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the news just ahead us celebrity merry log numbers just passed away its very sad day for all of us this extend a cell tower has collapsed two people naked katie lee caught it on camera politics turned ugly during voting in dover delaware it is unclear which can the m k as tv forty seven news hello welcome to the guy mckay s tv forty seven knows im chad smith and outs christy holster lets begin with our top stories first off major celebrity merry lagos fidel has just passed away at the age of sixty two its very sad day for all of us so we go to our report there over to you mark dalton thanks chad its very sad day for all of us former celebrity merry long gas final has just passed away people currently investigating what caused marys death lot of people around planning cool world very sad today they mourning death mary longest renault you know people i found many video game characters i sound pretty much everyone is filed how could this happen to us one day in nineteen seventy seven she is full life and now in two thousand sixteen shes gone why why why i feel bad right now this should not have happened mary lagos vinal shouldnt have left us so early she should have gotten to page one hundred but now she only lived to age sixty two merry longest finno was my long time friend when she was born on june twenty seventh nineteen fifty three and when i was on may twenty fourth nineteen forty six we were almost best friends but now she has died why why why today is day of remembrance mary looks photos just passed away and we need have good memories about her seems very tragic yes today is very sad day anyway merry long gas when will always be in our hearts back to you chad thank you marc moving on to the next story to people are fending off attacker in oklahoma city we go to carolyn anti for the current coverage thanks christine i here with threat took place security cameras caught the audio from threat and here it is ultimo johnson no ransom results the room chest no ransom will be given now put the knife away or we call the police let them go now put the gun down otherwise we will have to arrest you and thats the audio from threat no one was killed but one police officer was stabbed but is currently in stable condition back to you christine thanks for the report cara now to next story cell tower in olympia collapsed and it was caught on camera joey told and gives us the report is that thing falling over a terrifying event was caught on camera in washington on may seventh oh my god katie come quick oh my gosh no no no call fire department the police and and case tv forty seven news the cell tower nickname cell of all the towers collapsed for unknown reasons it was immediately investigated after the investigation it was found that ground supporting the tower was old and starting to break apart thanks joey on to the next story voting for politics in delaware went awry when politicians started losing their temper and getting angry our politics specialist married at recess has the politics buzz politics in dover where going as planned until politicians started talking about taxes heres the scoop and so we need to put taxes on the poor that way they can make more money no if put taxes on poor they would not be able to make money and then they would starve or get depressed and have thoughts of or commit suicide yeah taxes do not belong on the poor we should feel sorry for poor you are bad person randy taxes on the poor taxes on the poor taxes on the poor no no taxes on poor do not vote for that idiot he wants taxes on poor shut up you but why watch your language watch your language watch your language do not vote for him he wants taxes on poor gross i see blood gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross anyway youre real tyrant you are guys i can guarantee you that guy was hacking nobody would really want taxes on poor right along lonely im such prankster gangster lower lois moves were so slow he was like sloth i cant stop laughing at this level alone alone alone alone alone now if only we can win the state hello this is going to be so easy walks with all along alone loans im all alone i cant stop saying alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone have you ever experienced explosive diarrhea befall long alone alone alone alone alone alone alone alone luckily it was all good times by the end the argument that deal chris state thanks marry now we go to our traffic report okay so we have couple accidents like this one in burlington county car flipped over on the intersection to lumberton we also have this accident east of little rock and pulaski county also this is multi car pile up so please drive on the road with caution then there is this accident and skull hegan where snow caused cars to drive off road last but not least there was an accident and boy car accidentally drove into the ocean they have successfully pulled car from the ocean and driver is okay now for the weather so here is the current weather for our country low pressure is currently over north carolina south carolina tennessee kentucky west virginia maryland and pennsylvania high pressure is over montana idaho wyoming utah colorado south dakota and north dakota up storm system is also over southern new jersey and southeastern pennsylvania here are the alerts from national weather service burkes box chester delaware lehigh montgomery or fountain and philadelphia counties are under severe thunderstorm watch mercer and monmouth counties are under severe thunderstorm warning atlantic burlington camden cape may cumberland gloucester ocean and salem counties are under tornado watch pondered them middlesex morris somerset sussex and warren counties are under tornado warning and we just got the soul art cant new castle and sussex counties are under flash flood warning we will now display and knee a asked tornado warning well national weather service in mount holly new jersey has issued tornado warning for northwestern middle sat county in northern new jersey morris county in northern new jersey so eastern sussex county in northwestern new jersey eastern warren county in northwestern new jersey northern somerset county in northern new jersey northeastern hunterdon county in northwestern new jersey until seven thirty pm at six forty seven pm doppler radar indicated severe thunderstorm capable of producing tornado this dangerous storm was located near franklin and moving northwest at fifty miles per hour locations impacted include new brunswick morristown newton belvedere somerville flemington old bridge washington hampton greenwich bernards knees down well take cover now moved to basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of building avoid windows if you are outdoors in mobile home or in vehicle move to closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris repeating that turn out warning has been issued until seven thirty pm for the following counties in new jersey harbored them middlesex morris somerset sussex and warren yeah but was traffic and weather well thats all the time we have for today until next time this is the guy make kate past tb forty seven news goodbye