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so put off known everyone i would like to join in muddy handprints and in welcoming mister abram hung chairmen off the pti and i would like to say that we share your passion we share your conviction share your struggle to make progress on a better country more educated more democratic more progressive and in same vein weve been working to bridge this gap between the pakistanis were based overseas who have expertise who have experience with knowledge and we believe that this needs to shared with their counterparts students in dagestan all get countries have been brilliant with our excellent education system and its also important improve quality of information which is why we have come up with this initiative which have manned by august on knowledge initiative so whered this initiative is we want to create academic linkages between the pakistani academics students professionals were based on all of word weve gained valuable expedience and we want to have some seminars cds started in vargas on where they can go and speak to the students in tracked with them and share their experiences with students and by this time and not just that but they can also financially contribute by making donations for number of projects for example the number one college the number im not only to the project which is also one of the most ambitious projects which were initiated by enron ive been involved with the organizing off august on future leaders conference for last three years and every year used to think that yes we all gathered here every year in oxford from all parts of the country and we do sit down deliberate debates on the key issues that face pakistan which is good in its own right and it should be done more often but i always used think that something concrete something practicum should also come out of these gatherings that have every year so this time round jonathan my meghan came up to us and we started thinking that owns various ideas this one clicked and then with the generous support all far a number of key contributors leave guards some you know so oxford aviation iron from pickaxes and sent out live side of the board whos fans childress im here with the contribution often all of these people and with the support of the academic students professionals who have gathered here come from all over country to date have launched bogus non knowledge initiative and im sure that its going play a vital role in in making vargas on better educated and knowledgeable full i dont want take note of your time i understand that your own rating for enron sword lad now like to invite him on tool for example thank very much would like the oaks would union inviting me had psyche this the bugs sunny knowledge initiative taken by non and and city as quite rightly said knowledge is the basis on which nations bent on and this great initiative because this will enable our best darling food which is outside focused on do coordinate the studded boots so that we can in order collect money for number university but also have knowledge gap to we need creative steves we need professors a to come and look numbers university which is my passion my mission is politics my passion is this university which hope when in charlotte become the oxford university pakistan the topic today is leadership and im going to us today because my two boys i have and dont want them to bored so ill try and very crisp today because first time theyve come to him leadership all fuss have the ability be leaders everyone has the potential become leader what makes leader first and foremost is the is the vision leaders have dreams our look and and those dreams are built on the cell there has there has never been leader who does who was dream as concentrated upon self so my great inspiration is great bond a bottle in my opinion was probably the greatest muslim fists philosopher in last five hundred years and he came up with this concept of leader he used the symbol of shining the eagle and why did the eagles soar above everyone else which is what makes it into because the the show mean the eagle broke away the chains that keep us grounded so what stops us from achieving this great god given potential are the vegas janes that make us dread total cloth so the show mean the eagle has great dreams a the difference is not talent different it difference is not education differences that leader dreams what others are scared to dream off dream the impossible and then that dream is that as again i repeat is not based on set of they always think bigger than themselves its either that nation society and then the struggle to achieve that dream now a the quality that distinguishes leaders is the ability to take pressure winston churchill became leader in britain when the biggest crisis was faced by the country been looked upon someone who could take pressure how do dick pressure when struggle when you struggle and when you have set backs pick yourself up use your real struggle its eventually you get stronger each time pick yourself up get stronger so nelson mandela twenty seven years men spend in jail but his dream was not restricted to himself he was offered everything the apartheid regime offered him everything except what he wanted one man one vote i lied and never compromises on street the moment start compromise its downward spiral so its when stick your dream and dick all the pressure which which you have to do to daydream you you believe that his indians the insurance the strength and its like a its like physical exercise the big awaits pick up the stronger you get the more you put yourself against resistance strongly go but above all no one has ever achieved anything whos always put himself before before the society so whether it was a great need to guide the moment did not guy doesnt he was dying of got off tv he never let anyone know that was dying because you realize that he was the only one who could have achieved the dream of bugs on so it wasnt for him he what the dream for pakistan will not for himself because was already dying of cancer all of tv dream was something beyond self and so so was gunned the another great leader mandela up prophet peace be upon him greatest need when he struggle for thirteen years every hardship he faced his thirteen years and eventually when he felt that when you when you headed state of the law and all the hardships the phase but but was in ten years but it was at peak of his power famous address that arafat we hundred thousand people standing a and him addressing them from mound of arafat and he lost people can you bear witness front of god that finished i have i have a conveyed his message to you so the hundred thousand people said yes and then people started crying this started crying because they realize that he had just come to deliver message the objective was not bala he still lived that little room house which was that must been bit bedroom few rooms but which he had when came but nothing so it was never for self and moment had achieved as bush and everyone cried because they knew that was going go similarly if look at any any big name they were all was they had big fish so number one is vision number two a leader can only achieve this mission if youd gone because has fares the biggest impediment in way of people achieving the mission is that get scared they get scared off humiliation failure lot people dont attempt things because theyre scared that people often people get scared because the this kid didnt lose their livelihood i lose my job i might not get better job and so they dont take risk and then of course above all the greatest fear of death that stops people from from up dissing the dreams so fair is the biggest impediment in way not just of someone becoming leader but from anyone achieving the potential life its a fan that that stops us along the way makes us compromise in my thirty years in politics so many times in sixteen years politics so many times i was offered compromises become part of government accept something less theres always temptation during bad times to accept something a lesser than your dream and and thats where the downward slide as said starts so fair is you get scared along the way people so youve gone to it the moment accept in your mind that youve gone to wont do it as long as you think as long as you do not accept defeat failure cannot defeat to you only lose when give up as long as keep pursuing your dream every set back is that it is is dime to analyze where you went wrong analyzer mistakes greg them pick yourself up start just struggle again one of the great attributes of a good leader is his ability to analyze where he went wrong the ability to be has their own bet best critic they should be able to analyze because you can always come up with wrong analysis and go dig the wrong road when you arent when you have set back you would always have access to lot of advice not people would be giving your suggestions suggestions free so that plenty of them its then the ability to know and you should be your own best critic and finally leader must have integrity you cannot have leader who does not have credibility people only follow someone who trust so on great leaders few and are greatly that jenna or even his opponents always do and to be an honest man spoke straight people trusted him the new way to start with them of course that was also the greatest of profit peace be upon him was called up the honest one truthful one mean i if you a leader cannot not because of a gonna be lead if do not have credibility credibility is one of the biggest reasons why people follow you they will they have to trust you do go out and risk their lives for you so all great leaders all us were trusted by the but people fought so these are the three main qualities that makes it into from my own experience iphone when played cricket does captains cook was the only sport that needs leadership nor the sport needs leader gore just everything i found in cricket that when the chips were down the entire team looked was captain a captain soon again in moments of crisis if youre doing well you didnt even captain but you needed captain when there was crisis in the moment captain went down team went on with as long as captain would not a accept defeat the players want was looked at as body language not speeches he made what was his body language if his body language betrayed fair all well if you if body language reflected defeat team would give up but i was building the hospital it was far more difficult than something id ever done on cricket field and all along the way those people who say you conduit first ever meeting we had we trying clear the costs of billing accounts hospital pakistan so i had plenty doctors dont doctors from log invited give me advice how to start how dominicans hospital nineteen out of twenty said you cannot build cancer hospital bugs the government open java dry they had failed build hospital only once said that can build hospital but that doctor said that you cannot treat cancer patients free today shock upon on is the only private counsel hospital anywhere in world with seventy percent patients get free trade it was awarded by the world health organization wh you awarded shock upon them for services to manatee as only private counsel hospital which is also biggest out institution august on and then when came into politics for most of my sixteen because of politics people laughed made fun of me stu naive doesnt understand politics and all along the way i was told one thing to succeed in prague sunny politics you have to do as the romans do so you have to make compromises and so on and i was always offered compromises todays the only reason they can solve is by far fastest growing body bugs thawne had i compromise this would not have happened its because people and by august on as this and i do stomachs come finally people have realized that its the only political body that they can trust dedekind softens the fossils growing body bugs guns shoot because the youth once jay and although every up even the other state school parties talk about change the youth of bugs than today trusts derek and saw had i compromise along the way this would not position today and it certainly would not be the position where they can solve today is poised and im making prediction front of all few the next election would be swept by thirty concise on behalf of very the oxford union oxygen rusty sidey everyone hey i wanted say you can run day and for giving this durational took think everyone to say that you wouldnt thoughts on and overcoming every single fit have so what is right we will need see about a lot this for those us another king tool is going to have later on as a as small thank the union of the owner and im not there might be the last time if you ever come so we wanted to give you a fair too of from one of our all kind what chamber used look like would benefit bruiser was president as a