Jake Crader's 300th Video Celebration (299th Video)

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you youre here would almost ready for you hold on just one second okay joe its here its here i guess what today just with three hundredth day you have come over to play so we throwing a big party and its all for you you know what well later celebration this of celebrate it goes video maybe it fabio video and now he is host we have a spicy never dies king with so so justice souter thank you thank you so good to see you welcome to set off the lid severely beat and to ask destilando you you know i would like to start off by proposing a toast is it clear the times youve come over up to eleven to plea deal here one two ct so mmhm all the you know dont the all you know we have special surprise guest here to see you you helped him find hundreds of his favorite animal is an athlete and hes come to visit all the way from comox whom june eleventh dean mailbox symbol hell secondly he blew how the clues it is so good to see you wow this is some party so steve tell us hows collage it is great i am learning so much i am counting to these huge numbers and im reading amazing stories yesterday we did cyclone experiment and i am co captain of the junior ready hopscotch game who wow it sounds like collage is an amazing place it is it really is you know weve been to lot of amazing places thats true hundreds of amazing places yellow like gum like the tea checks store movies the school mulholland rhode island youve been to rhode island nmo but ive always wanted to hump read up so im lets take look at some more of the places weve been sure if this is what weve been happy birthday darren super attack its gonna be alright boom who are you okay everyones time perfume and stick to them were here youd better come back here no dont belong no go instant get out of here now i want pizza jordan may you with your homework come on youve lost your minds lets get mail we are not having knowledge garden we gotta go on hold now shading well come to election two thousand eleven who know have anything to say once more guns in fact while i did such great job with that and we chose the right sounds really good drink im thirsty later chang says john we here now lets kill chris iced of partisan wow this must be mario kart upon deluxe hot well i just love prison store logo used creep me out when was afraid you may have seen our next special comedy guest its such top spots as the landry basket with top drawer its because my whole our you know our yet he saw puppet so see my harvard joke for you really what is it well why did decide across the road i dont know sock tell me why why didnt suck saw cross the road because the chicken was wearing it ha ha ha ha ha not bad pretty silly ya you know we certainly had up some silly times together speaking of senator aims that brings us to our next month rush to montage are like that well its french its means shes think you move rawmarsh it was okay its foolish so the police okay holy totally laughs weaver on tax met usually its around for a horse look we caught one ball on nt well qualls no jobs for that sound means yeah its time for another friend come out and join party who do you think it is a ticket you just in time yeah thanks to us we learn how to tell time you know we are really smart weve done everything i mean we always know where blue is i counted to big numbers and i couldnt figure out time cards without them we love watching tv and reading stories and doing fractions fractions wow how do we do it here are some more moments weve enjoyed im on my own if your choice gee im bored let me crank up the volume so it was great movie maybe stk lpf hpf was better be careful if your fever gets too high your ears may start aswell food son gun dont you know not one had been to warn against lagos wned this means no no no more no more nope nope can further more go upstairs now time worn company i wanna brothers ndes assessment local diner youll grounded florida billion trillion years now more good morning okay because good more class okay students okay students okay class okay class okay class okay class okay plan okay and kate plus alright students okay close okay ive taken plans class ocantler okay class occurred plus book if glass opaque okay class okay class okay class okay i rather stay online i think we very far apart of this this is a bunch of its that hello hello hello hello through i work in twiggs master and thats all my goal animate movie channel up next bumpers next we often knows else hung hell to see you and shes behind catherine what you think tease its little yellow blue you tell us what is your favorite thing about our sales went under its jp theyll day of course news feeds on itself is time counts what would initiate pedal me was three time counts i guess it would just be time counts its tough time counts tired leading and the how to hire new one one hour forty two gold in harlem three weeks later when sorry got grounded for getting expelled many months later after viacom and screen gems eat pizza so much later that deals narrator got tired of waiting and had hire a new one later tomorrow later much much much later two hours later itll one yeah back new york eventually meanwhile twelve oclock but next day bill yeah who really and the later the movie ended a few moments later tomorrow for sure three days later twelve seconds later later there fifteen minutes later after show after sixth grade okay waiting two hours later reminds me i gotta get back to collage i got really big science test coming up one but up thanks to you i think im ready o before i go i wrote poem for you in writing class its called to friend burns you know it was really great to see today steve thanks for coming joe it was great to be here well goodbye everybody op joe good luck keeping your eyes out for more time cards well more wow really gonna need your help still have lot of new time cards to our eyes on and new places to go and new games to play and new layoffs to have and new moments to enjoy wow i wonder whats gonna happen next always you know how i wonder what will do it like this lou orange glad i changed my shirt right i never wouldve learned how play blues clues without you my and stole news daily do you wanna play your hand new news news day breaking i am robot go we name starts with letter j this place so yeah well i hope you like your party yeah i cant believe all the great things weve done together but we still have more to do so i guess ill see you tomorrow for the three hundred and first time and then the next day for the three hundred seconds time and day after that for the three hundred third and and then maybe one day it will be you know ive never asked what was your favorite jake crater day my their room on one stone is done let bear the first learn master shake well i do need blood were having american now marathon they then master shake sounded and then when killed lot of things but health but key was in the back there it just ran out while i the fire and like the wind romance but shaped mario then or had cool when they would push came and took them like going check shes and phone ndes yeah the word pulling no shows really funny mmhm tinkered many of the explosion i got several cards in behavioral cards videos i usually got into it it looks like i got white card from one behavior caused videos you sleep over historical and it was equally my car was light blue and one of the videos i like the technicolor nmo forest