FNN: President Donald Trump NEW Immigration Policy AND Border Wall Details

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living in thank you kathleen whiskey john brings to scandal leaders have back room very strange definitely that determining yeah job done get it at correct he will deliver you he will weather for the country he will deliver for the american people like youve never seen before also has been using briefing with the acting administrator of fema feb just terrible storms southeastern our nation since it starts impressed everyone impact by this credible tragedy i was struggling theme do all they can to help those suffering in fact already weve approved georgian and mississippi and others are rapidly on their way so he was not an incredible job with speed and they need speed always security is the business of saving lives and then mandate will guide our actions department homeland security has many many different divisions but one most important missions of d h s isnt for law enforcement mission this is a law enforcement agency you long your office is ages havent been allowed properly do their jobs know that right that thats all about it you very happy about it may have here on out i miss you all of you to the laws united states american they will be enforced mimi surprised hear and we do not need new laws will work with the framework we going to resolve the rule of law indeed as before we go any further i want recognize the ice and border patrol officers through today and to honor their service and not just because they unanimously endorsed me press that helps definitely on list i also wanted to individuals the audience will playing very variable well iraq brandon jeb president more chris cranking friends of president of national ice council you guys are about to be very very busy doing your job the way you want do and where are they where are those guys thank fellows thank you very much were in middle of crisis on our southern border the unprecedented surge of illegal migrants central america is harming both mexico and united states and i believe the steps we will take starting right now will improve the safety in both of our countries going be very very good for mexico a nation without borders is not nation beginning today the united states of america gets back control of its borders gets back its borders thank you i decide to executive orders that will save thousands of lives millions of jobs and billions and billions of dollars these two orders are part of immigration reform we outlined during the campaign i want emphasize that we will be working in partnership with our friends in mexico to improve safety and economic opportunity on both sides of the border i have deep admiration for the people of mexico and greatly look forward to meet again president of mexico well be doing that shortly we will discuss close coordination on many many important issues between our countries this coordination includes the dismantling of cartels and keeping illegal weapons in cash from flowing out of america and into mexico out of arab country out of the united states and goes right into mexico they have to stop but we have to stop we going to save lives on both sides of the border and we also understand that strong and healthy economy in mexico is very good for the united states very very good we want that happen by working together positive trait safe borders and economic cooperation i truly believe we can enhance the relation between our two nations to degree not seen before certainly in very very long time i think our relationship with mexico is going to get better heres brief summary of what actions are contained in my executive orders the secretary homeland security working with myself and my staff will begin immediate construction of border walls so badly needed you folks know how badly needed as help very badly needed this will also help mexico by deterring illegal immigration from central america and by disrupting violent cartel network as ive said repeatedly to the country we going to get the bad ones out the criminals and the drug deals and gangs and gang members and cartel leaders via day is over when they can stay on our country and wreak havoc we going to get him out and were going to get him out fast and john kelly is going to lead that way no world so does the following ends the policy of catch and release at border requires other countries to take back there criminals it will take them back cracks down on sanctuary cities empowers ice officers to target and remove those who pose a threat to public safety calls for the hiring of another five thousand border patrol officers calls for the tripling the number of ice office and you both do incredible job but you need help you need more creates an office of homeland security dedicated to supporting the victims of legal immigrant crime for years the media has largely ignored the stories of americans and lawful residents victimized by open borders to all of those hurting out there i repeat to you these words we hear you we see you and you will never ever be ignored again as i travel the country i had chance to get to know mothers who have lost their children to violence spilling over the border i want thank the remembrance projects such incredible people for giving these families of voice theyre called angel moms for good reason because they are voice to protect all of americas joe their children have not died payne believes hundreds talk about how enforcing immigration laws can separate illegal immigrant families but the families they dont talk about are the families of americans for ever separated from people they love they dont talk about that ever as your president i have no higher duty than to protect lives of the american people first these families lost their loved ones then they endured system that ignored them while at the same time constantly rewarding those who broke law for these families its been one injustice after another but that all turns around beginning today were joined here this afternoon by parents whose children were horribly killed by individuals living here illegally i will now read these parents names and ask them stand many have become friends of mine over last two years and have supported me so dearly and appreciate it marianne mendoza who lost her son police sergeant brandon mendoza fred funder member and his son james who lost billy billy was fred son in jamess brother bill is why wife new tally was also killed by illegal immigrants somebody that never ever been here laura wilkerson who lost her seventeen year old son beautiful josh josh was special wheres laura laura thank you gary ruiz and alicia rue sies junior who lost their young daughter felicia thank you you refer to ship thank very much making stephen rana back who lost his twenty one year old son grant thank steve and we have many others with us from remembrance and from other groups and these are incredible people that have endured so much and just want thank everybody for being a very very special people nothing can ever make your pain go away but want you know your children will not have lost their lives for no reason theyve set this incredible goal for so many these were great young people and they will always be remembered always we will never forget that and to the parents and loved ones you kept the flame of justice alive with your activism but going and now together we will save thousands and thousands of lives when it comes to public safety there is no place for politics no republicans no democrats just citizens and good citizens we want safe communities and we demand safe communities for everyone we want respect we want great schools we want dignity and equality for everyone and i will be a president i promise you for everyone we will bridge our divisions heal our wounds and unify our country and if we do that if we work together then there is nothing we cannot achieve as america the future is limitless good luck to our new and brilliant leader at d h yes general john kelly thank you god bless you and god bless america he graduations to john