell this table well joe if im honest it smells like blood and guts well larry will you clear would the worst detective my life because yeah you theres clearly no blood or gods that table so youre pretty bad top anyway another the case please i said lord i hate that were going back to st madman and its like curse word something do i really dont like it were gonna get another legendary but as the a dont fret okay dont fret my little friends because we do have enough legendarys for trade appear in that i would be the end of all the unboxing just quite yet because honestly we have enough get more force the holy go roller coaster i jumped right over that guys head were getting quickly kill damn lot gaimans for the next on boxing i always feel like you play around in between you know on boxing knives because when you do that can look catholic refreshes the game in makes you get like better luck something mean obviously that thats all probably flubber gut again but you know i i guess i always feel like i you know and people do weird things for like in the not all im i dont have words that because honestly no matter what was gonna lose that because whoever didnt kill was gonna kill me so never mind i thought yeah right yeah know i floored please really got one exotic today and its really not one we wanted cell do this is garbage twenty percent in five cases you should gotten one well i i guess did actually had never mind im im finally put the mike got math into this but honestly really did get one so mean were technically still you know adding up with percentages heres never mind ill see this guys name like i i still think need lot more valid than his name or something because man on man did not how pronounce that was like well no cab website going for you do you have showed no signs being my sass and this guy probably is dude i would play risky game here but you are not in whites dude who is trying kill me did make sure why do make sure you my eyes thats no do i will we brought out all three these people its got lot actually make schwa yeah okay so we can all get there is and gotta get mixed while now much why mix while you dead and we got that guys gonna my fastball it is zero because my knife was in us all that sonya annoying no clue were get alright well able get the i floor anyway so our our luck will be refreshed okay im im not upset because we get the i a dude thats thats cruel that is just so mean did okay them and get both volts i mean i dont want this this is disgusting and really ugly knife be fair like whoever designed that thats like worst night ever also i apologize you can hear crickets in my background theres literally crickets in my room and its its hard make them shut up so i apologize if you could literally hear crickets background eyes werent gave world bring case this was a bad idea i soon had done this im not gonna get anything now were in game yeah i know yeah hit that weekend since i ate them sahaf unless youre so cruel did i did its not really five hundred guns away from opening another one these days they do do them mean his gaze the lead got box because its litigious gonna give you guys like mean mixed why you shouldnt try to do without buddy you know youre going die uneasy i want do that for trolling up this stand still like a of gay whatever and then wait for people walk killer or throw their knife like amber do they always try walk up and stab you goods and deftly more satisfying be fair with when you get like really close to someone so i want do like trolling video where i like i is wait and be like a half day whatever it wait for people walk up because ive been out with so many games like that be factored lasers out please tell you real quick do provide great round so far not moved by people who dont pay di di stop right there latin dark lasers out of do i do not understand we have killed this guy yeah this is just most drawn out battle ive ever been and like all my guys they this battle is the and i mean i dont think ive ever had like a serious battle thats last until the end of the game like i i really dont think i have like i to the gate last three minutes i think and so dont think ever had again us laws about them but there we go we wind okay laugh demeanor like your body give me good luck for elite somebody please if we get the ice or risk of potential for the icing said today okay like please no no no all night long dont want bombastic i played we had the insane amount legendary sears self will trade all those we need guaranteed exotic heres lets you we gots please the i slowing down be beautiful no oh yeah i think got it yeah all doing there we go were making progress all like guys do tool out three this going so much faster than before all my guys use im im being completely serious here i think well be able do another one all we gotta do is get out im rare night in that we can do it and we got rare night right there disbanded cases are my babies dude i love stand again i only got do is trading these rares okay were gonna trading the rares get guaranteed legendary okay and only straight in this legendary we have the potential here all my guys dude all my guys are lets do this lets do this wait minute although we know what we did know worst wonder what are you know gotta buy more coins now i mean it a visit to outdo the other traveling by this acid they know was about done with the inbox into the like dice grew quickly could really make miss you know rob one last night mean aw jeez i we just do quick roundup of boxings and just get some rares well only need five them and that we have potential to get another dusting exotic here all my gosh im amps alleges guidance get when we get to i nuff rares alright here it is guys we habanos breyers the debates we have exactly enough material to get the legendary to trade up get the exotic i mean all my i know its far fetched its like whiny and i think what is it ten chance to get the ice word quite okay were gonna old shes do im actually nervous eyes recall how we we hope still im im not gonna say much and is not to say much just please the i sort please please please please please no call yeah yeah gave knife blade instead i mean we needed one because didnt have one so we did get who of knives that we completely lost so mean thats not bad because really need this little bit so i i know im gonna furious if dont get that so not awful but man are we getting lucky with getting these eyesore that by being honest weve gotten one every single episode dont know how thats possible man because we literally went like five episodes with not getting single one and then every episode be getting one so i mean this is crazy that actually pulling off but doesnt that gonna getting it this is this is flabbergasting if thats even thats not word but its new word flabbergasting is is extension flubber going okay flabbergasting when like mad okay its its not good but hey band theres always tomorrow for another episode so pleased ro two deceive we finally unveiled the last i floored that we need but anyway think also its what joy trouble like down below and will see guys tomorrow for another video see later guys