Kickstarter Crap - NPT Lucid Dreamer [PENIS DREAM RING]

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hello everybody and welcome back to another episode kickstarter crap on todays episode we have treat for you were look at npt lucid dreamer npt stands for nocturnal penile truncation basically what this product does is it cuts off your penis while youre sleeping triggering a lucid dream that doesnt actually hello my name is p we as can probably tell i represent male genitalia in simplified rounded to form i want talk about lucid dreaming and how i can actually make that happen dont believe me well listen to this it must be really difficult to decide how you gonna make your video if your video revolves around like penis vagina ive seen some videos words like all women you need work on your key goals completely serious like not seriously if youre gonna have baby youre not gonna have baby or you just want have good healthy vagina you need keep all time and this new kegel device is the best on market buyer kill vice its good for your genre and thats it with this one is like pierce it may may penis will be more funny than vagina maybe we should hook up a talking penis video where where where is im not sure if thats best move do you might not notice but when you fall asleep the night i dont actually sleep entire night like you do see while youre dreaming and only while youre dreaming you experience something called in this stands for nocturnal penile tennis this is just fancy term for having erection while youre sleeping thats right when you dream i get bigger basically wrap this thing around dick and then when dick gets hard and youre in our him sleep it pops off and then it triggers sound plane your your buds something along lines of you are reading and then you have lucid dream it takes some practice though you met might not happen first time around fucking whatever alright so thats what it is now worded discuss why its kinda fuckin stupid when bill reaches point where it cant hurt me anymore it pops open and this is when magic happens opening action triggers the audio player which sends an audio message to your fans tell you that dreaming and prompting you to take control your dreams for starters i like say the bluetooth pretty much must for device like this right you got you youre tethering your dick to your ears is that really the best thing to do while trying fall asleep all have tether my dick myers all but i dubs its probably has really long length id probably miles and miles of cordage all perfect that makes even better if you have miles of cordage between your ears your deck this could be one those situations that we had with shower apron where some you guys saying like i have your have you cancer patient have hair fall into your head like it that i know here will occasionally five your head ill gone drain lottie la once again saddam but crack them mean other story but in this case i that the connection of drawing is semi guys might seen yourself well i dont think that it would get detached my penis or get removed from my ears when falling asleep and thats what wanna do guys i mean i feel like when im falling asleep that shit gonna come out i have hard time keeping ear plugs my ears as im falling asleep wake morning fuckin your plug be glued the wall with your wax my how the fuck did that get there i put my retainer in wake morning retainers halfway across room how fuck did that happen i mean this could be specific me problem by like no you guys think did do your butts fallout yeah did your cock ring falah for your sleeping and really thats all it takes to trigger lucid dream forget brainwave analysis forget i move that the touching and wearing computers on your heart just simple reliable biological function was all we needed online im willing give this one to project creator i will say that his product probably does work you now i think if you get an erection during our in sleep and thing pops off dick i think words will be spoken into your ears you are dreaming and you could end having lucid dream fucking fine who gives shit right like you get a you can use whatever techniques you can not spend any money and get techniques have lucid dream you can buy all the other shit on kickstarter that you know thats weird fucking colors fluorescent things flashing your eyes you know some retard whose collude fruity pebbles to face mask and just sleep with that on all im having our insulate nice as if its always slow he dreaming now now my point my point is why fuck need loose dress anyone but anyone all us is here from devin devin going going say about this ian have you ever had lucid dream have ever had lucid dream you fucking kidding me course that elusive you have have lucid dream have you no of course had lucid dream i love i hate lucid dreaming yes i have so much ahead hate him you can read all sorts articles out there that say all twelve benefits of lucid dreaming first benefit you can follow your dream us law you beacons put control of flight in your dream you be aware you go on adventure because youre aware that youre dreaming okay are we done or dont shit because its that she i read few articles is that shit over and over over again it as larger explorer minecraft world but instead me my craft if your dream i like normal dreaming thank you now lucid dreaming now thats for the fucking birds normal dreaming is fine but id have normal dream is boring always normal dreaming boring his life as normal dream i had well it all started when i was mausoleum in then all sudden big gray wolf popped out grammy said how you doing crumley crisis pretty good anal sniffer in i jumped on his back we rode off distance in then i decided perekop paragliding i why did decide he just fucking happen wonder why does not lucid dreaming it just fucking happen you know what one would she be lucid dream dont get that you dont get the lack of control was nice about dream is the lack of control you fuckin morons and for all women feeling left out dont worry you actually experience same type of called in seat to my friend tory will tell you all about it in upcoming projects who would look at that got some nocturnal clitoral to medicines nocturnal collateral to mess its in ct is spontaneous swelling the clitoris during sleeper when waking up similar process in males women also experience clearer clitoris to medicines or e gorge minton vagina mainly during our ians sleep phase hear that ladys this guy is proposing to our push out project where you stick some sort of thing in your in your snatch in one year snatch swells up during night it pops out in the one is exposed oxygen in the air some shit like that its gonna say presumably with same voice you are dream man i got these ideas now maybe they could do one for p with erectile dysfunction or clitoral dysfunction that maybe they can have one for black holes where they just put a plug butt hole and then as you claim shot during night during our him sleep cycle maybe maybe it says your dreamy youre dreaming like lot kickstarter projects due the penile dream ring has decided to not list risks and challenges and rather they decided to list the advantages of developing the p now dreaming theyve said oh its lot less complicated than a brave wave machine okay we got it dude great thats fantastic put that somewhere else in description okay we understand that its easier to develop then and then brain sucking device okay but what hes failed to laced are all the actual risks and challenges think people think all risks and challenges i it theyre asking me shit on my product no no ones asking you shit on your product or asking you to list the risks and challenges here didnt since you since enlisting risk and shouted im going give them to you one challenge is going to be you can list most challenges you you have list them as risks okay was smallish fucking challenges one challenge might be that out some people have weird penises it might be challenge are to have ones size fits all solution another challenge might be are it might not work for everyone because some people are showers in not growers these just off top my head im sure if was actual you know businessman like this guy in this situation i come up with even more legitimate reasons i as to why there might risking challenges alright every that going to do it for this episode of kickstarter crap taking look penile thank some of whats your room thatll like and subscribe button murchad my gaming channel and mark check out out takes for this video thank you much watching number two next time when i dream about drongos are now like i just sketched out on on on concrete and out you know the handlebars look like cattle prods but you know it doesnt yes i did make any blueprints i just chalk sketch so you want where to were influenced by the furniture i dont have plans course was influenced by the furniture you build whole fucking thing is made out about drongos bloody crown go every jungo my as my pretty p get australian right there its australian australian accent a bit of alliteration there triple a call it call one hundred trip away i might europe that exact bears drug none bobby eaton some everywhere you see better accents i am eating works because i dont practice yeah must be all you fuck fat i need learn like specific one life i that that sack sakin isnt sock in that have me id be really happy to learn that all ye gary gary i do dame mile to warner you always poking me gnawing beyond