Tyrion & Jorah run into slavers Season 5 Episode 6

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so those villages we were supposed find live on berries and roots youre not hungry you dont awful traveling companion do know that possibly the least charming man ive ever met we are traveling together in each others company therefore i from kings landing depend crate without ever saying word you ask you never wondered why tyrion lannister decided visit brothel in volantis killed my father wanted to execute me for crime didnt i love good man met him visited world when him about his men you the stories everyone of them cared about people under his command we shall never see his again didnt know im sorry am what heard leading expedition beyond wall was mutiny as murdered by his own men why she worth all this as i recall faught against during roberts rebellion believe lots things no did i doesnt mean shes going to be great queen famous insane conquered world then what thousand years peace and prosperity lets assume your dreams come true static when you bring her this enemies command to army westeros defeat all your enemies and watched her climb those steps on her off room with queen then what so woman who has not spent single day of adult life becomes ruler westeros thats justice rx why because the father who burned living men for amusement was king they jealously enough wait wait wait wait discuss wait wait wait wait wait you you cant just talked to merchant and pay for it yes know and how could know unless sees yes again marine youre luck than youre about rich youre looking at one great warriors seven kingdoms sure hes tooth too long songs about him he won tournament atlantis unseating jaime lannister himself king slayer forward